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  1. a bit OT, but i'd like to see the breed of kubrow beside its name in brackets when you're looking at one
  2. +1. but i worry cuz with every major release so much stuff gets broken
  3. HoM w/ Eclipse + 5 forma'd amprex will melt most things for a while before they can land a few shots on you, if at all (incl Vor). Assuming of course you play it smart and keep mobile. i use a rifle ammo mod for sustainability and Prism's radial blind for reviving. edit: i forma'd her 2x. i think 3 is max one would need.
  4. DE, pls fix this. i have the same problem with one of my imprints. no idea what type or gender. at least put this info in the imprint window..... edit: but that is one very ninja kubrow :D
  5. agreed. with all these wait walls as well it feels very PWE-ish. imagine if this effort went into fixing the core game mechanics instead. and my hype turns into worry whenever i think about the Focus/endgame system...
  6. haven't had this happen before: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=290037682 flipped mod screen
  7. soon we'll be seeing DE execs retiring or leaving with tons of cash, leaving behind dying crap nobody cares about. s'all about the benjamins
  8. doesn't matter what DE says, it's just gonna be pure PR garbage speak that will ultimately end up false
  9. welp, rip Warframe and any other IP DE decides to make thanks to their new supreme overlord good job money hungry CEOs
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