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  1. And another hotfix goes by without a fix to Glaives' explosion being unable to crit.
  2. And another hotfix goes by without a fix to Glaives' explosion being unable to crit.
  3. Glaive (and Wolf Sledge) explosions are still not fixed. Completely butchers the weapons for their intended gimmick. It's been this way for about two months now. Really?
  4. I killed my previous Lich which was traded to me, got a Twin Stubba, and made a new Lich... with a Twin Stubba. And the exact same percentage.
  5. You can equip the shotgun equivalent on any shotgun to increase their falloff values, even when they are hitscan, so that's really not the point you think it is.
  6. So, Glaives are still unable to crit on the explosion and the explosion still deals self damage? And Terminal Velocity is still not usable on the Baza Prime?
  7. Glaives are still unable to crit on their explosion (along with the Wolf Sledge), making them far weaker than they should be. Also, Terminal Velocity is not usable for the Baza Prime, but it really should be. We can use the shotgun version on shotguns, after all.
  8. Glaives are still unable to crit on the explosion. This makes a heavy attack build completely pointless: The throw itself doesn't count as a heavy attack, so no combo multiplier nor double crit chance from Steel mods. The explosion cannot use crit mods at all, making it pathetically weak compared to other heavy attack builds. Either get rid of the explosion and make the bounce throw a proper heavy attack, or give us back the explosion as a real heavy attack. Also, even though the 26.0 patch notes specified there wouldn't be self damage anymore, Glaives will still absolutely murder yourself.
  9. Now that we have Weapon Exilus Slots, how about proper -zoom mods for those slots? Using weapons like the Quartakk or Seer makes me sick, but I really want to like them. We only have these weird "-zoom while aim gliding" mods, but why not just make those always -zoom? Like, say, -60% Zoom and I'd be able to use those weapons without feeling dizzy. There's not really any reason not to have them - they don't affect DPS at all and are the very essence of utility. We also have +zoom mods which are exilus, so, why not the opposite as well?
  10. Soooo... what about elemental kuva weapons still not calculating their bonus with the elemental in mind? Kuva Ogris gains at the very most 16 damage.
  11. Kuva weapons with innate elements - Ogris, Seer, Tonkor, Ayanga, Chakkhur - still don't have their bonus applied properly. This is especially hurtful to the Ogris, where a 60% bonus results in a damage increase of roughly 16.
  12. Also, weapons with innate elemental (Tonkor, Ogris, Seer, the two new ones) still have their calculations wrong and gain far less damage than they should. Especially the Ogris gets about 1% more damage from a 25% bonus.
  13. Kuva Weapons with base elemental damage get far less out of the weapon bonus. My Kuva Ogris with 25% Toxin has 460 damage instead of the expected 567.5, and the innate blast is heavily reduced. Seems that the value for the elemental damage is roughly BaseEleE/(1-bonus) for the base element after the bonus is applied and (BaseEle-(BaseEle/(1+bonus))) for the bonus element (though the bonus element will still have more, roughly IPS*bonus more in fact because with IPS the bonus just works)
  14. I can say with relative certainty that it's Synth Deconstruct which causes this. I left and entered the mission multiple times to test it with various precepts, and even though that isn't one, it's what started the bug even when I equipped just that mod. It's also consistent, as it happened on both Djinn (which I used when I actually did the sortie) and Dethcube (which I had lying around freshly formad and used for the test), so it's not just Dethcube. It's also not just sentinels, the bug also occurred when I tried it with a MOA and a Helminth Charger. The frame doesn't seem to matter, I used Inaros. It only happens in Sorties, the mission on Sedna didn't cause any issues. It only happened while fully within the Nullifying bubble. Being just in range for the core to move, but too far away to be fully enveloped in the bubble, didn't seem to cause the bug. Guess I'll avoid Sortie Hijacks with unmaxed companions for now.
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