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  1. (PS4)Raikeran

    Warframe PS4 Discord Server

    A relay hub home to a friendly community for all PS4 Tenno out there! Here you can recruit for missions, trade, join a clan, and help each other become a stronger Tenno. Some notable features in the server include: • Integrated news channels • Self-joinable roles • Opt-in notifications for ingame alerts • Riven stat calculator • Wide range of chat channels, including trading and build discussion channels We are always trying to improve the server so members can have the best experience. The server also has its own Clan centered around casual players and can PM Warlord Raikeran, for those that are interested. What is Discord? It's a free chat network geared toward gaming communities that features many useful tools and customization options (so it's easier on the eyes). It lets you host as many servers as you want, can upload photos in high quality, has a clean interface for simple navigation and ease of use, supports both PC and mobile devices alike (even has a browser version if you can't download it), and its system is constantly improving. > INVITE LINK < If you feel like helping the server grow, spread it around! A little help populating this place is always appreciated.
  2. (PS4)Raikeran

    PS4 Chimera: Update 23.10.6 (Prime Vault + Hotfixes)

    Does Saryn with her Corrosive Spores count? There's also Oberon with most of his kit being Radiation based. I'd be interested in seeing how a Gas damage based frame would work, though.
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    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for making me watch a video on a forum post.
  4. (PS4)Raikeran

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for quoting redundancy.
  5. (PS4)Raikeran

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for being funny and serious.
  6. (PS4)Raikeran

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned because that was my cake
  7. (PS4)Raikeran

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned because you stole the finest olive oil in the Origin System
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    Last Post Wins

    I love seeing this recurring post in my notifs
  9. (PS4)Raikeran

    Last Post Wins

    is spooked rEE! jumps and clings to the ceiling
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    Last Post Wins

    peeks in
  11. (PS4)Raikeran

    Feedback On Vulpine Mask Grind And Rapier [Megathread]

    OP is on PS4 trying to farm for items not even released on consoles yet. GG Though I do feel for you, having to farm rare mods from rare enemies makes sense.
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    Last Post Wins

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    Last Post Wins

    i forgot how to post images rip
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    Last Post Wins

    This is gonna be a bad time.
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    gets influenced