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  1. EA planning on buying Digital Extremes

    Look man, if your definition of "pay to win" is "things affecting gameplay locked behind paywall" - then you are right, it was not pay 2 win, I haven't personally seen a p2w game in years in that case. For most people, however, pay 2 win constitutes gaining immediate advantage over other players by buying upgrades. Which is exactly what Battlefront 2 had. Ok, it's not always a serious problem, e.g. Warframe has the same system, but the huge difference is that Battlefront 2 was a PvP game where it actually does matter a lot, because it's competitive, unlike Warframe. Arguing about this is pointless. Most people don't like it and you will not tell the majority of community what to like or not like. Also, really, this thread needs to be closed.
  2. EA planning on buying Digital Extremes

    Where did you copy this text from that it has black text formatting? Can't read on my dark theme.
  3. I did see quite a lot of trailers, that followed the beat and atmosphere of the music. Most of them weren't that good thou.
  4. However it's not really a popularity contest. DE will choose their own trailer that fits for them. Most likely the music chosen by the creator won't even be used or will be edited to fit the rest of the video (logo placement and such). Thus the choice of soundtrack should not really matter.
  5. What are you on about? There are 549 entries in the contest (submissions for which aren't accepted anymore so I`m not sure what is OP on about either)
  6. VOTE TO KICK from POE Bounties

    You can always leave yourself. Votekick is not the way to go.
  7. Titania 4th : Please give her Afterburn

    Titania's flying is fine, she is a fairy, not a jet. Zephyr's flying is not fine, she is a jet that does not actually fly.
  8. Titania 4th : Please give her Afterburn

    Because she should fly? It's just that when she was introduced there weren't any big enough tilesets to utilise that and that was during Parkour 1.0 times, when movement was very limited. DE never came around re-working her kit that should have flying abilitiy since Parkour 2.0 got introduced, way before Titania came around. Here is some citation from her flavor text: She was introduced together with Oxium resource. A supposedly super-light and strong alloy, from which Oxium drones are made. They fly. I`m sorry if that was sarcasm on your part though.
  9. Nidus question

    If i had a free slot, I would, but I don't. You sound like your build could use Flow more than Hunter Adrenaline.
  10. Limited time infested Zaw parts. You should at least get 1 of each strike, because, because using and levelling those will get you more Mastery. You don't hurt for that right now, but eventually you will regret if you don't get those. Ether dagger and Snipetron, limited availability weapons, again for Mastery Rank increase. Your clan may be building statues and wants you to donate Hemocyst thingy for their statues. If you have spare resources, you can get limited time only arcanes. They don't give mastery or anything beyond that, so, if I were you, I would abstain from those. Hunter mod set is somewhat appealing, but you should definitely be getting Hunter Munnitions mod, it's good for several crit based primary weapon builds. When you have everything else, there are several PoE resources you needs lots of that are not THAT fast to get. Especially Forma, I`m planning on getting some Hearth Nyth and Forma with what's left of my standing, those are definitely worth the time invested in the runs.
  11. Titania 4th : Please give her Afterburn

    Her bulletjump is quite fast, use that instead if you want to get around faster than in her 4 and without using the archwing. Anyhow, I think DE should give flying capabilities AND afterburner to Zaphyr, not Titania. Titania's Razorwing uses archwing controls, but in essence it's a highly offensive fairy mode. Breaking sonic barrier does not fit her in my mind and it shouldn't as a tradeoff for having offensive powers and superior evasive capabilities in that mode, without the possibility to have her 4 being broken by a random rocket.
  12. Glad some people are still just as salty about that as me. I`m keeping my "it's not a zephyr" pitchfork right next to my monitor.
  13. Dread farm

    This is horrlble
  14. Survival - one guy ruins the game

    This is terrible. This would be camp teams galore. I would never step my foot in survival anymore. Defection might look fun even.