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  1. I don't bring any companions with me and I have done it solo many times too. I don't have Ivara I'm just missing her BP.
  2. I don't have Zabala I have to reunlock it when they changed the nav map. I've been doing it on Nimus on Eris and Palus on Pluto
  3. I have done this on both Corpus (Pluto: Palus) and Infestation (Eris: Nimus)
  4. I can't post my screenshot bc it won't let me I tried finding the mod on google images and it still wouldn't let me send the link. I found a pic of the mod very similar to mine though I searched up Warframe survival rifle riven mod. and the pic says the same as mine except it says energy consumables not health consumables like mine. No I took off physique and rejuvenation just in case I have done this on Pluto: Palus and Eris: Nimus
  5. I have a rifle riven mod and my task is to: Complete a survival mission with level 30+ enemies without killing anyone or using health consumables. I have completed this numerous of times but it persists to not unlock. Yes I have the mod on the gun. Yes I'm using the weapon No I haven't killed anyone bc at the end to show results it always says i have 0 kills. And No I haven't used any health consumables. I haven't used the health orbs dropped and I don't have any health consumables in my gear slot I took off all consumables just in case. I know I haven't been us
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