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  1. Whoops, double posted! You can delete this post.
  2. Hope you don't mind me bumping this old issue that still affects a couple deluxe skins
  3. Gonna bump this old issue. Is there any chance we can get these deluxe skins fixed?
  4. I know this issue has been around for over a year but can you look at fixing the graphical issues with the Mag deluxe (Pneuma) and Oberon deluxe (Feyarch) skins? Mag Pneuma's right hand has glitched out finger accessories and the Oberon Feyarch's Skirt has the back right end of the skirt affixed in space. See here for images:
  5. In the dev workshop they cover this, they mention that both Wukongs will use the same weapon.
  6. Ooh! this inspires a bit of confidence that maybe they'll get around to fixing the oberon deluxe skirt and the mag prime hand rigging issues! 😮
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