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  1. For me it started with Khora, I literally didn't recognize her on the in-game showcase, it took me a while to remember there was a concept art shown a while ago. The two looked nothing alike to me. And now Zephyr...depending on the other contents of the bundle, I might still get it. First thing to go if I use the skin is definitely the helmet. If anything, I would rather get the Strafe Tennogen skin.
  2. Hum, well haven't tried it on Exalted Blade, which might be a unique case. What I meant was 3, as in a chain of 3. Doing more has a slight delay before you can start the next chain.
  3. 3, but ya I would still rather have 1 with a dash of movement in it. And I would sooner reverse the entire melee rework than add more glitter, but your suggestion is ok.
  4. Oh I would still love to be proven wrong. Any way, you are welcome. Can I has dis for Frost? I would like to has this fur Frost. Muh Ice Wave build desires dhis.
  5. Oh dear...3-4 more frames for the specter army...wait...what if I summon this frame as a specter? Oh dear... Knowing how much of a fuss DE made over not calling Blaze ''Artillery'' a turret, this is never gonna pass, even with companion/specter AI being...special. Still, a tenno can dream. I mean, Octavia Prime just released and insert all the other ''game is playing itself'' frames here.
  6. As a part-time novice decorator, I support this message.
  7. Make the K-Drive standing grind 10x less tedious. Maybe I will try to care about it again then, maybe. I said nothing of putting it back in my gear wheel. *actually reads past the title* Oh ok. Ya this could either be a buggy mess or awsome. *suddenly has flashbacks to hoverboard parts in Jak & Daxter games* ...either way, I will pass. I was never good with boards...le sad...
  8. Ya I could see that, I am just asking not to word your reply in a way that could give a different idea. And I am agreeing with your agreeing, I just wish it were worded in a way that doesn't make it look like I am disagreeing.
  9. Go back, and actually read my post before making it look like I am one of those f****.
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