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  1. Playing a game mode that's meant to be played for longer periods of time (not some bloody 5 minutes), doesn't require anything specific. Just using any relic at all and not carring what the rest of the team brings doesn't require planning. The sole thing that should be needed, is to click on a node and start the mission, but than your kind comes in. If you only want to play for 5 minutes just do a freaking Capture mission, you might even pull off two of them in 5 min!
  2. So you are telling me to go to recruit chat, for EVERY mission!? ''Not even close to a math exam'' - Says you while solving random equations on a calculator.
  3. Maybe if people like you would stop treating Warframe like a math exam and start treating it like a game, we could all be having fun here and be efficent enough, instead of trying not to press the uninstall button!
  4. Negative, I am under mr 28 and have bought loadout slots. You might want to confirm that the slot you paid for hasn't been delivered and report to support.
  5. Reading these exact words made me realise something. It didn't dawn me, channeling wasn't removed when the forbidden update struck, no...The melee rework, it...it transformed Exalted melee weapons into channeling incarnate!!
  6. If there is a menu which allows me to select which resources get converted to Credits/Endo, than I will certainly support this change.
  7. Implying they have free time with how much they tend to surround themselves with making new content.
  8. Define op in a game where everything is either op or up, with little to no middle-ground. An arcane like the proposed ''Magus Eject'' would hardly hurt the game's balance more, which is already at an estimated negative 8000. People run Kavats/Kubrows; Djinn is on a nice, long cooldown. Can't revive you if it's dead. Umbral Inaros + Health Link and mine still dies all over the place in Railjack missions. People run Sentinels/Kubrows. Not having to end up running out of those is precisely why the Bleedout State and all the ways of being revived while in it, exist. Solo players. It can not stack with all of them, at the same time. Having alternatives is nice. And you would still need to give up one of your Operator arcane slots to use ''Magus Eject''. With these stats, it seems balanced enough to me. Add a 90 (Rank 1) to 60 (Rank 3) seconds cooldown or so, and it should be all good. - Alpha Phenix
  9. Greetings, may I request this here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRRpLF-Z6C8 track? And/Or um, a Corbu Shawzin cover of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7P4NGFwk4Y Appolagies in advance if certain sections aren't possible.
  10. There's an order to these things (Broken once with Nova). Last prime was Ivara, between her and Wisp we have. Nezha Inaros Titania Nidus Octavia Harrow Gara Khora Excalibur Umbra Revenant Garuda Baruuk Hildryn Get comfy, you will be waiting a while.
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