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  1. Khora Mithra doesn't have the customized blade textures shown in the link. Is this intentional?
  2. Is there still a plan to convert +range to a flat distance rather than a percentage in melee 3.0?
  3. Oh my gods; oh my gods; oh my gods! Thank you
  4. The Lacera's positioning bugs have been around forever, and i'm not trying to go too far down that rabbit hole in this thread. However, as of yesterday's update the elemental effects line up with the blades when backward, rather than when corrected.
  5. Do the new FX include the indicators of true melee range? I'd also love to see a demo with bladewhips.
  6. 1. Back on Devstream #116, Rebecca inadvertently looted a Reach mod reading "[PH] +0.3m Range and Punch Through on Heavy Attacks" -- can we have any more detail about what this means and how the +Range stat will work under Melee 3.0? Specifically, does this suggest that the range increase will only apply to heavy attacks? 2. Could we please see some attention to the placement of reactors and jets on K-Drives? They've been out of alignment since release. Addressed in Hotfix 24.2.6; thank you!!! 3. The new melee elemental FX added in Update 23.10 are stellar, however they stop respecting energy color when used with a skin. Could this be revisited?
  7. Skinned melees will keep using default color on their elemental effects until Fortuna? Say it's not true. :c
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