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  1. Lluminate

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    I can only scream "THIS" so loud. The Nyx changes are great and the Titania changes are a step in the right direction, but it's not going to be enough.
  2. Lluminate

    Ideas for Ember

    I admit that I don't have Garuda yet, so I'm not sure how well it works with her, but I can't say I'm a fan of having to purposely hurt yourself to activate a passive. It would still be an improvement over the current implementation if you could do that, though. I agree, many casters have some form of protection even if it's not straight damage reduction. I know DE probably doesn't want to just bring back Overheat, though. Thanks, I've been thinking about it for a while ❤️
  3. Lluminate

    Ideas for Ember

    During Devstream 118, I was happy to hear that some shaky frames were getting looked at; Wukong, Nyx, and Titania definitely all need their tweaks. But like many other people, I was disappointed to not hear Ember's name mentioned. She's been in a pretty bad state since her World on Fire tweak. This is not another "bring back Overheat" thread. I believe that that reaction is demonstrative of her other problems, namely her complete lack of any kind of niche, and we're grasping at straws to make Ember good again without bringing back the AFK playstyle that made her so hated in the first place. With that said, these are her main problems, and the changes I would like to see on her. PASSIVE Frankly, her passive is awful. It's almost never a factor unless you bring a Javlok for the specific purpose of activating it. For the vast majority of players, this passive may as well not exist. Honest to god I would rather have an innate Firewalker mod on her. FIREBALL What this ability currently does: throw a fireball at an enemy for a guaranteed heat proc and to leave a small area of the ground ignited. It's lackluster and the charge mechanic on it is way too slow. We can start by getting rid of the charge on it, the damage does not increase enough to make it worth it in any circumstances anyway. As it's a first ability, I'm not expecting anything too Earth-shattering here, but here are a few ideas to make this more worth casting on a regular basis: the fireball leaving a trail of fire behind it as it travels, the explosion having a larger moddable range, the explosion more consistently proccing heat on everything within radius, the fire left on the ground in the aftermath of the explosion add fire damage to teammates who stand in the area, explosion knocking over enemies as well as setting them on fire, etc. (I'm not saying to add ALL those things, just throwing ideas out) I would also change this ability's augment, since it's basically a worse version of Accelerant's augment. ACCELERANT This is her current best ability. Change nothing, both the ability itself and the augment are great. The augment especially deserves a special mention for being one of the only ways to buff ally casting speed! FIRE BLAST This ability is more likely to get Ember killed in higher levels than anything else. Remove it. It costs too much energy and is generally less effective CC than using Accelerant. I know a lot of people think Overheat should go here, and to be honest I wouldn't complain if that's exactly what happened. However, I would rather Ember do some work for any damage reduction she gets. Something like, for every enemy effected by any of Ember's abilities in a certain radius, Ember gets 10% reduction. Numbers not exact, probably could be capped lower than other reduction abilities (70%?). OR If we don't want Ember to have any damage reduction at all, then I suggest that she gets an aura of fire around her that distorts enemy accuracy and protects her from melee attacks. Something like Titania's evasion in Razorwing. Have you ever seen heat waves coming off of hot ground, distorting the view behind them? That's Ember. All the time. WORLD ON FIRE The tweak to this ability did not accomplish its purpose. Ember can still walk through lower levels and kill everything, all this nerf did was destroy her ability to survive at higher levels with her Firequake augment. Remove the "ramp up" mechanic and unnerf the range. However, I also do not want the old World on Fire to come back. I propose that we heavily nerf the damage (I know, I know, don't leave yet!), buff the status chance, and make it have stronger synergy with Accelerant. Let me explain: Nerf the damage. Old World on Fire was annoying for everyone to deal with. It's not fun for your teammates, and not engaging gameplay for you. If you liked the old World on Fire, I suggest you try Equinox. The damage falls off very quickly into higher levels anyway, and I'm hoping the other changes I'm suggesting will make up for the lost power in utility and synergy. Buff the status chance. Currently, World on Fire has a base 35% status chance, affected by power strength. It's sort of bad. You need to have A LOT of strength to make this anywhere near reliable. I would put this up to 50% status chance at base or even 65%. This would allow Ember to have decent CC without relying on Firequake, but people who really wanted to build Ember for CC could still use that augment for slightly better control. And lastly.... synergy with Accelerant. Accelerant, while good, is a very limited ability. It only affects everything in range at the time of casting; once those enemies are dead, you need to cast it again. It also is restricted by line of sight and a base range of 20m. I suggest that , if both of these abilities are combined onto the same enemy, that World on Fire does its old damage MULTIPLIED by Accelerant's fire buff. The line of sight restriction means that the old AFK kill-through-walls Ember is still not possible, and to use her in a way that's as damaging as before, you would have to CONSTANTLY be casting Accelerant, burning a ton of energy and hopefully keeping you at the keyboard. However, you would be rewarded for being attentive with half-decent damage. OR Gut this ability entirely. We've already gone through several changes to it and we can't seem to get it quite right. And I'll be honest.... I don't want the old World on Fire back at all. Give her something crazy cool instead! Exalted flamethrower! Transformation into a Phoenix state capable of flight! A massive volcanic explosion coming out of the ground! The possibilities are endless and I'm not going to mourn World on Fire if it goes. TLDR No charge on Fireball, kill Fire Blast, tweaks tweaks tweaks. I really just want Ember to get some of the attention she deserves. What do you guys think?
  4. Lluminate

