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  1. Twitch Campaign: "Survive the Night" FIXED!

    This is great, but I bet all the partner streamers, the soul of the community that they are, are going to get the achievement as soon as possible without planning it for their viewers, just like it happened the first time. So, while I watched numerous hours of streams the first couple days, now I may not have the time to watch them do it again. Not knowing which streamers already got the achievement and which didn't, doesn't help the least. This is not well thought through.
  2. After spending 5 minutes flying around like a stupid moth and looking at minimap to find Extend (I have those in abundance), i will take on-demand busy screen anyday, unless someone comes up with a better solution.
  3. Yes, I immediately saw the busy screen as a problem, that's why I`m proposing it as an on-demand pulse. So if you are not interested in the loot, you don't use it and it never bothers you. If you are interested, you get the direction in which you should be flying for 2-3 seconds, after that the loot is not shown anymore and you are back to your normal screen. I agree that immediate pickup in the "magnet range" would be better, but then I can work even with current magnet, as long as I know that there is something I`m interested in.
  4. Hello, Let's start with the issue. Currently picking up loot in Archwing missions is infuriating, at times I must spend 3-5 minutes to find a mod I can see on my minimap, especially in large open areas like Interception missions. Problem is that the dropped loot is very small and we travel large distances very fast, so it's way too easy to go past the dropped loot without finding it, in fact it requires certain level of precision to drop your archwing on top of it even if you do see where it's floating. Another problem is that the minimap range isn't so big so you can loose loot in the vast space without knowing that anything dropped in a completely different corner of the map. Which is a pain, considering how rare some rare archwing mods are. Now about my proposal. I think a quick addition to the UI, a simple on-demand pulse scanner would be all I need (aside from better Univacuum, but that's completely different topic). How I think it should work: You are in your interception mission and after beating several waves of incoming enemies you get a breather and want to pick up some mods they might have dropped near your post or a point defended by another ally. You press 5 (or 6), a pulse similar to Volt's Overload or Mag's Magnetize comes out of you (visible client-side only) and then instantly shows you all the 'droppings' in your visible range for 2-3 seconds. Something like this (stole picture from google to add the effect): Now, I won't pretend I know how the spaghetti-code or resource optimisation works and what's easy to do, but this is just the simplest way I find to deal with it. Additionally to what you can see in the picture, since it's an extremely busy screen, a better version would be if UI would clump together together the droppings and, instead of showing each one of them, would just say e.g. "23 droppings" and "2 dungs", "Rare dung". Of course including energy orbs and health orbs would be nice too. Scaling the size with distance would also be neat, so you can tell how far everything is, but then it might pose problems with resolution scaling (4k display here, UI sometimes tortures me) and would require minimum and maximum size set. Alternatively it could also not say what that is, just the distance to the clump of resources, but personally I would prefer scaling and what it is.
  5. Guess I will just copy my reddit comment on this: Well this not at all what I expected. Sure, some things are great, like Madurai becoming useful and us finally getting some party-wide effects, but still not what I would have expected. For one, I expected that we shouldn't have to pop out operator to get the passive, they should be there at all times and none of them should be worse than what we previously had. That said, if all passives are party-wide and stack, i don't mind them being a little weaker since they are much more effective that way. Secondly, all other effects and improvements should have focused on protecting and improving our operators, making their gameplay actually useful. For example, you would use warframe for all-rounded gameplay, higher mobility and using weapons and then you would use your operator for specific gameplay tactics that require more effective void power use. Following focus school descriptions, I would have: Unairu school operative have a regenerative, defensive bubble around them (much like Nyx ulti), but it shouldn't give invulnerability, but massive amounts of armor. That should make operator an effective tank for purpose of drawing enemies on him and protecting the rest of the party while they deal damage. Madurai school operative have a void beam that deal massive damage and elemental proc of choice. Damage should scale with enemy levels and the beam should take time to charge, much like Opticor, to avoid spamming it. Etc. Don't want to write out all schools, just giving the general idea. To avoid operators being too OP and for them to be counter to warframe gameplay, once the operator is 'killed' during gameplay, he/she shouldn't be available for several minutes and passives also should stop working for that time. What I described should give good gameplay choices and balance out two good endgame mechanics. Operators should give the player more tactical choices and good advantages when used correctly. They shouldn't be a small annoyance required to access passive buffs.
  6. Hotfix 19.13.1

    Why nerf inaros?
  7. Update 19.13.0

  8. The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.11.3

    Bathtub Prime when DE?
  9. Yes, finally tennogen! Always gotta appreciate QoL fixes like this: Fixed the Taxon Inbox message missing a comma. Thanks DE
  10. The War Within: Hotfix 19.2.1

    I still think they drink looser tears
  11. Warframe Website Redesign!

    Took just a quick look, but here is unnecessary feedback: 1) Dark version ! 2) Old site looked more organised, i could find information faster and understand at what part of the site I`m watching (either it's banners, news topics etc.). New one i just a huge eye-candy, but it offers much less functionality. New design might be better for new users, who don't care about content. As an old player, I will most likely try to skip the site as much as possible now.
  12. Hotfix: Lunaro 2

    Still no fix for... ... F that, DE, you are doing a great job! Thanks for warframe!
  13. Coming Soon: Devstream #67!

    Any chance we will see this?
  14. New Contest: A Hat For Every Tenno

    I was making hats from everything around me before it was even cool or a contest
  15. Update 18.2.0

    Different people are responsible for bug fixes and different for creation of new stuff, so that's kinda understandable. Also, they do need people to buy their plats, if f2p after all, not going mad at that. What i am going mad at is that their staff doesn't reply to tickets fast enough and that this stupid weapon needs even more Nitain to build (which is a problem with our clan that needs downsizing and thus a reply to a ticket). tl;dr DE need to hire more people to fix bugs and solve tickets.