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  1. So kitgun rivens are not pistol rivens?
  2. Oh good, more time to hoard veiled pistols for them kitguns.
  3. Can't log into the game and android app since 18 hours ago without VPN, SEA server. Godspeed, guys. I hope it's working smoothly.
  4. I'm hyped for both melee 3.0 and fortuna, already hoarding a good amount of decent melee rivens and veiled pistols 😏
  5. Will be coming in update 23.11.x? Or 24.x.x?
  6. Unable to log in again, SEA region. Please DE, I just want to play.
  7. I don't care about [DE]layed update. I just want to be able to log in, please. I have buyers lining up since 14 hours ago.
  8. 1 hour later and me too, bud. I don't even care about the update yet these heathens are the ones able to log in. I just want to play.
  9. Heya, I don't really care about the new update, you can [DE]lay it all you want. I'd just prefer if I can log in, thank you very much, Keep up the good work!
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