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  1. can we get music zones in Fortuna for Octavia's music? there's a nice stage across from Eudico that would be perfect. also these zones in the regular upgraded relays are still in the same areas but are now completely unmarked and extremely small. please have the infested ancient's hook move be looked into as it has such aimbot capabilities and can go through objects with almost no warning. will there be an option to replace Lotus for the main transmissions? i know its a ton of voice work but i personally would love to have 'fixed' Ordis or even Cephalon Cy up in there instead.
  2. what happens past mr30? can we get 'fixed' ordis as a lotus replacement (or other voice packs)? any more simaris lore codex entries? moa buffs
  3. would love this year to be the year of regular updates, instead of giant one of two content drops per year
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