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  1. I got the Solstice full armor set and syandana time ago already. Anything new on the horizon? Thanks anyway appreciate it.
  2. Looking for squad members to do some radiant runs with this vaulted relic for Kronen Prime Blade. Please pm me in game.
  3. Please fix Limbo with Thermal Sludge ability energy bug.
  4. I wish there was an option to replace or delete Nora completely... I miss the old Orbiter radio transmissions!
  5. Dear DE, Please add an option for selling only crafted parts at the ducats kiosk in order to avoid selling parts not crafted yet by mistake. On the main blueprint there is a mastered icon but not on the parts. Thanks!
  6. Dear DE, Please add a Void Relics menu option for vaulted relics as I need to check one by one every time I start a mission or in the orbiter in order to prevent an accidental use of vaulted relics as it is already happened. Thanks!
  7. Dear DE, I had found team members going AFK while in mission or at beginning of a mission and there is no way to make them leave. I would like to request an automatic kick out of a team member after 10 or 15 seconds beings AFK in an active mission. Many games have this feature and I think it would be beneficial for the whole team and progress of a mission since using the casual matchmaking system disregards mastery rank as well already. Thanks!
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