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  1. Yes. I'm well aware it is a function. I've been actively using the function since it has been incorporated into the game. What I'm trying to say is that while reloading the secondary, throwing the melee will be bugged. It is inconsistent as well as sometimes it will properly throw and sometimes it'll be glitched.
  2. I dual wield with a kitgun/murderizer (Rattleguts) and a Glaive Prime. Haven't tested this out with other weapons, but if the kitgun is reloading, I'm unable to properly throw the melee (I can still melee though). Would like to mention that if I attempt to throw the melee, the cursor icon that shows when I throw still appears. I am not holding any objects (power cell, etc.) and weapon name on the lower right shows 211-V + Glaive Prime during the attempts. (211-V is my kitgun name... bonus to whoever gets the reference).
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