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  1. please remove or at least look at the hook mechanic ancients (and butchers) use. this has remained unlooked at for years and they are incredibly annoying, instant, aim-bot and will grab you from anywhere and even behind objects. yes, rolling will counter it but you have no notice or reaction in any game mode with effects and dozens of enemies flying around.
  2. how about universal pickups during Railjack missions? varied modes instead of all Exterminate (and why is destroying NINETY fighters a thing??) damage all around for AW/Railjack needs to overhauled AW missions need to be looked at. the affinity range is so low it heavily encourages 'hallway-hero'ing' (prime example is Neptune mobile defense) can we get a music zone for Fortuna? and improve the ones on the other relays? when will Excavators/Excavation missions be fixed? the scaling is SO BAD and please revert the routing to the original where it was a singular path back and forth
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