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  1. it will take them years or never to attend those problems. what im proposing is a quick solution to make something a little more useful. and the most deadly weapons are aoe.
  2. even with the 500% crit its still nowhere near the top aoe weapons this gun is not an aoe. with the change i think the mod will be more useful.
  3. i dont know if you guys have used the mod but you know how it feels. now i have a suggestion for the mod. since we can only use it on soma prime, how about we make it so that you always have the 500% crit chance but only have 100 ammo when you have the mod on.
  4. yeah i had some pretty wild imagining too before i learned it was pre selected
  5. one thing is if they dont want to do the recast-table iron skin, they could move the 3 second invulnerability to when iron skin is depleted, you still absorb damage and you add the absorbed damage to your next iron skin, that way you could actually take advantage of the absorb. and the aggro idea is really nice i think rhino had it back then but it was removed.
  6. sometimes it works with multishot but sometimes it doesnt
  7. you have to have superman level kind of hearing to even notice a ping on battle field 🤣
  8. can we have some rifle buff could be innate punch through, faster reload and accuracy, so when aiming the bullet doesnt go everywhere. its really unfair to rifles when you have some aoe weapons that does more damage both in aoe and single target and they dont require any aiming at all. when you use a rifle you have to aim and take a lil bit of time, instead of just shooting the floor where you stand and everything dies around you. help the rifle guys.
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