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  1. I came in here knowing all the replies will be ''but wing ephemera bad though''. How predictably correct... This...is a difficult design for me to imagine looking well... The cloaking thing sounds neat, then you lost me at rainbow. Give me a moment. some google image searching later (right, that didn't work) I am just going to leave this at ''Not my aesthetic'' and bid you good day (says he, writting this at 24:10).
  2. Back in my day, you were able to start the elavator from the outside. I would be Mr. Nice Guy (who happened to get dragged in with the one who started it early) and send it back for the people behind. Why the ability to do this was removed still elludes me. PS: Off-topic, ya...I just wanted to say it.
  3. Precisely why I wanted an old-ish bug to be made a feature instead of shot on sight. Very helpful one, turned off transmissions completely, no voice & no screen obstructions. sigh As for your issue; you can stop them from the Codex, buuuut that's probably only for quests you are re-playing. Sorry, I don't have a solution.
  4. The problem is not the cap, the problem is it's ties with Mastery Rank. And the Mastery Rank system in general.
  5. I would sooner go for a commands wheel. Less akwardness in telling specters to hold position/follow. That's enough really. It's not that I don't want to play as Blade Wolf in Warframe. It's that I know it's too optimistic to think DE will pull it off well.
  6. Is the farming spot torture? If - No | | If - Yes Just farm it | | Does it have a Prime? If -No | | If - Yes Research if the farming spot has other valluables | | Farm the Prime If - No | | If - Yes Farm the Plat | | Calculate how much Sanity you are willing to spend farming | | If you run out of Sanity, consider taking a break/farm the Plat - ''But what about MR poi-'' - No.
  7. Umm, ya...I wish I could defend that, but I am not a profesional lawyer.
  8. I would pull the ''Just because you are correct, doesn't mean you are right!'' meme here, but eh this isn't that much of a debate. You are still technically correct, but if anything says ''Sequence Burn'' need be denied exilus class (despite fitting right in), it shouldn't be the damage of the syndicate proc. So the only fair reason - would be the important part of a syndicate proc; it's buffs. For https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Sequence that's instantly recovering some shields and gaining a bit more max shields. Not a tall barrier, in my opinion. I vote in defence of op, let ''Sequence Burn'' be put in the Exilus slot.
  9. I would just like to add and remind people that ''open worlds'' were one of these ''things that could never happen'', too. Fair point... Easy mode solution: Just don't...like, any of those things. - ''Ok, but what does that mean?'' Well, have you aimed with any of the scoped weapons in the game (Snipers, Buzzlock, Knell, Arca Scisco)? Ya um, that...but for everything. I will admit, it's probably gonna be less satisfying for a lot of people... And I will also admit that I have a personal bias towards this particular style of First Pearson view. Nostalgia from playing Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm when I was young [Back in my day, all we had was different crosshairs and they were majestic!). Technically it is a way it could be done; with enough effort, it can even be sufficently stylish, and still easier on the devs.
  10. 3 words Dark Split-Sword It was ahead of it's time (by 5 years!), now it seems DE's finally figured out how to do mid-mission stance swap. Let's go, and give this boi what it has deserved to have from the start!
  11. Ah, just remebered something I don't like about it. If your lich is at the Railjack phase, but your friend's lich isn't, they can't join you. For which, again, I frankly do not see the bloody point. Especially since it ends up as a ''too bad'' for people with minimal time to play
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