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  1. Both options are good and could coexist and the alerts could operate withouth constant investments. Just make long expiring alerts and more often then it could be both system be played if the rewards are worth the try.
  2. I am not hyped and nor depressed. I did the first 3-4 I think levels but I rarely play nowadays so it is not a big problem for me. This system is still better than the old alerts but maybe they could bring the alerts back with a new form and with more toleration on timezones so you do not need play 7/24. What the nightwave can offer me I have all that except few mods maybe but not interested in them.
  3. I cannot talk for the others but I personally want more fashion for female-male frames, more type of companion (lizard-bird-amphibian) or just mercenaries-humanoid companions. More weapons for sentinels and finally a companion AI-weapon-utility tweaking, a revisit for the primary-secondary weapons 'I know it was not too long ago' a revisit which gave weapons some buffs but still there are more weapons which is now left behind like braton, kraken, energy weapons, boltor, burston etc. Minor tweaks and number buffs for these items would be benefical since the enemy health, armor, shield revisit
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