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  1. I just want to see the decoration prizes in Cetus to be reduced to reasonable (not requiring multiple days worth of standing for a single unit) amounts. It might actually make me consider playing around in the Plains again; because there are some nice decors in there, but I refuse to support such prizes that are clearly supposed to keep players on the Plains...well too bad. It backfired and I would have frankly never gone there again, if it wasn't for helping out a friend of mine who started playing recently. As for Fortuna, my main problem is more with K-Drives then anything...and the problem is bad enough for me to have removed the K-Drive launcher from my gear wheel.
  2. Preaty sure there already is a Clem mask in the game.
  3. That...comes nowhere near to answering my question...
  4. I just want to know for sure if DE got lazy with the coding and made it have x% chance to give you 100% additive crit. For one, that would make it actually good; and two, one of my builds kind of relies on it.
  5. What's with some of you here constantly assuming that using Umbra's passive is automatically afking? You can still go around with the Operator, healing people with Vazarin or giving them energy with Zenurik, among other things. Just because Operators aren't the greatest damage dealers in the game, doesn't mean using them is equivalent to being afk; there are other ways to contribute to the team and if someone found out how to do that, and more...then what exactly is the problem? It's called multitasking and it's an artform!
  6. Ouch... R.I.P all that wasted energy.
  7. Correct...but the wiki exists for a reason. You are playing as a space ninja, gathering intel is part of the job.
  8. They are special nullifier variants with a diffrent name. The bubble dissables a certain abillity type depending on which version casts it, leaving you with less abillities to use if it gets you, but you still have something.
  9. I've seen Frost mains who just love to spam Snow Globe everywhere to annoy me...which did not know you can break them with Freeze.
  10. Diffrent damage type priority, the correct answer here is to either replace Paris Prime with Daikyu or just keep it.
  11. Get a Zakti and keep it. It is simply the weapon for dual wielding with glaives. (If you are into that, it's still good on it own, too.) As for your lists, I will take a look now and update on it later. P: S: M: That's all I can help with, since the ones I didn't mention I either have no comment on, or don't see a reason to throw away.
  12. It appears you've come across profesional Anti-Air Defense Personal, they are quite common on the Plains, pay them no mind and enjoy a cup of tea while waiting for the next objective.
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