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  1. Bump because I'm still experiencing this, and because I've confirmed this is not just a visual bug.
  2. =====WTB===== These rivens I'm looking for have relatively unpopular stats on them, and I rarely see anything like them in trade chat. If you message me please include your asking price. I will not try to haggle with you, only decide if I want your riven badly enough to pay that price. If I get "offer" when you clearly have a price range in mind, I'm not going to respond. Dread Required: status chance, fire rate. No -status duration. If it has an elemental, it has to be either toxin or cold. Preferably: A negative that does not affect it, like -mag size or +recoil. Zarr Required: crit chance & one of these: flight speed, mag size, reload. Preferably: Crit damage or straight damage is cool too. -status duration preferred. Obtained. Only message if your riven is better than this one. Tigris Required: Damage, multi, or elementals. Anything that will get me higher DPS than Blaze, I will take. Preferably: If it has elemental damage, I would prefer either toxin or heat. No -status chance or -status duration. Vectis Required: enough crit chance to get it to 100% without Argon Scope (at least +150%) & punch through. From what I've gathered, it is extremely rare to roll this high with no negative. Preferably: A negative that is not -zoom. Recoil would be great as a third positive too. Obtained. Only message if your riven is better than this one. Smeeta Kavat I'm looking for a Smeeta kavat with ball-tipped ears and white energy. I want guppy, peacock, or leaf tail. Body colors do not matter. If I like it a lot I will pay up to 75p for both imprints. =====WTS===== Gold energy Smeeta Kavat Fennec head, guppy tail, vivid colors. 60p for both imprints Athletic Lotus Huras One rare color and a nice clear lotus pattern. 100p for both imprints Nothing special Sunika Common colors & pattern. She still looks nice, though. 25p for both imprints
  3. This has been happening to me at least once a day since U20, sometimes multiple times a day. The chat UI will randomly freeze and lock up, not allowing me to type anything, close the chat, open the menu, or anything. The only way I can reset it is by exiting the game with alt+f4. It seems to happen most while I am either in a dojo or in a relay, but I have no been keeping track of it enough to definitively say it ONLY happens in those places.
  4. YES YES Y E S
  5. Thank you! senpai noticed me!
  6. Bump, updated with new rivens I am looking for.
  7. Still a thousand and one bug fixes to go through, but thanks for the hotfix. Also, duplicates mod menu.
  8. Duplicate mod menu fix plz And yes, I am going to keep whining about it. :C
  9. Adarza Kavat: Blue energy, peacock tail, ball-tipped ears. With matching coat colors! 75p for both imprints. Also willing to trade him for an athletic Lotus Huras with any colors. PM me on the forums or ingame if you are interested.
  10. 80p because I need riven space.
  11. Duplicates mod menu.
  12. Can't go wrong with multishot and damage, plus it doesn't have that many rolls on it. I want at least 600 for it. PM me on the forums or in game. Sold.
  13. This is what I have been doing but like I said:
  14. The duplicates mod menu has been bugged since U20 dropped. First it wasn't there, now it's back but isn't displaying every duplicate (seems to be missing the most ranked version of each mod but it's not consistent). Plz fix DE, I'm too scared to dissolve or sell anything from this menu because I can't see my ranked versions and it takes forever to go through each individual menu.