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  1. Here some helpful facts and suggestions to help your experience: - Don't play on public - your more than welcome to take limbo in solo - no one cares about the meta cause everyone thats at the point of Tri-dolon hunts have at least one of the optimal frames - DE has better things to work on right now Meta's are not created by DE, the meta is created by the players who use the tools that they are given, its because some frames are better than others doesn't mean the others can't be used, but don't expect to get invited to 3x3 hunts, so deal with it. Seriously its like no one did the raids prior to them being dropped, even those had certain frames you'd want to take. Something else worth noting you do NOT have to farm Eidolons, if the meta is too hard for you to grasp there is no reason to farm them other than arcanes, which are not a requirement to progress through the game, thats likely how DE see's it, would be a different story if a Tri hunt was required to get to the next section of content, but you only need the Terry fight to progress.
  2. Buying plat from third party seller websites also violates the TOS
  3. With old star chart I "solo'ed" the entire game with Loki and Tonkor, if you don't believe me check my profile in game and my most used weapon and frame >_>, so your millage may vary.
  4. Sorry, but I like keeping my fashion frame tips and tricks and formulas to myself, trade secret and all that jazz, I'm thinking many of the other fashion framers have the same mindset, its no fun copying someone elses design and just screams lack of creativity.
  5. If it takes you more than a few hours to farm fissures for items to sell for ducats then maybe perhaps your issue isn't with baro...
  6. Thats the beauty of it, you literally can stop farming him because now that your rank 30 theres no point in continuing doing Nightwave, no point to login now, least for me, I'm not gonna sit on my hands for 3 weeks, I heard divison 2 is fun.
  7. Im more annoyed that we have to deal with 3 more weeks of this -.-, seriously I was looking forward to this ended next week and DE realizing that the alert system was better and to stop trying to copy fortnite.
  8. Yup, makes me know not to care about DE's future events if they keep changing things on the fly, good to know.
  9. Wait, I was under the impression that Nightwave was supposed to be 10 weeks only? you guys LITERALLY stated that which caused us to put a rush on Nightwave missions so that we can get all the rewards, this is the exact same situation you guys pulled with ignis wraith, going forward I'm not gonna take anything you guys state event wise at face value, if you can't tell I'm extremely annoyed by this as I was always pushing to finish those challenges.
  10. Again this falls into the argument that if DE makes special allowances or circumvents the content this will trivalize it for other people who for the next nightwave will just say "ah not to worry DE will do something to make sure that everyone can complete it" NO, this is not how battle passes work and this is what DE wanted to do, a battle pass system without having to actually spend money, instead you spend your time, don't spend your time to do the work, don't get the rewards, its that simple, people are not going to wait for players to play catchup with the current event, and tracking two separate nightwave events would be too much with Wolf spawns, so once this Nightwave ends Wolf goes away and the new roaming boss is revealed.
  11. LOL thinking the time gate will be lifted, silly tenno, that would have already happened if it was going to, considering the nightwave is almost over, my advice? Buy the parts you need this week because holy hell the price will sky rocket come next week since thats the last one of nightwave, and no its already been confirmed that once this Nightwave ends Wolf goes away, thats how battle passes work, its new content each time, though he might cycle back in at a later date, like how prime accessories work.
  12. there is plat in there, its called trade, you can sell that arcane energize for 180p
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