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  1. Another bug where pop-up elements either stay on completely, or only partially fade out.
    This time it was a riven mod objective at the start of a deimos exploration run.
    Seems to only happen with free roam environments, possibly due to the way they transition from a hub area into an active mission setting.

  2. Just completed a run through fortuna bounties, and got an achievement progress pop-up for play time. (I played SIGNIFICANTLY more than 100 hours on this acc, but whatever)
    Not really more to it, it won't go away, even if I open menus and remains layered over them, obscuring the UI.

  3. I don't really have any materialistic wishes for the rest of this year.
    However, I wish that all of you people, and everyone who doesn't visit the forums, has a great rest 2016, despite how rough it's been to some people, and a happy new year.
    I hope that whatever you might wish for, someone comes and fulfills you that wish, so that you might just spread that spark of generosity.
    Have a fantastic time, everyone.
    You're all great people somewhere, and you all deserve to be happy.
    Lots of love from this one weirdo in germany~ 
    EDIT: In case people want to make gifts to someone, I wouldn't mind having some additional color pallettes.
    The more possibilities, the better. 
    But do consider others before me, please.
    Any gift helps a great cause and gets donations towards charity.

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