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  1. Bleh could I just give DE a bunch of plat or something to unlock the Nightwave rewards? Gimme some Time Saver tokens, you know that its going in that direction, I'm not going to go through all those ranks just to get at the one reward that interests me, because right now Nightwave missions are boring and repetitive, most I complete without even realizing it, Kill 100 enemies with gas damage, Use an Emote.....pick up 8 rare mods.....are you kidding me? How about something like, Kill a X boss without taking damage" , or complete a void trial in X amount of minutes", or even "Find X amount of
  2. Its a rehash of the wolf nightwave, which is extremely disappointing but gives me a clear indication on how DE will handle this, there won't be anything unique, theres no reason to do the nightwave because the rewards will just cycle back in during the next intermission, pretty much the only thing worth getting is the umbra, but honestly its not worth the effort in my opinion, Thats kinda why Ive been spending more time on Destiny 2 then warframe, least there I don't have to worry about recycled rewards.
  3. I agree, that pricing has to change, unless they plan on giving us 100+ wolf creds per rank after we hit 30.
  4. Thats not how this content works, unfortunately there is no "go on vacation" option, however you don't "need" to have the umbra forma, its just really really nice to have, again it falls under the you don't need these umbra mods to play the game, it sucks for people wanting to take breaks but thats how it is, nothing stops because of one tenno.
  5. Nightwave is basically an incentive for people to return to warframe, its working as it should which forces players causal and Vets alike to take part in the challenges, so yeah working as intended as far as I can see, and people seem to forget you have a week to do these challenges and most can be completed in a few hours of releasing, so players just need to suck it up and stop expecting DE to make exceptions because your some special tenno that needs extra attention, grow a pair and get down to the grind, we all did it and you experience shouldn't be any different, all and all Nightwave is
  6. Careful, words like that are what can make and break a game, just look at EA's Battlefield V situation, and again people throwing around the word entitlement, I think the correct term is "recognition", again, game would not exsist, players wouldn't be here to complain, and certainly DE wouldn't be in the stat its in without the Vet players that supported them morally and finanically over the years sticking with their many changes, I guess in a way you could say they were the original beta testers.
  7. I think at one point he even said to ask in game region chat for help if need be....does he even check region chat? its just a spamming of Clem or someone screaming about how they can't find their pants....Ive seen some really weird convo's in region chat..
  8. Are you serious? New players had access to that, and Excalibur Umbra was a running gag since the screenshots leaked of the Chinese version of warframe, which Excalibur Umbra was basically their prime version....don't blurt out nonsense unless you know what your talking about 😕
  9. Curious, but could you point out the time that DE catered to Veterans? Cause I don't think Ive ever seen them do such outside the login reward system, lately its just been to appease the new players, I'm pretty sure I recall hearing that Saryn's rework was because new players didn't know how to use her or were intimidated by her kit, and as a friend so put it "Means they haven't been selling many of her in the marketplace".
  10. Biggest complaint Ive seen is that Vets want some visual recognition of the time invested in the game, however DE doesn't want that, which in turn leads to the Veteran playerbase feeling alienated, Its funny when you think about it, DE wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for their Vet playerbase sticking with them through the good and the bad all those years, but its a bussiness, and well they need to keep the money flow, piss off the few to please the many I guess?
  11. Well now, DE's latest announcement certainly was interesting, revamping the login reward systems, great way to slap vet players hard in the face, though a good deal of us saw this coming, but now they are talking about being able to trade the weapons, now I'm just facepalming, truth be told after the last issues with recent updates and the revamps I stopped playing warframe, player for 3-4 years now and DE pretty much hammered the final nail in the coffin in my impression, however I still have friends who play warframe whom I tend to converse with while playing Monster Hunter on PC....amazing
  12. ya you wanna put a 16 capacity mod in your exilus slot then go ahead, its not worth the cost though and again its a useless mod that isn't worth the cost of use, this is almost as bad as those "vet" mods that DE were pitching from onslaught elite rewards which at the cost of a mod slot are NOT worth it, and its useless crap like this that makes me question the direction this game is going 😔
  13. DE needs to stop using us as their personal non paying QA team, half this S#&$ should have been caught during destructive/adhoc testing phases, major crashes and repeated host /player dc's should have been flagged as critical bugs early on and stopped the submission of this update.
  14. Honestly the Toxicity only got noticeably bad when consoles came around, so maybe thats where your seeing the brunt of it, but The PC community is pretty damn lax when it comes to warframe, you get the odd person that acts like they are going through mental trauma but for the majority of things people are pretty chill, again not talking about consoles.
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