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  1. As far as I know, only mods and time do that. And there isn't a delete own thread button either if you happened to want to get rid of some emberassing history...I've looked.
  2. Forget the frame, bring patience and snacks if you are gonna go to level 9999.
  3. Primes, Warframes, The Sentients, even The Infestation. Note: Not all of those...ok well, none of those remained under their control; but they did originate from the Orokin. THANK YOU! No really, how about, just a thought, maaaaaaybe we finally dispel this stupid myth, of how Grineer and Corpus weapons aren't allowed to have Primes, because hur dur ''reasons''. In lore - all current major functions, were more or less slaves to the Orokin; not just Tenno, but Grineer and Corpus too. So weather they wanted to or not, they used Orokin gear, including weaponry. Wupty do, Tenno pu
  4. Wasn't the last intermission a whole year long? Ya, you have plenty of time.
  5. Ey, now I remember. Wasn't the first Conclave event Opticors only? Man, so many people were asking that to be brought back, for a while.
  6. I do miss throwing snowballs at people, upvote for thee. PS: Yes, one of the events had a snowball skinned throwing weapon, candy cane schyte too...and it was beautiful.
  7. Well no, but actually yesn't. It's an exageration of a point we agree on. There aren't strictly zero reasons for power strenght on Zephyr; as mentioned above - Jetsream builds... And ummm, well...killing stuff with Dive Bomb is finally possible, so I guess there is that. I have a feeling there was something with strenght and Funnel Clouds, but I am not sure. In general, not a lot of use for it; but a fast Jetsream is nice.
  8. I am about to ressurect this thread. https://imgur.com/a/wN8B3xQ
  9. How about we remove the mod system? And suddenly there was a sliver of balance
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