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  1. Not exactly Vauban's deluxe but something similar that turns Gauss into a steam locomotive and gets smoky when using skills and running. It's the only thing I can think of for Gauss, although now that I think about it, they could also turn it into a turbine and give it a much more wind-powered look.
  2. They could give it a style inspired by the steam engines of old trains.
  3. Tau damage currently does not apply any status.
  4. Knowing me, one of two, or I love the skin or I hate it, when I see it in motion I can decide. Note that although the skin may remind Hyldrin, the only thing really muscular are the arms, the rest of the body has the usual proportions that we see in many female warframes.
  5. Tau is a type of damage caused by sentients if you need confirmation just go with a warframe equipped with adaptation and let yourself be hit by a sentient.
  6. Caliban is a sentient warframe and sentients deal Tau damage so will Caliban deal Tau damage with his abilities? And if DE decides to implement Tau damage as a playable option through Caliban, what changes do you think it should receive?
  7. '' Friends '' this concept is absolutely foreign to me.
  8. Personally, I would prefer that they implement a market system where we can sell things without having to deal directly with other users.
  9. I think that now it is quite easy for new players to save resources, you know that grinner and corpus weapons will eventually have kuva and tenet versions, therefore there is no reason to dedicate resources to the basic versions of these categories. Even wraith and prism weapons are mostly outdated weapons waiting to be replaced. And the iconic weapons of the warframes will receive a prime version so you can also save the resources in them. The only unknown are the infested weapons as they have never had alternative versions but it is to be expected that eventually we will have infested equivalents of the liches and the sisters so investing resources in infested weapons is also something to avoid currently. What still seems super painful to me is that laboratory weapons require formas to be manufactured.
  10. That's one of the few things I've done with people, I did it when I started playing the game. The people I played with in those days no longer play. As a data I got Ivara searching the 60/60 mods.
  11. They've been looking for a hole in the schedule for a long time to implement the sister of Vor update.
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