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  1. There are frames in the game that come close enough to the point it might as well be a health drain one shot.
  2. Yes, because nerfing one frame surely means another won't take it's place. At this point, trying to balance something in this game is near pointless, if not suicidal. There will always be some min-maxing exploiter. Let people balance themselves, play unmodded or I dunno use the Latron. AkZani? Remmeber the AkZani? Grab a couple argon crystals, throw 'em in the foundry, come back 12 hours later and play around with what comes out. They have a cool reload animation.
  3. Sometimes I want my melee to be faster, but not Berserker levels faster. It's not about stats, it's about feel.
  4. I like that you threw in the Quills there.
  5. And this is why normal people, who want to play the game normaly, at a normal pace, can't have nice things.
  6. Used to think this too and would definitely continue to say it to people that ask for VR Warframe, but I gotta say... This one time on a Railjack mission I somehow got bugged out, courtasy of my Huras Kubrow and shenanigans, to the point where my frame was completely invisible indefinitely/untill I fixed it. I don't mean invisible like enemies can't see me and I don't mean invisible like the invisibilty textures mixed into the normal textures, my warframe was physically there but only I couldn't see it. Just the hud left, no frame, no weapons, practically first pearson view like the good old days of Ghost Recon (except without unique crosshairs for every weapon type)... And it felt good.
  7. You make a good point, except not the one which conviences me that my statement was wrong.
  8. Ya, I was overthinking the science of this. Plenty more things in the game that don't make logical sense anyway, another minor one won't cause harm. Again, cool aura; would love to use it!
  9. It really doesn't matter. This one time, was in a pub squad and saw a Gantulyst have their shields taken out along with a joint before they finished coming out of the water...a point in which they should technically be invurnable. One shotting or nearly one shotting joints under current cirmstances isn't that difficult either. Bows wouldn't be the new meta, just a different way of doing it.
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