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  1. You actually don't need maximum efficiency to cap out Peacemaker's drain. You can also hit minimum drain if you have enough duration, which is what I prefer doing on Mesa because duration is so nice on her. For augments, I don't like any of them besides Mesa's Waltz, which I find useful in ESO since you don't have to activate/reactivate peacemaker as much and you are less likely to piss off Simaris. Personal (3 forma) recommendation: Includes Mesa's Waltz, minimum drain on Peacemaker, and a bit of knock down recovery since Shatter Shield doesn't protect you from knockdowns and I like having that lil bit to help. Augur Secrets is a pretty flexible, if you want to swap it out for Transient Fortitude for more power strength you could do that, but it would need more forma and the -dur might mean you are no longer at minimum drain. You can also swap out Primed Vigor for Quick Thinking or Vitality or whatever you prefer, but I run the shield arcane on her and find it to be plenty enough to keep me alive. Tennoware link for you to mess around with it
  2. This, lol. Some great skins in there, but mostly for frames that already have great stuff, and the frame I was hoping to see stuff for only got the guaranteed Graxx (Baruuk). No Mantra, Blade of the Lotus, or Savannah helmet for him? There were so many other amazing things in the workshop this time around 😕
  3. New interesting passive and awesome Primal Fury buffs? That's pretty much all I wanted. Still a bit iffy on the removal of Defy's super-tank though. I hope he can find a new niche.
  4. That's not what they're talking about, they mean the loot augment nerfs and their interactions with Nekros desecrate
  5. lol are you joking what is even the point of posting feedback/workshop threads if every single suggestion in them gets completely ignored
  6. Honestly reading this post borderline burned me out of Warframe. Just from reading it. Because it somehow missed the things everybody agreed on in every thread of Arbitration feedback, and instead decided to bandaid fix host migrations with the most convoluted system possible. Permadeath was so not the problem. Host migrations are a problem, yes, but as you have demonstrated time and time again, it is pointless to ask for a solution to those because dedicated servers are just not going to happen. So the only thing we could have realistically hoped for a change on was the absolute monotony of the double-length rotations and slow scaling. This post gives us one without the other, makes the mode more difficult while giving us nothing in return, and is a middle finger to solo players. Why on Earth was it not the other way around? Scaling twice as fast as normal but with halved rotations? That would have been so fun.... There's a reason why excavation is the most popular game mode, and it's because it's fast and rewarding. Arbitrations are the opposite of that and this change will not help them.
  7. I have only noticed this problem on Grineer planets, please let me know if this occurs for you on any Corpus planets. Basically, what happens is one door will be bugged, where the door is seems to be random. The door will look like it's open (green) but not let anybody but the host through. I personally have had to abandon/abort several missions due to this because we could not extract with 3/4 squad members stuck behind a door. I've had it happen in fissures, sorties, and just random missions. Known workarounds: -Can attempt to handshake glitch through the door if both the host and the stuck squad members have the Handshake emote -If the host is Nova, they can set up a portal past the door -If the host is Loki, they can switch teleport people past the door This makes several missions unplayable/incompletable for group players, including today's sortie. I recommend everyone go solo for now on Grineer missions.
  8. Had this happen to our squad twice in a row when we were trying to do a relic share. The host could walk through fine, but all 3 of us clients were stuck on one door. We had to abort mission since only one person could actually get to extraction.
  9. This is awesome, ty ❤️ These comments though.... @ Everyone saying "Day Trader is bugged!" And I assume this is from a merged thread because I don't see the person you are talking to, but that is in fact a bug. ABSORB will eat friendly fire; Assimilate is not supposed to. For the history of that see the wiki page. As per the most recent/last hotfix about Assimilate, it is not supposed to take friendly fire. Likely because people were trolling tank Nyxs by unloading their Tigris into it and draining her energy. ......what??? This just in, adding a well-received feature from Fortuna to the Plains is politically correct? ??????
  10. So I'll be honest, I don't really like it so far. A lot of my grievances can be fixed as the melee rework goes on, but as it stands right now I greatly prefer the old system. I say this as a person who rarely switched to "full-melee" mode. Quick melee was easy and effective, most of the stances worked fine for Warframe's fast gameplay, and if you only used quick melee like me, you effectively already had the "instant switch" between gun and melee modes. Taking out your full melee every time you tap E has resulted in me not being able to see what gun I am about to fire when I press left click again, always dropping coolant and excavator batteries on accident because I pick them up in melee and then drop them as soon as I shoot, it means I can't quickly bash some annoying enemies away when I'm trying to mine or fish in Orb Vallis because it makes my fishing rod/mining tool completely disappear and then pressing F will bring out my guns again... I do like the new slam attacks a lot and I have been using them as a pseudo mobility tool! But all the other changes have straight up made my regular gameplay more annoying for me. I hope the bugs can be ironed out, and stances reworked, and the UI updated to reflect both your guns and melee if this is the direction we're still going in. Going forward, I strongly agree with this comment:
  11. I can only scream "THIS" so loud. The Nyx changes are great and the Titania changes are a step in the right direction, but it's not going to be enough.
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