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  1. -CdG-Zilchy's post in Why The Relics Axi O5 And Neo N15 Totally Dispersed From Drop ? was marked as the answer   
    You just need to learn how to. Firstly if you're an active player always have 2-3 syndicates maxed out and some medallions saved up to buy relic packs the day the new PA comes out. After that, use this webpage. https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html
    You will find that generally Disruption is the fastest, sometimes Void Capture as well. You need to learn how to trigger reward pool A and B on disruption and then you will be in business.
  2. -CdG-Zilchy's post in How does infecting other people with Nidus works? was marked as the answer   
    If a Nidus is infected(this means the cyst is fully grown only) then walking next to one will infect your frame in both a mission or the dojo. Think of it like catching covid and couging in their face. Your friend's best bet is for you or them to take a frame into a bunch of public missions where a Nidus is present(preferably low MR) and hope that it's an infected one(noticeable by checking for the cyst).
  3. -CdG-Zilchy's post in Orokin Vault spawn locations was marked as the answer   
  4. -CdG-Zilchy's post in Will the "Golden instinct" ability be able to search for rare crates aswell? was marked as the answer   
    You just answered your own question.
  5. -CdG-Zilchy's post in What is the best framesfor survival was marked as the answer   
    Yeh so those 2 are a long way off. Your best bet for now is Dark Sectors.
  6. -CdG-Zilchy's post in What is the best framesfor survival was marked as the answer   
    He's too new for Profit Taker and likely RJ too. Dark Sectors would be his best bet early on.
  7. -CdG-Zilchy's post in What is the best framesfor survival was marked as the answer   
    Ha! You don't want survival for that mate. Noooo very slow way of getting credits. You want to either do lots of rounds of Dark Sector defense(5 waves and exit) or once you unlock it, Index.
  8. -CdG-Zilchy's post in Railjack Revisited, Starting Flux Energy was marked as the answer   
    The person in pilot has their own energy, as do the others.
    If you fill up your frame's mod capacity to say 60/70 instead of 70/70, you will start the mission with more energy, this works in any mission not just RJ.
    If people use forge they gain energy for all players. It is far easier and quicker however to zenurik dash at the start of the mission plus an energy pad.
  9. -CdG-Zilchy's post in What is the fastest way to obtain Familial Debt-Bonds? was marked as the answer   
    I'm glad I checked your profile first. You mean Solaris United standing, not Vox Solaris. Otherwise you could just run Profit Taker to get them. In your situation the best thing to do is check Ticker often to see if he's selling any and run Bounty 5 for a chance of dropping them. The last stage doesn't drop them so I'd recommend doing stages 1-3 and then abort and retry till you get them. 
  10. -CdG-Zilchy's post in Profile Challenge: "Kill it with fire" - Burn 100 infested pod was marked as the answer   
    Pretty sure it's still bugged mate.
  11. -CdG-Zilchy's post in Questions about Clan Railjack Monument was marked as the answer   
    - Yes it is resizable
    - Yes you can build as many as you want
    - It requires 3 dojo capacity
    - This is the monument at maximum size

    - This is the monument at minimum size

  12. -CdG-Zilchy's post in question about railjack caches was marked as the answer   
    Not quite right, the White marker IS the rotation B cache, the other Optional yellow objectives that you can find are Rotation A caches which can reward things like Endo, RJ parts, titanium etc. So you only have to complete the White marker objective for a drop chance of Athodai.
  13. -CdG-Zilchy's post in Corpus Crewship Weak Point? was marked as the answer   
    Can I help you out with a much easier way that doesn't require Blackout pulse? Tested in Corpus Veil, Pluto etc. 
    The shields will only rotate towards you immediately if you fire at them. If you instead fly up without firing it will give a 2 second window before the shields spin to block. So the technique is to fly up close, strafe around them and shoot the inside of the shield with your nose guns. Then you can fire a single missile to wreck most of their engines and leave them dead in space or shoot out any remaining ones with your nose guns.
    In multiplayer we even experimented and had someone on the cannon timing his shot inside of this 2 second window and he was one shotting the crewshipe while the shields were still up.
  14. -CdG-Zilchy's post in Deimos Infested Weakness and Strengths was marked as the answer   
    Mesa's shatter shield only protects from projectiles, both their melee attacks and gas procs will ignore the damage reduction entirely. You can't just peacemaker everything to death, you need to adapt. Some Deimos units have armour, you have to strip it first if you wish to use Peacemaker or ignis on them. You're discovering what it's like when you use meta gear that meets a brick wall. Time to adapt your tactics.
  15. -CdG-Zilchy's post in I need friends was marked as the answer   
    Quests are all solo only. Jus sayin. 

