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  1. Excessive attack stimulus of the enemy / especially during hunting / fishing or gem farming / Getting the raw materials and mods of the open world on the field is especially very annoying when things like: endo, image, credit, relic fall out during Bountie quests .. these are good things but don't fall into an open world especially now for Deimos, because despite the fact that the smallest of the 3 has to farm the most here .. Ingredients and mods that do not belong to the open worlds should not be included in the open worlds, because there is a place for everything where they s
  2. The animal world of the open worlds: It could be easier to capture animals in all 3 open worlds. Animal species could be assigned to different points on the track or just crawl in that way, so life would be bigger (not just enemies on the track) and they wouldn’t have to be called and searched for a long time. Annoying factors: The enemy can kill the animals The enemy clings to you too much and you can hardly do anything about them even the fish are shot. Some living things kill themselves Why should Deimos' animals be gilded? No reels are not robots and if need to be gild the
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