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  1. Huh. Good question. My first thought was that a junction task somewhere needed you to build a sentinel, but you could just sell the built sentinel once you got past the junction, so that wouldn't matter. My guess is that there simply is no sentinel trying to kill you during that part. Either that, or it defaults to Taxon maybe.
  2. That was posted on Dec 22 of 2015. I don't think it's getting in.
  3. Thank you for the in-depth response! Glad you asked. I want all her abilities to be viable, basically. I want to be able to build her towards either CC or damage, and be a valuable squadmate with either of those builds. By "competitive", I mean that I want a reason to use Titania over other Warframes that do her abilities better. What I DON'T mean by that is that all her abilities have to be god-tier in the same build. It's okay if building her for Razorwing means her CC becomes sub-optimal. I just don't want one build to be the only good one, like it is with Razorwing build right now. Just gonna mention the five meter radius again. In practice I have not found a situation where sending a very small area of enemies flying is more efficient than, say, any other CC ability in this game. And honestly, I don't like the flying off aspect. I've found the last enemy of a defense wave stuck on a ceiling somewhere way too many times for my taste. I was referring to that Tenno mentioning that she only had "one ability". No problem with how her exalted weapons work, especially since her Dex Pixia are the strongest thing in her kit (although I did notice once that they don't work through the Rift, in contrast with other Exalted abilities. Probably a bug) I did pick the weakest buff, yes. I will say that. And yeah, I still think those are terrible. Damage reflection of any kind, on any frame, is terrible in Warframe because enemies deal out paltry damage compared to what they can take. The accuracy reduction is the only really good one, but it does not buff teammates. The slow is alright, but situational like most other slows as well as not being very powerful compared to Nova or Equinox's Peaceful Provocation augment. Even Valkyr's Warcry will slow by more than that. And companion damage.... the less said about that, the better. They don't synergize with each other. If enemies are hitting you less often due to your evasion buff, you're reflecting less damage back at them. Titania herself can't benefit from increased companion damage in Razorwing, because her companions disappear. I don't see it as support since the only good one (Dust) doesn't apply to teammates. I agree with this. Although I do very much enjoy Titania right now, I don't agree with this.
  4. Yup, this. I feel like that change would make Sonar even more powerful than it already is. Of all of Banshee's abilities, Sonar needs to be changed the least. If anything I would want Silence to be like that.
  5. Yeah, but you would also have to mod for max range to get it that high, and that would nerf Razorwing so most people don't. With just a Stretch I think it's around 7-8 meter radius, which is piddling compared to other frame's CC. With a long cast time, to boot.
  6. Nice job proving this guys' point: I would not call Titania useless by a long shot, but she does need some very significant changes. I would not be surprised if she was one of the least played frames in the game right now. Are people seriously calling her 1 a CC ability? It has a range of 5 meters. FIVE. METERS. Really? That's considered viable CC nowadays? IMO, the best part of it is the status immunity, but even with that I never find myself using her 1. As for her 3 being a "CC" ability, it literally floats out of its own range. And her 2 is a "buff"? Oh yeah. Companion damage. 10/10 buff. I made a pretty long thread about this a while ago. Most of peoples' grievances with her are the long cast times, but I don't think that fixing those would fix 100% of her problems by a long shot. Sorry if I sound rude, but as Titania is one of my favorite frames, I know her quite well and saying that she is perfectly fine kit-wise solves nothing. She needs changes if she wants to be even remotely competitive with other Warframes.
  7. Blaze actually gives you higher DPS than Sweeping Serration would. The reason people are saying not to use it is because it would result in SLIGHTLY less chance to proc slash over something else, but honestly I think this is a non-issue given that this is a 100% status shotgun and slash procs are gonna be raining on every shot anyway. The forma it takes to change the slot's polarity is probably the biggest obstacle. This is what I use. I would say to use Corrosive over Viral unless you are running with a decent amount of Corrosive Projections in your squad.
  8. Thank you!
  9. +1. Please. It sometimes causes other people to panic and leave the squad because they think you're trying to leech in a radshare.
  10. Does this mean that the Ignis Wraith will not be available for clans made after the operation ends?
  11. You're missing Organ Shatter. Everyone else is giving great advice, but the reason your particular build isn't working is because you focused on crit chance with no crit damage. Organ Shatter is a required mod on crit weapons. I traded my Scindo Prime in for a Galatine Prime a while back, but this is the build I was rocking for a long time. Had no trouble in endgame. Min-max version would be trading the stance for Cleaving Whirlwind, and Pressure Point/Fury for their primed counterparts.
  12. That's the biggest part of it, yes. The sounds, too. PEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEW Plus, Mesa can buff her teammates with Shooting Gallery, so at least she's contributing SOMETHING other than damage. Miragulor just runs around spamming as many orbs as possible.
  13. Oh god I was just in an ODD with a white energy quake Banshee. It literally made me feel sick. I have to go lay down.
  14. Definitely not saying that's a bad thing! I was just pointing out that our slot system has not adapted to any new developments since the exilus slot was added.
  15. I strongly disagree. I would argue in favor of adding more slots, with the reasoning that we have not had an increase in open slots for YEARS. In those years, the number of mods we've had available for our Warframes has doubled, tripled, quadrupled, whatever, but we still have the same amount of slots despite gameplay changing over time. It has become more diverse, more difficult, and generally more intricate. If we were to add new slots I would say we add two, and nerf some recent exilus mods down to regular status (mainly Power Drift, Cunning Drift, and Speed Drift). This way we can go back to actually using utility in the exilus slot as was intended, but we would still have room for them on our builds + one extra for augments or anything else we would like.