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  1. PhEwhAhaHaHAHAHaHaha... ...Sorry, I would like that too. But at this point, for it to happen, we would need a Warframe 2.
  2. Yup, everythin is le- oh sorry M rated E for everyone, right. ...everything is provocative if you are ho- ...if you are in the mood enough. PS: Freedom of speach who?
  3. If I recall right, there might have also been a rule about not talking about that you got a warning; I hope I am wrong. It is funny from a certain perspective, M rated game, censored forums, censored in-game chat. And people ask me why I dislike living in this reality. As for your word; an in-game emote, right? Alright, if it's a banable offence, why is it in the game? I am certain that the dance emotes which came out with Octavia were even mo-capped, so it's not like some animator just snuck 'em in and nobody noticed for months. In my opinion, this case sounds like an ''accidental''
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