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  1. AhziDahaka

    New Contest: Captura the Moment!

    Here goes nothin'.
  2. This is pretty much par for the course. DE is halfway killing themselves trying to get everything ready right now, have been all day, and will be until like 11:30am tonight, if they get it out today. Just throw a sweet clan hall party to celebrate the coming update.
  3. AhziDahaka

    Update 17.12.0

    Guys, guys. DE didn't put limits on availability of skins and things so you could be a special little snowflake. They did it to increase sales. You know, "Don't delay, buy now!" They simply decided that it was more profitable to make them available at any time because there were more people who wanted to purchase them after the fact than they were pulling in by pushing impulse purchases. And before anyone starts on the whole Excalibur Prime thing, that situation was different because DE specifically stated it would be founders-only and the founders program existed to help raise money to keep Warframe going when its financial future was uncertain. The people who became founders largely did so not knowing if Warframe would even be around a year from then.
  4. AhziDahaka

    What Is This Game Missing?

    Ordis knows what we need. We need seats.
  5. AhziDahaka

    What Underrated Weapon Do You Use Often?

    I use Dex Furis on my Mag Prime. Dual pistols run out of ammo fast but they take down nullifier bubbles even faster. Although I don't use it as much as I used to, I'm fond of the Tysis as a status weapon because you can fit both viral and corrosive on it to turn even high-level heavy gunners and such into jelly. I also use Scoliac. As far as I know it's still the fastest melee in the game and the range on it is pretty fantastic even without range mods. It's not as rediculous now that coptering isn't a thing anymore but I still use it as my general use melee. Another weapon I use that I don't see much is the Serro. I use it with my Frost Prime for defense missions because I can get electric and blast damage on it, which is not only good for stunning and knocking down enemies, but the damage types match up well with corrupted moas and corrupted ancients that are notorious for charging the pods. My Frost Prime loadout also uses the Lanka, which is nice for that long corridor you come down in void defense maps. WIth all that innate punch-through, I can take down several distant enemies in one shot from the safety of the snowglobe, fire through enemy cover, and still deal enough damage to one-shot heavy gunners after other people have started having trouble with them. I also use Ignis with my Ember Prime, since it's still pretty fantastic for taking out infestation if you ask me. If things get really tough, I've got a power build and fire on my bladed tonfas so I can tank and kill at once with Accelerant, Rage, and Life Strike. I also use Torid for infestation defense as Vauban. Corrosive Torid shots and his ult are a terrifyingly effective combination.
  6. AhziDahaka

    Multishot Change Good? Or Bad?

    Fixing multishot to do this is fine. Any issue with ammo economy that results is not a problem with multishot, but a problem with weapons that shoot dozens of rounds per second having a maximum of 210 ammo instead of 2100 ammo.
  7. AhziDahaka

    Tennogen Vol. 2: Player Avatars!

    Bobblehead Vor is watching you.
  8. AhziDahaka

    Psa: Weapon Changes (Sniper Rifles & Launchers)

    Someone has probably mentioned it but auto pistols like the (Dex) Furis and Vipers need a much, much higher ammo pool. They put out so many bullets that you can go through 210 rounds in seconds, meaning the only reasonable way to use them is to barely tap the trigger, which defeats the entire point of having auto pistols.
  9. AhziDahaka

    New Contest: Warframe Doppelganger!

    Ahzi Dahaka (on the left) and Eskarin (on the right) as the Battletoads Zits and Rash, respectively! We must be at the bottom of the Intruder Excluder.
  10. AhziDahaka

    April 11Th: Community Hot Topics!

    I absolutely love the prosecutors! DE, please give us more enemies that make us reconsider our typical strategies!
  11. AhziDahaka

    Highlight Video: Update 13

    I love that they have plastic swords and nerf guns just lying around in their offices.
  12. AhziDahaka

    Coming Soon: Devstream #26

    Hijack mode was an interesting experience, but the way it was built seemed to very heavily favor a strategy of spamming snowglobes and shield polarize due to the track rooms being wide open areas full of Grineer with hitscan weapons. Are there any plans to perhaps close in the areas and more heavily involve the environment for providing threats, obstacles, and strategies for the players?
  13. AhziDahaka

    March 14Th: Community Hot Topics!

    I agree with Zerrien--it'd make a lot of sense to just remove warframe abilities from mod drop circulation since there's literally no reason for them to be there--you can't sell your last one, so there's no need for replacements, and they're very quick to level up as well. The only thing anyone uses them for is selling, transmuting, or fusion fodder. As for Gorgon Wraith, I'm actually very happy with it! It's clearly a handy anti-Corpus tool--just slap magnetic and get that proc chance up and you can annihilate the shields of an incoming horde. I also do agree that event weapons should be not be outshining everything else out there--it's not fair if all the best stuff has to be gotten via events. For Rhino Prime, I think the problem isn't so much that it has a little something extra so much as that something extra is speed. Rhino is supposedly slow in order to balance out its general usefulness otherwise (it's practically impossible to kill in lower levels and is a great offensive support in later levels). Making it take off like a rocket everywhere is just overboard and seems counter to what Rhino's role is supposed to be (not to mention it takes away what little utility Rhino Charge has). Frankly, Vanguard made Rhino too fast as it was! I think it would be more appropriate for Rhino Prime to have higher armor and/or health.
  14. AhziDahaka

    Frost Revisited 3/3/2014

    Even with armor, Snow Globe isn't going to last more than an instant in the sort of high-level play that it was so valued for. It will essentially just make it so that in low-level play a Frost will just place a globe and then have even less to do for the next few waves. Abilities are at their best, and most balanced, when they scale gracefully with enemy levels. Give a short invincibility period to Snowglobe, even if it's just ten seconds at max, and then have its health get eaten away by attacks after that point. Even if you nerf its health, it'll still be useful at lower levels and highler levels alike. Otherwise, along with armor you should also have the globe inherit elemental resistances from equipped mods like Flame Repellent, Antitoxin, Lightning Rod, and Diamond Skin. The power still wouldn't scale gracefully but at least it could potentially remain useful for a little while longer in the face of enemies like Napalms and Detron-wielding Crewmen.
  15. AhziDahaka

    Frost: 2/5/2014

    The thing that made Snowglobe particularly valuable was the fact that it was scaleable--it didn't matter how powerful the enemies got, it just plain worked. Now the range of options available to high-level play is reduced when what really needs to happen is to have that range widened. It's undeniable that Snowglobe was perhaps a bit too convenient as it was before, though. What if instead of having health, which makes the ability less and less useful the higher the enemy's level, the snowglobe can only take a certain number of hits before going down? That way you can't completely rely on it to provide total protection in a massive swarm of enemies, but at the same time if you can keep the enemies in check with crowd control moves like Chaos or Shadows of the Dead, it can keep functioning for a while without being overpowered at low levels or useless at high levels.