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  1. It's even simpler. Vauban and Rhino already have prime details toggle for tennogen skin. They just need to apply the button for Steam skins too. The umbra toggle actually required some programming because those were not prime accessories, someone had to actually select the scarf for removal. The prime accesories that need to be removed are the same, weather it's steam, immortal or any skin other than tennogen.
  2. It has happened before. See Mesa Immortal skin and Excalibur Umbra scarf (the scarf probably did involve more work thou). Also IIRC when they initially added that feature, it took at max 4 days between the "we gona try something" and "we did it". Yes, they are probably not making any money with phased or rubedo skin, they are with immortal skins thou. A lot of people do enjoy the fashionframe with those and additional screenshots and pique the interest for new people, that have never seen those skins, would not hurt. The skins are still available for trading on Steam.
  3. Also, it's a bit old screenshot, but this is how Iron Skin on Rubedo Prime looks
  4. It's 2019, another mainline update, a recently released Excalibur Umbra got a new toggle only for his scarf, but after years of release, Vauban Phased, Rhino Rubedo and Immortal skins are still broken on primes. All it would take is an existing (for these frames even) prime details toggle button to fix these.
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