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  1. Just got sigma engine 2 and its giving no speed boost.
  2. The Ship-killer laser shot my ship even after it was disabled, post mission. Not sure if its beam has punch-through but it also was able to hit my railjack through a rock.
  3. When opening chat while hacking, using the pause menu, using the arsenal or the mod menu, hitting esc closes both. This does not happen when using other menus including navigation, codex, market, foundry, incubator and others. Not sure if this is by design or a bug. I feel the UI behavior should be consistent across all menus and hitting esc should only close the active menu/tab. One reason for this change is when i was hacking a spy vault recently I accidentally hit T instead of Y(for cipher). I hit esc to back out of chat and it canceled hacking setting the alarm off. I realize that cli
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