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  1. Hi mate, what did you say to support? In terms of filling out a ticket for this?
  2. Lol what? Sorry to break it to you but you're not a good player, it takes about 5 minutes. What ON EARTH are you doing to make it last 22 minutes? Just use a frame to increase your damage mate, temporal blast can also help a lot.
  3. Fair enough I guess. Just seems like a massive waste of plat for something we can obtain. I mean if you have thousands to spare I guess it doesn't matter.
  4. It's bloody fun mate, I love it. What I would ABSOLUTELY love would be 8 player mode of this though, damn that would be fun.
  5. Why don't you kill some grineer galleons? I mean we're going to eventually I imagine.
  6. I'm not certain but I also experienced this and I believe the cause is when somebody who either doesn't have their own Railjack or doesn't have the reliquary key done, becomes the host. Because I unfortunately bricked some others in exactly that fashion when I was experimenting at the start. And I've had it happen a second time in a random group.
  7. I mean fun is another story, that's personal impressions. Did you ever play Black Flag? The pirate ships handled like a bus, didn't make it any worse though. Figured that piloting the railjack would be a bus driver role since watching the Tennocon sneak peek we got before Fortuna launch.
  8. Yeh that wasn't the issue, I had no option to actually start the Mk1 researches when I updated. It's ok, one of my clan members did it for the dojo.
  9. My game is so bugged rn man, I have no railjack visible and no options for starting researches yet my clan mate just did so from the same damn console...
  10. MASSIVE MASSIVE bug @[DE]Megan the research requirements appear to be personal only instead of tied to clan. For example I have permissions to use donated resources, one of my clan mates has donated 5000 Carbides but in my research I only have my personal resources of Carbides to use. This is an obvious error, I can only imagine what the cost is like for a Moon Clan player. Edit: Ok nvm, for some reason all the MK 1 researches have now started, a slow part of the update maybe?
  11. Generally when I've done runs that long it's just a trade ban lasting a week. 7 - 8 hours seems to trigger it and often only for the host.
  12. What weapon are you using to kill the enemy and does it have a solo requirement?
  13. Wisp trivializes this test. If you have to ask how you're not ready to be MR 19 and need to keep learning the game.
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