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  1. Maybe, they need to address infinite enemy scaling if they keep nerfing things because there is no balancing at play if the enemies scale infinitely. Endurance running is a big part of this games replay-ability, hitting like a wet noodle isn't exactly efficient if you're time crunched based on the mission type parameters that need killing to prevent the missions from failing. Mechanically, a lot of melee weapon doors have opened up, but that's just one small bit of an ocean.
  2. Enemies scale infinitely, that's another problem that DE hasn't addressed yet, so toning down the weapons and saying that it's to prevent players from fighting high level enemies is 100% contradiction if the enemies keep scaling up. Some people find enjoyment in endurance running.
  3. > "Hey guys we're gonna nerf said weapon because it's way too popular! No, no, don't look at those other secondaries, enemy scaling, and don't worry, when the popularity drops down, we'll use our best logistics to change its riven disposition because we love band-aid solutions to our never-ending power creep!" Brakk, Tonkor, Simulor, and now Catchmoon. Who will be the next victim? 🙂
  4. After you spend 1000+ hours in this game, of course the meta is to find the best room clearing methods, then mid tier players will follow such metas of old players who already grind through 100% of the content aka MR 27. The Brakk when it first came out followed the same story as this Catchmoon debacle, bandaged with a dispo 4 riven bandage system to power creep.
  5. Jesus, everything is too bright, my orbiter is in 95% smoke black, first thing i noticed when i logged in was my eyes being shot
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