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  1. Just a quick idea for whenever dual-wielding finally upgrades. Dual-wielding one-hand non-throwable melee and secondary pistols should launch with a secondary pistol that shoots flashbang grenades and a sniper rifle with flashbang alt-fire. Main points for secondary: Blinding opens enemies for finishers. Blinding range should not be more than 5 to 8 meters. Shooting one round uses the whole clip. Weapon does not physical damage. Adding elemental mods to weapon will let it do small elemental procs. Flashbang colour does not change with energy colour but tint changes with main elemental damage on it. Bonus: Alt-fire on secondary launches a flare that lights up the area? Useful in darker tilesets? Main points for sniper rifle: Main fire does regular physical sniper rifle damage. Main fire mode similar to Rubico, has more tactical weapon feel to it. Alt-fire launches flash grenade. Blinding range should not be more than 5 to 8 meters. One blinding round uses 2-3 sniper ammo, but only one flashbang available per reload. Flashbang grenade uses it's own barrel when shot. Flashbang colour does not change with energy colour but tint changes with main elemental damage on it.
  2. Confirming that it happened to my team as well. Two out-of-the-ordinary things that happened during that fight: Our trinity (who was a client, not host, I believe) was showing up for me (also a client) as having full unranked loadout. That was not the case, only a visual bug. During the whole Teralyst fight we had 3 lures, one lure survived after capturing the Teralyst. Teralyst was captured near the lake shrine. I got EE.log saved if necessary.
  3. Volt was locked from using Discharge ability during a Survival alert ( Charybdis (Sedna) | Survival (Grineer) | Level: 38-42 ). I used that ability successfully without any problems in 2 missions before that, without logging off from the game. Maximum energy on that build was 220, which is enough for my ability with above 100 efficiency. All other abilities functioned fine. I observed other squad mates using their 4th abilities effortlessly. Died twice during the mission, didn't fix the problem. I would add ee.log file if that would help, but for the life of me I can not figure out how the hell am I supposed to attach it and I'm out of time to look search for it.
  4. Rociel

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    It was mentioned during stream as Pablo read that in chat.
  5. Rociel

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    Enjoy the buff and if you really think that you know better, just post your balance suggestions like constructive people do.
  6. Rociel

    Why are there no Grineer Infested?

    says who?: Why wouldn't they take over another ship using already developed infested, given the opportunity?
  7. Rociel

    Why are there no Grineer Infested?

    Do you think someone just gives birth to infested? They travel from ship to ship without discrimination. So corpus find a drifting Grineer ship, they board it but SURPRISE, infested attack them and take over their ship. Ancients are from Orokin times, btw.
  8. Guess I will just copy my reddit comment on this: Well this not at all what I expected. Sure, some things are great, like Madurai becoming useful and us finally getting some party-wide effects, but still not what I would have expected. For one, I expected that we shouldn't have to pop out operator to get the passive, they should be there at all times and none of them should be worse than what we previously had. That said, if all passives are party-wide and stack, i don't mind them being a little weaker since they are much more effective that way. Secondly, all other effects and improvements should have focused on protecting and improving our operators, making their gameplay actually useful. For example, you would use warframe for all-rounded gameplay, higher mobility and using weapons and then you would use your operator for specific gameplay tactics that require more effective void power use. Following focus school descriptions, I would have: Unairu school operative have a regenerative, defensive bubble around them (much like Nyx ulti), but it shouldn't give invulnerability, but massive amounts of armor. That should make operator an effective tank for purpose of drawing enemies on him and protecting the rest of the party while they deal damage. Madurai school operative have a void beam that deal massive damage and elemental proc of choice. Damage should scale with enemy levels and the beam should take time to charge, much like Opticor, to avoid spamming it. Etc. Don't want to write out all schools, just giving the general idea. To avoid operators being too OP and for them to be counter to warframe gameplay, once the operator is 'killed' during gameplay, he/she shouldn't be available for several minutes and passives also should stop working for that time. What I described should give good gameplay choices and balance out two good endgame mechanics. Operators should give the player more tactical choices and good advantages when used correctly. They shouldn't be a small annoyance required to access passive buffs.
  9. Rociel

    Hotfix 19.13.1

    Why nerf inaros?
  10. Rociel

    Update 19.13.0

  11. Rociel

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.11.3

    Bathtub Prime when DE?
  12. Yes, finally tennogen! Always gotta appreciate QoL fixes like this: Fixed the Taxon Inbox message missing a comma. Thanks DE
  13. Rociel

    The War Within: Hotfix 19.2.1

    I still think they drink looser tears
  14. Rociel

    Warframe Website Redesign!

    Took just a quick look, but here is unnecessary feedback: 1) Dark version ! 2) Old site looked more organised, i could find information faster and understand at what part of the site I`m watching (either it's banners, news topics etc.). New one i just a huge eye-candy, but it offers much less functionality. New design might be better for new users, who don't care about content. As an old player, I will most likely try to skip the site as much as possible now.
  15. Rociel

    Hotfix: Lunaro 2

    Still no fix for... ... F that, DE, you are doing a great job! Thanks for warframe!