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  1. No, not everything needs a signature ability.
  2. It doesn't need one, it literally does not need one. The Tekko was already the currently best weapon in the Fist category and DE still primed it, just because Atlas likes to punch things.
  3. Not often. However, I also don't frequently change up my arsenal these days, simply don't feel the need to. Make sure my companion is equipped (because of Animal Instinct addiction), roll with x frame and y weapons for weeks, get bored or switch to newly added ones, repeat. So I don't always use my Ogris, but I don't always use my Buzlok, or my Paris Prime; can't even remember the last time I as little as looked at my Dex Sybaris.
  4. Example to which part of my post exactly? Sorry, I didn't get the point.
  5. As someone with a +Status ; +Damage ; +Damage to Grineer ; -Magazine size Riven - 100% Status Gas build Ogris, I may be biased, but am not in agreement with killing the Status of Ogris. Here's a novel idea. Why can't we for once have a weapon, that reaches the damage numbers of what something else may do with crits, without actually critting? Keep the Ogris able to reach 100% Status, bring the Crit Chance down even lower and multiply the base damage. But Adarza kavats! - Tenno 26 000 000 Oh please. Like we don't have more broken things in the game. What would one more do to the currently unexistant balance?Also the Nukor exists Also the Orgris's fire mode was changed briefly, some hot-fixes ago...felt wierd...just plain wierd. I can't even describe that as bad or good, or anything in between...it just didn't feel right.
  6. Solution in 6 easy steps: Hack the game and install that bug we had on PC, which let you use any landing craft skin on any landing craft, back in. Go to the customize landing craft exterior menu. Select you Scimitar. Open the skins menu. Select any Day of Dead skin. Enjoy! PS: I personally now use the Xiphos Ifrit skin on my Scimitar and Mantis, because Hot Wheels. PS2: Also, this wouldn't be an issue if someone at the dev team would just stop being a kill-joy and fixing all the purely fun (not at all game-breaking) glitches.
  7. The 2 above've said enough, but I will just add this. There was a migration period long, long ago...years of waiting seem to say it won't be repeating.
  8. And when you think that more frames are gonna be released...
  9. If the ''taking up the slots that would otherwise be occupied by other players'' limit affects only warframe specters, thus still letting you spawn every syndicate specter, clem and such as you can now; and every player in the group is allowed at least one warframe specter, then ok. Otherwise, I am not fine with going from being able to spawn 8 (9 if you are mad enough to get the one from Baro) different AI allies, to just 3. This is especially not favourable, due to the current quality of the AI (which you appear to have noticed). Untill DE decides to finally fix that, along with Companion AI and give us Companion commands, I don't find a reduction in the quantity of specters you can have on the field a good thing...also I haven't tested this again, but I sort of recently found out that warframe specters seem to refuse to use certain weapons (think it was ones you need to charge in order to fire).
  10. Void magic works in mysterios ways kiddo.
  11. Why is it that every time you give us some sort of endgame, you find a way to ruin it shortly after...
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