    Also try recruitment chat perhaps?
  16. -CdG-Zilchy's post in Viral and Slash melee builds was marked as the answer   
    Long and short of it man and Uhkretor is correct, it's a bit of a meta thing. Up to around those levels, basically anything works and beyond it, Slash bleed procs are broken as hell and will work. It's more the impatience of people that have led to viral being meta, when they changed how Corrosive status worked to only strippinga a percentage of the armour instead of all of it, people lost their minds a little, the new goto became Viral and Heat combo because Heat was given a higher armour strip bonus than Corrosive and it's only fitting on 1 element instead of 2 which is nice for builds. Viral at high level is the difference between 2 seconds for an enemy to die and 4 seconds, not that much really but mainly in Survival where your kills per second are important, it's seen as a good thing and faster than priming with your secondary.
    Conversely putting say Viral status build on something like Mesa peacemakers, where slash isn't a thing, really DOES make a difference over something like Corrosive. But yea if you have slash on the build, it will kill them just fine, at a fractionally slower rate once enemies are say level 1000 and above.
  17. -CdG-Zilchy's post in Easy ways to do the MR 9 test? was marked as the answer   
    I made this to help players like you. You don't need any special frame or weapons, get that out of your head, learning to cheese will not make you a good player in the tests to come. For this I used a loud stompy Rhino frame to show that stealth frames don't matter and I nerfed my melee to put me on par with newbie gear. The enemies follow a SCRIPTED PATHING, this will ALWAYS WORK. The only piece of gear you need is a enemy radar mod, ie Enemy Radar, Enemy sense, Vigilante Pursuit etc pick one.
  18. -CdG-Zilchy's post in Volt + Exergis Specter was marked as the answer   
    Is that the best you've got Taiiat? You're slipping mate, the main reason for using Exergis is because spectres ignore 1 round magazine weapon mechanics and fire it like a semi auto instead and Exergis has the highest base damage for weapons.
  19. -CdG-Zilchy's post in Questions about amps was marked as the answer   
    Depends what you want to use it for. For eidolons right now the meta is 177, for general play I find the Klamora prism to be great which is 727. General play comes down to basically the prism type you want to use as you'll be using primary fire and then you add x27. The Cantic prism is also nice for general play and is more of a longer ranged laser as opposed to the flamethrower klamora prism. For a mid range rapid fire style laser you can try Rahn prism.
  20. -CdG-Zilchy's post in Can someone help me determine the price which I should sell my riven for? was marked as the answer   
    Well the curse on it is really bad unfortunately and it only has 2 positive stats not 3, so I'd consider that pretty much selling as an unrolled riven. Check out riven market to get an idea of what unrolled Acceltra rivens are going for
  21. -CdG-Zilchy's post in Max Firerate was marked as the answer   
    This exploit has now been well and truly patched but it's the best example of infinite fire rate I know of, created by one of the guys in my clan. Also wouldn't the Phaedra fire faster than the Imperator Vandal if you're testing archguns?
  22. -CdG-Zilchy's post in New weapons? was marked as the answer   
    I just have to ask incase you haven't used them before. You did actually deploy the beacon right?
  23. -CdG-Zilchy's post in when a bug happens in a rank 1 person mission of level 1 - 6 get a steel path hardness xD was marked as the answer   
    Happens from time to time, particularly on that node, hilarious bug.
  24. -CdG-Zilchy's post in How do i get lots of endo quickly as a mastery rank 9? was marked as the answer   
    Here's a massive tip for you mate, one that many of us used in the past. Early on Endo is a pain, your best source will be Ayatsn sculptures from Sortie rewards or from doing medallion hunts in syndicate missions and stumbling upon them. Now I'm assuming you're talking about rank 10 mods and Primed mods? Early on, DO NOT rank them past rank 8. Go check out the difference in cost between rank 8 and rank 10 on those mods, it's about 3x the cost and what does it give you? About 10% extra. Early on, you really don't need to min max everything so rank 8 will be perfectly fine for all your builds and it will also cost you less forma to make weapons powerful with the mods using less capacity. Once you can easily do Vodyanoi and you start doing Arbitrations, then you can start to max out every rank 10 mod.
    P.S. back in the day we didn't have ayatans, Vodyanoi or Arbitrations, all we had was excavation or tiny amounts from mission rewards so you can imagine how long it took to max stuff :) And we only had Dark sectors for credits too lol.
  25. -CdG-Zilchy's post in Tips for helping players who cant beat MR9 was marked as the answer   
    The enemies have a SET patrol pattern, just learn it and it's very simple after that. Using enemy radar plus knowing the movement you can amble around and comfortably complete it, no gimmicks required.
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