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  1. Why nerf inaros?
  3. Bathtub Prime when DE?
  4. Yes, finally tennogen! Always gotta appreciate QoL fixes like this: Fixed the Taxon Inbox message missing a comma. Thanks DE
  5. Spoken like a true Vor
  6. Can't find it right now, but I remember people where talking about a hunter that Simaris was using before warframes started helping him. It was something akin to Zanuka and that it had disappeared somewhere before Tenno woke up. Now, think about it, Baro is made of salt and disappointment and that's all he has going for him. There is no way he travels through the void on his own fighting the corrupted and jumping over the security lasers in vaults. What if he did manage to override Simaris previous hunter and in fact was using it to search for treasures in the void with it. Then, when Vor captures Baro, the hunter, after loosing contact with Baro, comes back to Simaris but Simaris can't control him anymore so he is the one contacting Tenno about this. Slight plot twist: we go together with the hunter to the void to rescue Baro, but then, before the end, Vor corrupts the hunter, making us fight it. Would be a bit better than fighting Vor, whom we have cut in half for thousands of time but yet he still speaks...
  7. How do we learn of Baro's capture?
  8. I still think they drink looser tears
  9. Took just a quick look, but here is unnecessary feedback: 1) Dark version ! 2) Old site looked more organised, i could find information faster and understand at what part of the site I`m watching (either it's banners, news topics etc.). New one i just a huge eye-candy, but it offers much less functionality. New design might be better for new users, who don't care about content. As an old player, I will most likely try to skip the site as much as possible now.
  10. Still no fix for... ... F that, DE, you are doing a great job! Thanks for warframe!
  11. Any chance we will see this?
  12. I was making hats from everything around me before it was even cool or a contest
  13. Different people are responsible for bug fixes and different for creation of new stuff, so that's kinda understandable. Also, they do need people to buy their plats, if f2p after all, not going mad at that. What i am going mad at is that their staff doesn't reply to tickets fast enough and that this stupid weapon needs even more Nitain to build (which is a problem with our clan that needs downsizing and thus a reply to a ticket). tl;dr DE need to hire more people to fix bugs and solve tickets.