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  1. Is it time for lightsaber weapons in warframe?

    Really? You bringing in physics as an argument in warframe? Ok, fine, I will bite. So how about this. It's a new source of light, a light formet by linking photons together the same way atoms link together to build solid materials. If enough of those photons are linked together, they will create solid material that might as well push you down the stairs. To make it into a proper lighstaber, you just treat the hilt as the crystal generator. So when you turn it on, it's not laser light that grows out of the hilt, it's a light crystal with proper density and form that grows out of it and upon touching other materials, it releases the photons from the crystals, which means it releases high volumes of energy against the other surface, generating heat and radiation. When you turn off the hilt, the light crystal instantly breaks down because it lost its source of energy that held it together. I'm not physicist but I think this should make some sense.
  2. Is it time for lightsaber weapons in warframe?

    Fast sword with innate elemental damage and high status chance. Good for fashionframe too. Why not?
  3. Is it time for lightsaber weapons in warframe?

    Good point. It's even blunt as hell as I would imagine a round lightsaber would be. But War feels more like having a forcefield around the two antennas rather than proper light weapon.
  4. Scientists made a breakthrough using rubidium, that may lead to building light crystals. See article here: Do we have enough basis to having lightsabers in warframe now? While its not really how that would work in real life, can we dream before the real life concept is finished?
  5. Confirming that it happened to my team as well. Two out-of-the-ordinary things that happened during that fight: Our trinity (who was a client, not host, I believe) was showing up for me (also a client) as having full unranked loadout. That was not the case, only a visual bug. During the whole Teralyst fight we had 3 lures, one lure survived after capturing the Teralyst. Teralyst was captured near the lake shrine. I got EE.log saved if necessary.
  6. Volt was locked from using Discharge ability during a Survival alert ( Charybdis (Sedna) | Survival (Grineer) | Level: 38-42 ). I used that ability successfully without any problems in 2 missions before that, without logging off from the game. Maximum energy on that build was 220, which is enough for my ability with above 100 efficiency. All other abilities functioned fine. I observed other squad mates using their 4th abilities effortlessly. Died twice during the mission, didn't fix the problem. I would add ee.log file if that would help, but for the life of me I can not figure out how the hell am I supposed to attach it and I'm out of time to look search for it.
  7. Chroma & Ember: The 'Destiny' treatment

    My brain blocks the anal part, it seems :(
  8. You took the quote out of context. I meant that people that have maiming strike but dislike using it, have commented on how badly designed it is and how annoying the macro-people are to them. And to answer people that haven't heard anyone complain about it, I can believe that, yes. With second-hand opinion one has to consider that people surround themselves with other like-minded people, not ones that disagree with them. So if you love the mod and have surrounded yourself with people that have similar thinking to yours, it's very likely you won't hear anyone complain about it. Yet the divide is there and there are people who have voiced the opinion for a nerf (DE included), that's why I'm making this thread. And to respond to some people that won't care about my reply: Yes, I do have Maiming strike and my opinion towards it is rather neutral. I use it myself a lot because I liked slide attacks before they were cool, so that mod was made for me. But I can see how harming that mod can be to ones gameplay experience when people with macros run around. Sure, yes, the mod can be replaced by a number of different builds that let you slide around, but the existance of it pushes the "An interesting advanced way to play that some people do" to "Every kid and their mom does it by using 2 minute tutorial". I myself just ignore it, but would have nothing against re-building my builds to make them more creative than current one-build-to-slide-them-all if it came to it. I am certainly not crying for it or demanding the changes. What I certainly don't want and am against is another reason for the community to become downright toxic because their thing got nerfed too hard and this thread is my way to try and combat that by gathering opinions and discussing what people think.
  9. FFS Which statement? Yours? Where I assume that? Where I point out that YOU do any of those things? Quotes please! Did I not state my purpose of showing that and apologised beforehand if my assumption was wrong? Did I do that to enforce or counter any point made by you or me? Did you actually read that paragraph? Why did I keep elaborating on those things? Simple elaboration to strengthen my point, was not meant in any way patronising. I felt I needed to do that due to your first "Captain obvious" attack. Read the first sentence of my self-quote from Reddit. No, that's not what I think. And again: Where I implied this? Please read before you post.
  10. Chroma & Ember: The 'Destiny' treatment

