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  1. New interesting passive and awesome Primal Fury buffs? That's pretty much all I wanted. Still a bit iffy on the removal of Defy's super-tank though. I hope he can find a new niche.
  2. That's not what they're talking about, they mean the loot augment nerfs and their interactions with Nekros desecrate
  3. So in another thread about the pacing of excavation being by far the best... I want to think this means DE will speed up the other game modes but now I'm afraid they will slow down excavation.
  4. No changes to the pacing means I literally don't care
  5. God I don't want to talk about the Rift sigil, I STILL don't have it 😂 Tried another Arbitration today and everyone is still leaving at the first rot C most of the time. Honestly I very rarely even see the new revive system become a factor because people get bored before enemies are dangerous enough to be dying.
  6. Brozime recently released a video in which he discusses the burnout he had as a result of farming Ephemera. Not 100% contained to Arbitrations, but he does point out that the farm for bleeding body (shop) and the farm for seeding step (rot drop) are vastly different experiences.
  7. Also agree, it would be nice if there was maybe 1 frame that got the strength buff, another frame that got the range buff, another frame that got the duration buff.... Gotta say I had a great time with a 300% strength Baruuk though lol
  8. I KNEW something was being weird with Adaptation. I do hope they fix it, Adaptation was a great mod that made shield-based frames a lot more viable. Upvote for your thorough testing/evidence
  9. I disagree that using the tools the game provides counts as "cheesing". You're right in that it would make Arbitrations match every other game mode and that's 100% A-OK with me. As opposed to the current meta, which is bringing a tank frame? I don't think everyone will just default to a DPS, or at least I hope players that have cleared the starchart will be smart enough not to. Different game modes favor different kinds of frames, and I want to be able to bring a CC frame to, say, interception, and actually have it be an effective choice. If people start bringing AOE frames to modes like defense, that sounds good to me because that's the mission type where those frames are supposed to be good. Yeah, and it takes 40 minutes of Survival to even START to see the benefit of that. Most of my runs end at the first C rotation because everyone is bored out of their mind and wants to extract. And in Arbitrations, the drop table for the different rotations is almost identical anyway (whee another 1.5% chance to drop Adaptation on C vs A, wowie zowie). Agree with Navarchus that's it's a step in the right direction but certainly does not make up for Arbitration's other faults. So all that said.... I do see you at least partially agree on some things. Kuva is an interesting idea for the drop tables. I stand by the removal of the Arbitration drones but would be fine compromising on most other things, like you mentioned.
  10. I would be fine with this too. Part of me does like an occasional RNG grind as long as it feels reasonable, and I felt like my grind for Adaptation wasn't unenjoyable. But I will never complain about reduced grind, either. It's an interesting idea to make Arbitration THE endo-dropping mission, and that would be pretty cool. I felt this statement with my soul
  11. WHAT I WANT FROM ARBITRATIONS Rewards to be given at a rate that respects your time Said rewards to be worth going after for veterans The mission to actually be fun and difficult WHAT ARBITRATIONS HAVE NOW Rewards are okay (endo always good, good mods, ephemera, etc), but given way too slowly in every mission type but Excavation and Defection and maaaaybe Interception SLOW Anti-fun drones and now anti-tank revive points Normal enemy scaling means you're spending twice as long in the mission for no particular benefit WHAT I WOULD CHANGE Alright, I admit I kind of went on a tilt when I saw pages and pages of feedback on the dev workshop get completely ignored. I'm just going to outline what I, personally, would really want from Arbitrations/an endgame mission and leave it to DE to decide if any of it matches their vision for this mission type. I hate the new revive mechanic. I straight up hate it. It's the index but worse, and it can bug if the person who is downed leaves and you're stuck with the debuff for the rest of the mission. However, I do agree that some kind of revive mechanic would be beneficial, so I would like to propose this comment from Reddit. Basically, when we die we go into the regular "downed" state with a bleedout timer, but this timer starts off higher than normal (comment says 30 seconds, I would probably put it at a full minute), but if the timer ticks down at all, you do not get that time back. For example, say you get downed and your timer goes down from one minute to 45 seconds before your teammates start reviving you. The next time you are downed, your bleedout timer starts at 45 seconds instead of a minute. Your teammates start to revive you at 32 seconds, then next time you get downed you start at 32 seconds, and so on. I also agree with Tactical Potato in this video about the Arbitration drones. They are not challenging, they are annoying. They limit CC frames by not letting them fully function and, well, I just don't like them or their concept. I would honestly be in favor of their complete removal. In return, Tactical Potato suggests implementing a sort of mini-boss spawn every 5 or 10 minutes to keep things interesting, and I think that's a great concept. Something like Nox in that it's not immune to status procs or CC, but still is tanky with a weak spot and keeps you on your toes. NOT LIKE WOLF, who is just tanky with immortal high damage minions. Thumpers are another good example of the kind of enemy I think would be cool here. Now we get to the rewards.... well. I actually think endo and sculptures are a fine reward. You always need them, and even if you don't, sculptures are a fine source of platinum in trade chat. However, I do not think ephemera should be in the rotation table here, I think that should be in the shop. It is a one-time reward that cannot be traded, so I would rather have a straight path to earning it on purpose rather than have it take the place of another drop I need multiple of (endo). The only problem with endo is that there are other ways to earn it, both faster (Voyadnoi) or more enjoyably (Hieracon). Given that we now have normal enemy scaling, I want the rotation rewards to be back on the normal 5 minute/5 wave timers. At least for survival and defense, which are currently the slowest missions we have in the whole game. Excavation can honestly stay the way it is and still be about on par with 5 minute survival. This is my main problem with Arbitrations as they currently are, and I do not seem to be alone in that opinion. It's just too slow to be worth it in most mission types. TL;DR No Arbitration drones, periodic mini-boss instead Normal rotation time scale Different revive mechanic Move one-time drops (ephemera) into the shop instead of in rot rewards
  12. lol are you joking what is even the point of posting feedback/workshop threads if every single suggestion in them gets completely ignored
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