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  1. Welcome to the PC experience private. Here on the frontlines, we break the game every day.
  2. It would be difficult, but using a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse should make things a bit easier. Sorry, I can't think of anything else. Maybe one of those gaming mice with tons of buttons, though I don't know if there are left-handed versions.
  3. There was a small chat on a devstream long ago with stuff like this. Getting MR points for doing more stylish kills (while sliding, while aim gliding, ect.) were mentioned, if I remember it right. Might have been 2-3 years ago by now.
  4. Yes, but that doesn't excuse the bad execution of the system
  5. When the MR system get's reworked out of the tedious grind it is now, I will be fine with it. The way it is now and likely to stay like that for a long time, no. Why do I see it as tedious? It forces you to get gear that you are not interested in, so that you can get the gear which you actually want. You can say that about other games, but it feels worse here. When I get bored enough sure, I will pick up some random thing and play around with it, maybe I will end up liking it, maybe I will just throw it in the trash after it's rank 30. That's not a good mastery system. ‎”I fear not the tenno who has used 10,000 weapons once, but I fear the tenno who has used one weapon 10,000 times.” - John ''Prodman'' Lee
  6. Simply put, I would't hold and swing a scythe like a two-handed sword. (even in anime) Cutting Thrice is leaning more towards a nah for scythes. The spin in Threshing Grain is ok I guess, the strikes after it are too sword-like. Calling Thunder can maybe work...except for the slam at the end.
  7. I am more worried about how half the Wise Razor stance just doesn't fit at all. Some moves here and there are fine, but every combo has parts which just wouldn't make sense with a scythe.
  8. Ya, but it needs to. Unless everyone is fine with having't the game's balance broken for the rest of it's life time.
  9. And this is precisely what should be done, but of course, DE has ''more important'' things to do.
  10. And I couldn't take you seriously after ''The current 2nd Skill (Air Burst) was proposed by me'' It appears we have completely different mindsets on what Zephyr should be like, I am not even going to argue.
  11. After what I see as not a rework, but a batch of uninspired changes by DE, just to advertize the prime, I come here again for round 2. First, a small guide on the colour coding I will use in an atempt to make this an easier read: Blue - Talking about how something will work in the air ; Green - Talking about how something will work on the ground ; Red - Explantaion on why I made it the way it is and comments ; Orange - How the thing is affected by mods and ect. New Passive (not replacing the old one): Tail Wind - Zephyr receives the ability to infinitely bullet jump. The first one, will be a regular bullet jump. Second, turns into a Tail Wind with no energy cost. Number 3 and every jump after it will have the same energy cost Tail Wind currently has (12.5 in the air), untill Zephyr lands and resets the counter. If Zephyr crouches (not slide) in the air, she will create a small air platform right beneath her and stay on it untill she moves, casts an ability, or runs out of energy. The platform does not have any immediete cost and will start slowly draining energy after 2 seconds of staying on it, giving enough time to aim the next Tail Wind or shoot something. Tail Wind's range and other stats will be effected by mods, the same way they are now. Before Parkour 2.0, Zephyr had actual flight, in comparison to other frames. I want those wings to be returned to her so people would stop triggering me over it, and so that the fact that Titania exists feels slightly less insulting. Also she just deserves them. An air elemental that can't fly doesn't feel right. ''New'' 1st Ability: Gale - Performing a graceful backflip, Zephyr kicks foward a strong gust of wind, dealing moderate IPS damage in a vertical line. If the projectile fully hits a wall or pierces 5 enemies, it will create a small shockwave, knocking down enemies in 2m and staggering those in a 3.5m radius. In the air, Gale becomes a 3 kick combo: backflip, bottom left to top right and a roundhouse kick. These combo kicks loose their full shockwave effect, unless they all hit the same spot, otherwise they will only stagger. Zephyr can opt to do a regular single kick, by charging the abillity for less then a second. If done from an air platform, Gale will be automatically charged and deal extra damage. All mid-air kicks can be aimed in any direction, ground kicks go straight foward, like say Nidus's Virulence (his 1). Augment: Minuano - Instead of a backflip, Zephyr does a roundhouse kick, sending out a horizontal airwave. This also gets rid of the combo kicks and should help with aoe. Range mods will increase the leght of the air wave and the stagger range of the shockwave. Strenght mods will increase overall damage and knockdown range. For those thinking of Air Burst, yes...but actually no. We are in the midst of a damage meta, Zephyr already has enough cc from Tornado and Divebomb. And what does DE do? They add more cc through Air Burst. It's a boring ability, nobody wants it, nobody needs it. Gale is basically an Air Burst that does damage, thus also boring, but at least useful and with a cooler animation. Also it should move at a slightly higher speed then Harrow's Condem. Just to note, you are not forced to use the full 3 hit combo, or to cast the kicks one after another, the ability will use a third of it's energy cost for each kick too. ''Returning'' 2nd Ability: Dive Bomb - Same old Dive Bomb but with more ways to bomb. Using space magic, Zephyr condenses the air in the sky above her target and sends down an air clone of herself. Slightly slower casting speed from the ground. In the air, she can bombard enemies with clones, or jump down herself by holding the ability button for less then a second. No change in stats. I've always felt like Dive Bomb should have a use on the ground instead of being air cast only, thus I came up with this^ a long time ago. Don't really know what else to say about it...except that combining it with Tail Wind was never a good idea. 3rd Ability: Turbulance - It's Turbulance...what more do you want Propels Gale further, makes Dive Bomb faster and regains some duration from passing through Tornado. It works...why fix it? I really can't see what to do with it. Made up the Tornado part so Zephyr can more effectively be modded for something other then duration, giving a bit more breathing room if you want shorter ranged Tail Winds. 4th Ability: Tornado - Just undo most of the stuff from the ''rework'' and start clean. Tornadoes will now spawn at your reticle, only if you are holding the aim button, because they spawned just fine before that stupid change. If cast while aim gliding, Zephyr will be able to choose a different spawn location for each individual tornado, or all of them in one spot like normal, by holding the ability key for a second. Tornadoes are no longer steerable. They steer themselves just fine. Conclave only - Tornado gets it's innate magnetic damage back. Mods and such remain the same. PS: I have one more idea to add to the passive, but am unsure if it's getting to be a bit much for a passive (or if it's even balanced for the right game).
  12. Humm, extractors which require you to enter a mission, are more likely to die, but don't require you to wait 3-6 hours for small batch of a single recoure... I will take a 100 of them, with an active-camo module pre-installed, please.
  13. There isn't any real way to acquire new weapons (other then buying them with plat) if you decide to play Warframe primarily for Conclave. No new gear = No MR points. Personally I never look at a pearson's MR to assume their skill level, unless I am on a spy mission. It's just not an accurate system, might have been back in the single digit update number days, (not that I would know, started in late U16) but it's certainly nothing more then a tedious grind now.
  14. Or did you mean that the links are broken or something?
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