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  1. Check on riven market and semlar. We are not a pricing agency.
  2. Same here but if they see a body you will fail.
  3. I'll let the guy who asked in 2016 know.
  4. If you don't put the enemies to sleep first and they see a team mate fall, they will be alerted and you will fail. If you've equipped the riven on your weapon correctly, this is why. Also check if there's a requirement to be in solo mode on the riven, that can also happen.
  5. I found a way to 1 shot him in Steel Path. Unairu focus to strip armour, Redeemer with High noon stance, built for crit dmg and combo and Mirage with max strength. Strip his armour by void dashing, stand in the tiny circle of light in front of where he spawns, use your normal fast attack on the infested to build quickly to 12x combo, activate Eclipse ability and then your Hall of Mirrors. When he throws the collar at one of your Dopplegangers, fire your heavy attack and kill him in 1 hit. The message from Teshin proves it's on SP for any disbelievers.
  6. Na na na na na na na na NEKROOOOOO!!!!!
  7. Yep so, basically I'll give you a rundown. 2 player is by far the easiest way to level a frame, Player 1 uses Equinox with Enemy Radar, range, efficiency and duration, puts everything to sleep. Player 2 brings a unranked frame, a melee weapon and that's it, no others. Run Naramon focus for better affinity gain from melee, use a melee that can 1 shot the enemies, you may need to use finishers on any bombards or heavy gunners. You need to watch your map, a filled red triangle means the enemy is alerted, killing it will lose your stealth bonus. Each time you lose your bonus you waste killing 5 enemies to get it back to 500% bonus affinity. If you see an alerted triangle, your team mate should kill it silently(Baza is nice or a melee). Alternatively you can kill it with your operator and you will not lose your stealth bonus. Kill them all without losing your bonus and you will max your frame in 1 run. Ok so single player is harder but possible thanks to Helminth. Subsume Rest onto whatever frame you wish to lvl, MAKE SURE to subsume as ability 1. The trick here is that you only have a lvl 1 Rest which is shorter ranged and won't affect as many at once, meaning you have to be more careful and take a bit more time. Alternatively you can get your frame to lvl 10 where Rest becomes lvl 3 and then go back in and do it like you would with the previous method, only you're also now the Equinox. For weaponry, you need silencer mods ie Silent Battery, Hush etc. Obviously melee doesn't need this. Take only the weapon you wish to level so as not to share affinity to an already maxed weapon(THIS IS A STUPID MECHANIC DE WHY DOES IT EXIST STILL). And you can take either Equinox or my preferred method, Loki with Rest subsumed. Put them all to sleep, kill them all while asleep, don't lose your bonus, enjoy your maxed weapon in no time at all. For your weaponry to ensure they kill easily you want either Smite Grineer mod or Corrosive on your weapon and things like Finisher damage for Bombards and general damage mods are decent too. Here's how it looks when levelling a weapon, I'm a bit rusty so it's pretty slow. You have to practice watching the map for alerted enemies as well as their animations and spotting bombards to use finishers.
  8. what you mean Sniper bullets don't break into 10 pieces and kill everyone at once in real life?.... I'm shocked.
  9. This is the kind of bug that should be left in the game, it's fun and doesn't affect gameplay.
  10. Yep had it happen to a clan mate as well. Awesome bug.
  11. In terms of focus, Naramon helps. But it's all about maintaining the stealth multiplier at 5x stealth affinity. If you don't do that you won't get anything, I'll record a run later for you, after work. If you alert an enemy you lose the multiplier and without it you won't get anything. Were you levelling a weapon or frame?
  12. But then how can I troll clan mates by gifting them cosmetics to fill their inventory?
  13. Now you need to go the extra step and do what I did, multiple copies of each frame. I have about 120 warframes.
  14. It usually gets done when they add a new game update mate.
  15. It's utter BS, I've done well over 200 Adaro runs for levelling gear, each tme spawning a larvling and never had it accidentally become a lich after I downed it but didn't stab.
  16. You're replying to a post made 2 years ago.
  17. You're not going to enjoy this game much mate, grinding is pretty much what you do in it.
  18. Honest answer, please don't take it in a bad light. Everytime I've seen you ask a question, you've written an essay with it and asked very specific details. The answer is simple, Warframe is not a maths equation and you are going about it the wrong way. There are a heap of ways to make plat all dependent on what you enjoy doing and how advanced you are in the game. You need to stop looking for absolution in your answers and accept the fact there is no "best way" to do everything in this game, there a number of ways and each person will find differing levels of success depending on their skill level and playstyle.
  19. This x1000. As soon as you did that OP you lost the little shred of credibility you began with
  20. Friends that I've won events with and whom over the years have become good mates and the fact I've spent about 1000 hours decorating it.
  21. See this feeds directly into what I was saying about improving your gear/focus/arsenal/knowledge. I tell you that and you show me a gun, tell me why are you trying to kill enemies in Mobile Defense? What do you think you can possibly gain from doing so? Observe and learn, did this look hard to do? Did I have to kill?
  22. Simple answer and you might not like it - your current gear level is too low for Steel Path. Keep playing the game and increase your power/arsenal/focus schools/knowledge etc.
  23. Are you aware there's a website that tracks the Raids you did?
  24. Guilty as charged 😆 I do eventually kill it for them. Eventually...
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