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I'm the Stalker/Santa in Trading chat. I don't stalk Tenno... I stalk those who type "WTB..."


If I have it, I might sell it cheaper than Darvo's discount ;) but only if I contact you.


However, if you send me a message for deals... I'll be stingy as the Corpus.


If you send me a request and I suspect you just want deals, I'll TYPE to you like Vay Hek TALKS. You're going to get a long set of messages.


I'm the Santa of the Trading chat,

I stalk those who want, but can't.

I'm a charity, I'm a Grinch,

Be lucky, fare carefully,

Don't talk to me, let me talk to you,

That with your search, will end, happily true.

Searching for me, will be in vain...

Cuz greed, is something not to gain.


In the forums, I'll try to help and report. I go in and out.


(Due to recent encounter, please be patient with me, as I make mistakes. Do not block me if I sold the wrong item or forgot to include something. Again, I make mistakes, but if such an event happens and you've blocked me, there is no way for me to trade what else is left or to refund what I need to. Thank you.)




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