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  1. For nyx those basically just a buffs.Glad You've decided to buff her, but please, either Truly rework her, or call it Buff's instead.But they won't gradually help her. what makes nyx bad and why this buffs('cuz i won't call a passive and small changes of 2nd a rework~) might help her, but wont bring her out of "depth of uselessness" are: -her 1-2-3 is glorified versions of each other. -absorb is useless with combination with other skills. How you would collect damage, when every one shoot at each other? -her absorb is practically useless. It's glorified version of iron skin with higher cost and speed+damage set to 0. even with augment it's still iron skin. still higher cost, but now you can shoot and walk -confusion on its self is weak CC. Especially since high lvl enemies can one shot you, but with current Armor scaling, it's just sticks to them(but not for us 😞) And it's not that "forcing enemies to attack each other" is not as good, as slowing them, it's just that with current taunt mechanic(if there is one) there is no guaranty, that they won't suddenly start to shoot nyx, instead of each other. -With current set of skills there is no way to survive, outside of "moded glorified version of iron skin" so, what these buffs fixes -1-2-3 problem is kinda still there. its nice that your slave now can be tougher through you manipulation, though it would be better if you could manipulate him, for example through press-1 to attack, hold 1 to release mind control. also receiving damage from Any source should buff slave. Mind control is also a good opportunity to make it also as survivability skill at a same time being mind control. so granting even more distinction of skills would fix this problem -absorb i think just needs a rework overall. it's just wont work with her abilities, also many people already wrote, but: 1-damage that enemies deal to you is not as lethal to them, as it is to you 2-damage they use is weak against their armor type 3-how passive would work(decreased accuracy) with absorb? 4-problem was in absorb itself, not damage type that it dealt -chaos is still same, so cc is still weak -outside of her passive(quote"if you want to die in 0.9 sec instead 1 second, thats your choice") no survivability.
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