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  1. Oh man, those are some neat rewards; I was really glad to get last week's too. I've remembered to set my alarm for Monday's this time :P
  2. I don't know if this was covered in the hotfix (there was a lot to read), but did you catch that Mother's portrait didn't animate during her dialogue in the quests (notably the last one)?
  3. Please change the cyst remover's interaction text back to "remove cyst" prior to unlocking Helminth. I thought "Helminth" would open a new menu, but it just removed my cyst as usual, which I did NOT want to happen (almost so far as to open a ticket to have it put back on... I did NOT want it removed.)
  4. I gave it a bash; posted as a new thread, so it wouldn't be buried here.
  5. I was inspired by the voodoo theme mentioned in this thread, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Not my first attempt at a warframe, but the first I've finished in a shareable state. Loa features a lot of nods to the religion's roots and black history, such as a skull-like faceplate; thick cables in the form of dreadlocks; a pulsating, exposed "heart"; root-like muscles throughout, and broken chains of oppression. She is intended to be a celebration of the practice and its practitioners, not just the media's bastardisation of it. Permalink
  6. Voodoo warframe, huh... That's definitely got my mind thinking up some interesting designs.
  7. If there's one thing that rudely reminds me I'm running a mission without a melee weapon, it's the inability to slam. I often go soaring off the side of platforms or landing impotently in a crowd of enemies when I should be making a grand entrance. My suggestion is simple: add a "superhero landing" ground slam as a default ability, without needing a weapon, to facilitate this fairly core movement ability. It doesn't need to do any damage, perhaps just a radial knockdown. Fact is, I'm probably not the only one that uses this skill as a means of transport, be it speeding up falling, stopping a o
  8. In my case, I was playing a mission with only a secondary weapon, which was frequently running out of ammo. When I had no ammo (and nothing to switch to), I was often unable to equip the Simaris scanner, locking me in an unarmed state. This only occurred in the warframe, as my Operator could use the scanner in these circumstances just fine.
  9. With the upcoming Deimos expansion, I'm more interested than ever in my idea to allow players to quickly move between open-world hubs. What I mean by this is to offer a "shuttle service" from--for example--Fortuna to Cetus (and soon Deimos) without having to return to the Orbiter and Navigation. Nothing fancy, just a local standing by a ship (or landing craft dock) that will let you fast-travel to whichever world hub (and instance) you want. You could also offer the same service from relays (to world hubs), just to keep that immersion between community zones.
  10. I was unable to interact before the red text or hotfix popup occurred. I also had periods of being unable to access the ESC menu earlier in the session.
  11. I found what I think is the Nightwave landing craft clipping into the Corpus base extraction point. It was floating up and down, with light speed-like lines appearing around it. Honestly I thought it was the Lotus' helmet for a hot second, and that spacemom had turned into a creepypasta. Given all of the clipping issues with the Nightwave, this is not surprising, though is a little alarming from a immersion point of view.
  12. Cannot interact with the crystal at the end of NW part 4. I tried every angle and jumping off to reset. I also could not open the ESC menu, so ended up having to just close the game from windows. Edit: I could interact on the second try, just yet another annoying bug that cost time and resources.
  13. Having just played Khora for the first time, I was pretty underwhelmed with the customisation for Venari. Firstly and most importantly, there is no randomisation option for her colours. Secondly, there is no way to give her accessories like regular pets--reasoning it as "readability" doesn't really apply when she doesn't stand out from regular kavats beyond size. Thirdly, you should really rework the pet colours menu; there is no need for each swatch to take up 1/6th of the menu, especially when the preview is wholly unrepresentative of the actual applied colour.
  14. Also, Ordis has his own audio slider, so you can turn him off that way too. As for The Man, I've not seen him in weeks of gameplay, so clearly you've angered the gods.
  15. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought I made this in the Weapons category, so maybe it was already moved.
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