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  1. I know the spot you mean. It can be reached, you have to turn the water off first.
  2. Take my crude map instead, I really should make a proper guide sometime. Here's a short vid showing most of the spawn spots within each zone as well. A big tip is to increase your effects intensity to max in options so they glow brighter. NEVER Archwing blink anywhere, blinking does not reset the spawns. Use Equinox to instantly capture pest species like predasites and vulpaphyler or simply kill them as you do slow circuits to get their beeping out of the equation.
  3. This is why I make sure I hunt from the very extreme edge of the map so that whatever it's beeping about, is more visible and I'm less likely to stumble on them and spook them into leaving. Same procedure as finding wisps really, except you're adding a beep indicator.
  4. Then you need to improve your technique. Also don't use AW blink if you are.
  5. Nope. You repeat quests if you find them interesting.
  6. TL DR if you're just tuning in to this thread. OP is bad at Warframe and doesn't understand what progression means. And now people are comparing penis sizes.
  7. Haven't noticed any problems. The last update increased wild spawns and velocipods still spawn in their designated zones.
  8. I think they resented being farmed so hard in Scarlet Spear rather than being feared, that they decided to invade elsewhere.
  9. Don't use the lure spots to find them. A simple search of the forums will bring up dozens of threads explaining how to catch them quickly and easily.
  10. Killing the group that spawns with the cache too fast will do that. I destroy the cache first, wait a few seconds and then kill the group and usually it will make one of the squad a beacon carrier.
  11. Have you been drinking the Yellow Kuva? :D
  12. I run 7 clans with alts, no problems as of yet. As long as they don't interact you'll be fine.
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