    Holy Staggers & Knockdowns Batman

    This is currently bugged on a lot of weapons. Stances are missing momentum that used to be there.
  5. Lluminate

    Holy Staggers & Knockdowns Batman

    No. You're referring to things like regular fire eximi, where if you're an "immune" frame it still pushes you into the air a little, but does not interrupt whatever you're doing. The bounce pads/shockwaves that extend into the air for some reason that I'm talking about will interrupt your actions like reloading/switching weapons, and also give you the "hard landing" animation upon returning to the ground. So sure, I'll try rolling through this and let you know how it goes.
  6. Lluminate

    Holy Staggers & Knockdowns Batman

    Did you guys even read the post? It's not that you just get knocked down, it's when you get bounced around like a pinball. There is no mod to counteract that, nor is there a Warframe who is immune to it via powers.
  7. Lluminate

    Holy Staggers & Knockdowns Batman

    After more playing, I can say with relative certainty that all of my problems are being caused by 3 enemies in particular: - Terra Trenchman: this is the guy with two axes that will launch himself towards you. If he hits you, you stagger and he proceeds to attack you a few times which staggerlocks you for a decent amount of time. If he misses you, he sends a shockwave out on the ground that does the "not knocked down but still flying" thing! - Bounce Pad Moa: covered by other people above, these guys spam so many bounce pads (that you can't shoot or delete) that it can sometimes be hard to get back on the ground. is a HUGE problem indoors. - Terra Shockwave Moa: the shockwave isn't the bad part, it's that they have a grappling hook similar to Ancient Healers or scorpions.... but it staggers you instead of knocking you down. And there's a LOT of these guys since they're one of the more basic enemies. Nope. There are so many varieties of enemies that have some variance of a bubble-shockwave that I don't think I'm right. It's just the sheer amount of spam.
  8. Lluminate

    Holy Staggers & Knockdowns Batman

    Yikes, I don't agree with that at all and I think that's a pretty extreme reaction to getting knocked down just a little too often. This I do agree with though. I was trying to use my Zenistar as a means of point defense but I couldn't even switch to it consistently with how much my actions were being interrupted.
  9. Lluminate

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.2

    Wow.... we actually did it, guys. We finally have universal vacuum.
  10. Lluminate

    Vega Toroids don't drop

    It's good to hear that these do drop. I also just spent 40 minutes farming with Nekros and got 1 Toroid. 😕
  11. Lluminate

    Holy Staggers & Knockdowns Batman

    Too busy being staggerlocked to shoot them 😕
  12. So so far I'm enjoying Fortuna's bounties except for this annoyance when I'm out on the Vallis. It seems that a frame that can resist status effects is nearly required on the Vallis because of the staggers. I tried running Handspring on my Chroma and that did not help at all. It's specifically the staggers or that weird thing that happens when you don't get knocked down but still go flying (you know what I'm talking about if you play Inaros and Rhino). Since it interrupts actions, there have been several times where I've found it difficult to reload or to switch weapons just because I'm getting knocked around so much. This renders me unable to fight back for much longer than I'm sure is intended. And with melee still being bugged to not have momentum anymore, that doesn't work either and there doesn't seem to be any way to avoid it other than running a frame that is specifically immune to all status effects. This a problem for anyone else?
  13. Lluminate

    Valkyr 2.0: The Berserker Revival

    Some cool ideas here. I'll tell you what I think about it. Kudos for posting an actually unique rework, though! Honestly I don't think she needs a bleedout mechanic. Her current passive is already one of the more useful ones. If she was to get one, though, I do like your idea. Now this is cool. To clarify, this is just sprint speed, right? Not general movement speed like Volt? Because if it WAS general movement speed it would stack with Warcry for buffing your melee attack speed, and I think that would be a bit much. Just movement speed, though, I think synergizes well with the rest of her abilities and theme (closing distances to enemies faster so you can claw them to bits). I'm moist just reading this. Hell yeah brother, love the synergy with claws too I dunno about this one. I'll admit I almost never use Paralysis as an ability right now, but this seems a little weird. When her shields are fully drained and the explosion happens, does that toggle off the ability? Are we relying on the sentinel precept Guardian to be able to use this again? I guess this one just seems a little off because she has no way to restore the loss of shields, and with the way most people play her, she rarely has enough downtime to recharge them. I think for this to work she would need some way to manually recharge her own shield, but that doesn't really fit with her thematically. This is where you lost me. You kind of take away Valkyr's ability to survive at higher levels here. Without invincibility, lifesteal only on kill, and draining health (!) she could easily be burst down by high level enemies before she can kill them to regain health. I'm in favor of the idea others have mentioned: taking away the insane energy drain in exchange for strong damage reduction instead of invincibility.
  14. I am so, so happy about this. I can stop bringing my stasis-popping Zarr to every defensive sortie now! This is a great change, especially for Limbo Prime, thank you. This, I am not so happy about. This means losing the ability to use Primed Shred on the Dex Pixia and that kind of sucks since there isn't an equivalent dual stat punch through mod for pistols. Having to use an entire mod slot and 15 capacity for Seeker is painful. I would rather Dex Pixia be considered a rifle, since that makes more sense. But I guess I'll take it either way.
  15. Lluminate

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.2

    Good stuff ❤️