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  1. Where can we get the mug Megan is using?
  2. And here I wanted difficulty increased and efficiency drain lowered. The first few zones are too easy and the later zones are pointless with such high efficiency drain. Instead got increased efficiency drain and lowered focus gain. Neither of which anyone was asking for.
  3. This fixed the sheeth dangle but putting a sugatra on the hilt still creates 2 sugatras.
  4. Why not make her 4th ability the exalted whip and move Strangledome to her 3rd ability. 3rd ability could work where taps switch Venari's mode and a hold would create Strangledome. It seemed back in December you had all the animations set for her exalted whip so it shouldn't be too hard to implement it again as her 4th ability.
  5. Why are host migrations not fixed yet? At the very least have each individual client save rewards that were received. Just lost Lato vandal barrel because host wanted to end at zone 8 instead of zone 9.
  6. Please have efficiency degradation stop when timer hits 0 for next conduit. There have been multiple times where it takes forever for the portal to open and I lose the reward because efficiency reached 0 first.
  7. Gave the new endless kuva mission a try. After two 15 minute runs my impression is that its just not worth the time. ~1800 kuva for 15 minutes is not worth it. It is fun but I only have so much time to play and there are a lot of other fun missions in the game that give better rewards. As it stands the endless kuva mission doesn't feel very "endless". I imagine most people will stay for 15-20 minutes max. 20 minutes in a mission is not endless, at least when compared to the previous void key system. Please rethink scaling of kuva amounts. I want to have a reason to play 60+ minute missions. I miss endless T4 survival/defense where I would receive rewards that were worth the time I stayed in a single mission. I want to be incentivized to play longer missions. There is no current system in Warframe that rewards long game play. Every high level content that is rewarding has a fixed duration: flood, sorties, Eidolons.
  8. I don't know about others but just trying to do the Teralyst bounty from the last "night". 1st run: 0 damage numbers. 2nd run: Eidolon and host spawned outside of map. 3rd run: showed up as "Day" and Eidolon wouldn't spawn. 4th run: stuck in gate, no one could spawn/get into plains. 5th run: 0 damage numbers again. The 0 damage number were annoying until you realized It was still doing damage but the other problems made hunting Eidolons extremely frustrating.
  9. Still no update on proto skins, lato/braton vandal, corpus event.
  10. TMTTWSBNR: proto skins, braton/lato vandal, corpus event. Thanks for making an amazing game 5 years running!
  11. Sounds good. Any news on Lato/Braton Vandal?
  12. Can you give us an update on braton/lato vandal return + corpus event in the Devstream overview write-up? It hasn't been discussed in months.
  13. Are there any more conclave skins in the works?
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