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  1. Saryn USED to have a different kit, now it's a S#&$tier version of his. Spore spread is limited to 16m from your reticle while you're firing (remember you'll always be reupping toxic lash from now on, just to babysit your spores, cause that's not annoying, right?) meaning you absolutely cannot bullet jump, keep situational awareness, interact with anything. The moment you stop hunting down a spored enemy, you're giving up your damage bonus, and starting all over. ALL of your attention is now focused on salvaging your spores from being a waste of energy as long as they are up. If you're playing alone, this is a manageable feat, too bad most of us never do that. Enemies killed by friendlies don't spread spores anymore, making every teammate you have a threat to your frame's usefulness. (Sound like anyone ELSE we've been mentioning?) Spores: Within 16 meters of your reticle, 8 enemies are damaged until death. (And if I've prepped by spending 50 energy, and devote 100% of my attention and effort for the next few seconds, I can make the ability not a waste of 25 energy.) Virulence: Within 16 meters of your reticle enemies die, especially bunched enemies (oh and lets not forget, if there's more than 4 enemies hit this costs NO energy at all, making it spammable, and I don't have to babysit it. I could get into synergy, but that's just beating a dead horse, this is just better already) Molt: A decoy where you just were that disables and gathers things that are closer to it than they are to you. (Oh but it can explode for 400 damage! which actually makes it harder to spread spores since the effect would simply pop spores, reduce health, and either reapply the spores with the enemy having MUCH less health, making it more likely to see spore damage kill the unit, which ends spore's effects and your damage starts to decay. Is there such a word as De-synergize? Cause this thing's doing it. and all for 50 energy a pop.) Larva: Within 12 meters of your reticle, you can disable and gather enemies for 7 seconds. And it literally synergizes with every other ability. And all for 25 energy, meaning recasting it should it wear off is no problem. 100% better in every way. Toxic Lash: For 50 energy, you can reliably pop spores and get a situational buff. (This must be on, otherwise spores are useless, and will not spread with any consistency. This isn't synergy, this is the on button for your frame now. If this isn't up, you're doing it wrong.) Parasitic Link: For NO energy, just a stack of the resource your free spammable virulence generates, you get to either boost a teammate's ability strength by 25% or disable an enemy and transfer 50% of the damage and all status effects that Nidus would take to that enemy. (Did I forget to mention that this also turns them into a turret, making them also launch virulence with each cast? Once again, 100% better.) Miasma: For 100 energy you get a 5 second aoe viral proc and 350 damage viral a second, X3 if the enemy has spores. (Once again, another great way to prematurely end spores and lose your damage bonus for mediocre damage per energy cost. And boy does it cost.) Ravenous: For NO energy just 3 stacks of the resource you get from your free spammable virulence, you create a healing field 16 meters wide around you that also creates 9 maggots that function like spores, but they're better cause you don't have to babysit them. Once again, getting further into the ability is unnecessary, It's already better by a wide margin. This is why we're calling her a worse Nidus. She fills the same rolls as him, and has a similar degrading resource, but she's worse at that job, she restricts your options more, she has less synergy, she competes with allies more, and she's energy hungry to boot. She used to give you plenty of options, synergise just as much, didn't compete with allies at all, and was much less energy hungry. She filled a different role: constant reliable wide range damage without micromanagement, crowd control with high survivability. She used to have a point, now she's just obsolete.
  2. The point of Saryn was that she was a low maintenance frame with high versatility and survivability because her spores didn't need help, and her molt kept enemy attention. Things getting hectic, shields gone? Pop a molt, hit it with spores, then pinball around until your shields are back, knowing you're still doing your job. Need crowd control while you're focusing a nullifier? Toss spores and pop them with your primary, then focus down the nullifier any way you want. Forcing people to babysit their spores to make sure it isn't a waste of energy is not a 'solution' it's a sign of a badly designed ability. This isn't going to fix anything, it's just going to push her to being worse/unviable. Perfect example: Toxic Lash was unneeded and pointless, it tethered you to melee, only affected you, and had an easy workaround. We didn't try to fix Toxic Lash, we just ignored it. Nobody used it, for a reason, it was broken and pointless. Now the devs are trying to force use of Toxic Lash by breaking the mechanics of Spores. That's not how it's going to work though. We're just going to stop using her spores, or just stop using her, as the whole point of her is gone, she's just a terrible Nidus now. The new workaround to a broken Saryn: make Nidus, he does what she does, but better.
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