    Oh, nice, anologies game! My bicycle had a flat tire. Doesn't mean I built a new bicycle that will be able to run with a flat tire.
  11. Chroma & Ember: The 'Destiny' treatment

    Am I the only one who reads everything XGN DrFeelGood writes in the voice of Onkko ? Is this tin-foil conspiracy stuff? It's really hard for me to understand OP. Or is this really just another generic "PvE doesn't need balance, we should just be given NoClip and GodMode if we want it" thread ?
  12. K This: No, there are no frames too good for farm, only sometimes Ivara's pickpocket doesn't look intended the way it works. Please don't just assume you know better what I think and what my opinion is just because it's sometimes contrary to yours. You missed the point. In short (which doesn't give justice to my elaboration), vets very often promote boring gameplay because they have done everything that was fun for them and still stick around out of habit, trying to reach some self-set milestones. Also, maybe I'm reading you wrong, if so, sorry, but I think you didn't account for me being MR25 when writing that No, what I am saying is: Or in other words: Someone nerfed your go-to banshee that you used to AFK with? Go take another frames and actually play and have fun. But yes, if having fun and playing the game is not someone's thing, he should pick up another game probably. That's not even being subjective. Seems I was not being a captain obvious enough. I don't farm a boring farm ever and you should not subject yourself to it either. It's either you actually spend plat (which a lot of people that have nothing else left to do have an excess of) or you find something else to do in the game. Or just come back later when you find enjoyable doing that farm. Farming oxium or cryotic can be done in many various ways too, you are not forced to always run a minmaxed Nekros with best slash weapon in game or Frost with premade teams. You can level up a new weapon with mechanic you haven't tried before while farming that. Try out a new build with a riven. Go for some made-up challenge like running with operator only. Run with friends and $&*^ around. Help newbies with something while you farm. Hell, you can go out and earn that money in real world and just buy plat with it, an analog way to farm. Tons of ways to make farm interesting. Only way I'm going to do boring farm is if I actually get paid for it. And I already got a job and not looking to become a twitch streamer. But I don't live in illusions. I will not change your view on world if you think that getting a best possible minmaxed build is payment enough for couple hours of watching grass grow, it's your choice. A lot of people won't agree, that's why vets in any game are a huge minority. As I mentioned before, it was a reply in another thread on Reddit. I copied it to waste less time re-writing my general opinion about people doing boring farm. Here is the link so you can base your attacks on something: Also I will quote myself again about the Hydroid puddle thing from the same Reddit thread: And despite you desperately trying to attack me, originally my only problem with your thread was that you assume the nerfs are about loot. I honestly didn't come in here caring about anything else.
  13. I'm sorry, but none of those changes was related to how people farm resources. Calling the chroma connection remote is generous to say the least. There are several other warframes that can accomplish one-shots on eidolon, but all of them are working as intended (think someone mentioned Oberon thou?), chroma's multiplier was broken and DE weren't the only ones that knew that. That's why it was hit by the hammer. If they don't like the system and find it so frustrating, I don't understand why must they keep playing it? They can always find other ways to have fun or just leave the game if it's that bad. I will quote myself from Reddit to not re-iterate myself continuously: I won't expand on focus grind topic anymore thou.
  14. Popular = Nerf

    That is a very biased opinion. There are several popular frames and weapons that don't get any changes. Some popular weapons even got buffs just because they became a bit less popular in time. Exploits that give you easy access to progression are always popular as well, doesn't mean they don't deserve to be fixed. Same way frames and weapons, that are not used in a way that is intended, are getting changed to discourage or remove such behaviour. It's normal and what a developer caring about his game should do.
  15. What would you be doing if there were no Maiming Strike to begin with? If you had to agree to a compromise, what kind of change could you live with even if barely? I have a staff Zaw that I initially built for sliding (because I liked sliding before it was cool) and I have maiming strike on it, but I quickly found out that the stance is so fun to use, that I barely ever slide with it. I prefer using the combos. Staffs have pretty good range too, so I am a bit more limited if I'm not sliding, but I still can hit several enemies at the same time with it. Just saying that it's definitely not the only fun way to use melee.