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  1. angrykenji

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    would love this year to be the year of regular updates, instead of giant one of two content drops per year
  2. angrykenji

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.6

    Any fix for falling out of the map when going from operator to Excal Umbra?
  3. angrykenji

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    use my account for Ember or Banshee
  4. angrykenji

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #171!

    some clips of Reb trolling Megan:
  5. angrykenji

    The Glast Gambit: Update 19.6.0 +

    FRYSTA LONGSWORD SKINBrandish this mythical frozen blade, the signature weapon of Frost Harka. what weapon is this skin for?
  6. angrykenji

    The Silver Grove: U1.4

    pls fix
  7. angrykenji

    The Silver Grove: U1.1

    pls fix
  8. angrykenji

    The Silver Grove: Hotfix 4

    need an easier way to equip relics before missions so others can see in the lobby pls fix
  9. angrykenji

    Specters of the Rail: U2.3

    would still love a fix for
  10. angrykenji

    Specters of the Rail: U2.1

    all the pvp dailies were completed
  11. angrykenji

    Specters of the Rail: U2.1

    this is still bugged:
  12. angrykenji

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #129!

    fun stream. happy bday, danielle! i noticed the celestia syandana doesn't show its full glow in the relay. i totally thought it did but the stream confirmed it. can that be fixed?
  13. angrykenji

    Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 1

    loving the update
  14. angrykenji

    Hotfix: Lunaro 5

    Please change Lunaro so it starts with 4 players... Waiting for a full game when it's dead is pointless. No other game mode makes you wait for a full lobby to start.
  15. angrykenji

    Hotfix 18.10.4 Operation Rathuum.