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  1. Just to clairify I don't mind the cyst system itself, but I feel like for those that have a bunch of helmith chargers already we don't really need to deal with the repeated growth. Who knows maybe some people enjoy having it, its definitely a conversation starter, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT ON YOUR NECK!?"
  2. Slight spoilers for new players [Thought they wouldn't know what Im talking about], but if we could have an option to toggle the cyst growth off and on in settings cause Its more of an annoyance waiting for it to fully grow to get rid of it, Ive used it 3 times now, I don't need it anymore. Its a funny mechanic but I think its time to put it to bed now, or at least give us older players the option to. Thanks.
  3. Because warframe has Dynasty warriors syndrom, you are a god in a field infested by ants.
  4. I swear, if DE makes it even easier to get umbra forma or makes them purchasable with platinum then I am done with this game, it would be officially killing any motivation to do any of the content when I can just throw my wallet at any tough grinding, I find they have been sneaking that into the game, I would rather more in game rewards to harder/higher level content then the option being just to throw plat at the problem, I feel like with Destiny 2 going to steam DE needs to be careful with alienating any of the player base, however bending over backwards to casuals at every chance they get just leaves the rest of us that are further into the game just shaking our heads, don't worry kiddos you don't want to grind for your rail jack ship? just give us money and we'll give you the best ship platinum can buy, perfect for those people who don't want to join a guild.
  5. I never said Arbs was elite o.o, I said it was being a grindwall, which is truth, you have to complete the starchart to get access to Arbs.
  6. Sorry I didn't know how else to word it, just sounded like being provided an easy solution to be solved with money, case the term wallet warrior.
  7. I feel like people are failing to grasp the underlining issue that content that was once behind a grindwall that actually gives you an edge in the game is becoming available in the market, I agree with what many people are saying, putting content from Arbs in the store is kinda disappointing for those that were doing the grind, but as another person mentioned above this could very well be a precursor of things to come, I sure don't want to see veiled rivens available to purchase directly from the store, though I think maybe what caught me by surprise was how soon aura forma was released into the store, especially when they are fully built aura's so no 4 forma costs or 10 nitian, I also imagine that new players would get confused by the aura and regular forma, I wonder how many times a new player has accidentally bought aura forma since its introduction in the store.
  8. Wooo, touchy subject I know, but in light of the recent update and looking at the store, aura forma bundle and eidolon lenses, doesn't seem that big of a deal? However these are extremely rare drops in the game, because people were complaining DE decided to appease the wallet warriors, we already have boosters in game, and I understand the argument of P2W in a PVE game not being relevant however there are people that dedicate time and effort into farming these things, for DE to just pop them on the store and says "Hey guys, give us money and we will give you these rare drops", is quite a bit disheartening, not because I don't want this available to other people, I just don't want to see a habit of DE meeting complaints with "Oh lets just throw it on the store", whats next? Umbra forma?
  9. All I can say is I hope that this gets in regardless of what Ive heard about "hoods" THis is an amazing helmet and not to mention many many many people would be upset if it doesn't get in 😕
  10. You'll still get the players that buy the prime accessories pack that first comes out, and I don't mean put a pack out a month after it just releases, maybe 4-5 months down the road give the players an option, have it setup that you can't purchase one prime accessories bundle, still do the same unvault packs, but add a cherry pick accessories pack to the mix and charge and additional 5-10$, to allow players to choose ONE accessories pack that they want, you could call it "Prime Cherry picking Bundle"
  11. Honestly at this point they should allow you to just Cherry pick what accessories you want to purchase with real money with each unvaulting, its clear they are favoring the newer players with this repeat of the same accessories over and over again and frankly I'm getting fed up with it to the point where I rarely put money into the game now.
  12. Oh look its Targis prime for the upteenth time... well saves me from spending money I guess, GG
  13. You guys never said anything about the tennogen 😧
  14. For the most part my grievances are with how Arbs and what could be referred to as end game content is handled, as Arbs is the hot topic right now.
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