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  1. 1) Aura must be Rejuvenation. You will need max level of Redirection, Vitality and Mod named Equilibrium. Install mod what save you from death by spending energy. 2) Mod works as: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Desecrate 2) You need to achieve 175 energy efficiency. You need Redirection, Vitality and Equilibrium. You need to achieve 250 radius and dont pay attention to strength. 2) equip sentinel with mod Medi-Ray (i recomend carrier because it have a built-in mutator for ammo and increase total ammo capacity.) If you dont know where to get somehing - check the wiki link https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki
  2. I prefer guns what have more than 50 accuracy. apox? sure. but if it have 25 accuracy then you simply waste dps. you need 50 or 66 accuracy to see good effects. also - range. It is one of the best guns if you dont have Void Hole (because you will get swarmed by fighters and the only problem in this case is fire-controll discipline of your gunners) toxic gun? Is a good all-rounded thing. it sit right in the middle of everything. pulsars? the best range. it is hitscan. heat acreation is 10. ppl will love them when they reach GUNNERY rank 10 and start to aim. photors are meh. Listed heat acreations is ZERO, but when you shoot them they start generate heat like zetki apox mk3 (or whatever that gun what generate 40heat). The only good thing about them is - they have multishot. cryoguns is... okey. people use them for reasons i understand - they can slow down ship. they have 5k dmg per shot. but they have big problem of firerate and heat.
  3. how to fight them. -slingshot 10no to shielded ship -10no need to get under the shield and shoot the 3 (ONE on left and ONE right top side. ONE on the belly.) radiators what is outside the ship for some reasons (i think it was a hasty patchwork job to stop 10no from obliterating crewships with their main guns) *Be aware what it is better to move from bottom to top of the ship on LEFT side because that flak gun dont have minimum range and can kill you while you are inside the shield. -after destruction of all 3 radiators you can: a) enter the ship and slaughterhouse; b) omnitool away; c) call in big guns; d) die to flak gun.
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