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  1. How would vampire frame work ?

    I see what you did there. Lore-wise it would be fine. There are plenty of frames with abilities that leech power from enemies already (Inaros, Trinity, Nidus) so I think the concept of gaining power via consuming enemies would be quite at home.
  2. Where is Update 22.12.0!?

  3. Crafting a Melee Banshee [Continuously Improved]

    Quick note here that Condition Overload actually multiplies with itself as well, which is what makes it so powerful. The wiki has the exact damage table but at 3 status procs you are getting a 4.1x multiplier on your damage, not a 2.8x. (I hope I did that math right lmao)
  4. Crafting a Melee Banshee [Continuously Improved]

    True, I always use Zenurik so that didn't even cross my mind. Should be good without it, then. Silence only lasts for like half a second... it's definitely not an overpowered ability. You can still be shot at from afar or by enemies who are done being CC'd. Plus it's literally Banshee's only defensive ability. You think Silence is cheap when we get railed on by enemies like this? :P Well, I'm glad that part at least was helpful. Kinda surprised that Vitality didn't make a difference though.
  5. Nekros Prime Build question

    Agree with this. It also means you won't have to build for strength anymore, so you could make your build a lot more optimal for desecrate (more range), which would also let you use Terrify as a CC option. You could also consider using Gladiator Resolve in the build somewhere to bump up the survivability. I don't think Quick Thinking/Flow on Nekros is worth it.
  6. Crafting a Melee Banshee [Continuously Improved]

    Aaaaa... I don't really know how to say this less bluntly, but I don't think that build is helping you. Rage + Adrenaline is massive overkill and Banshee has such low armor and health that I'm not sure how much that can really help in the first place. Especially if you are barely using your abilities in the first place. I'm actually not sure why you're using Banshee as opposed to, say, Ash, who also has a very effective armor strip augment but isn't as prone to dying as soon as somebody sneezes at you, and can also make much better use of Rage. If you want to make a build just for Banshee that does NOT have Savage Silence (the cheesy augment that procs finishers), I still would recommend building for short range long duration Silence. I think that would solve most of the problems you have listed since when you jump into battle, enemies in the immediate area around you will be hard CC'd for a short time. I also recommend bumping your power strength up to let Sonic Fracture strip 100% of armor. (+45% would do it) I recommend this but it would take you a lot more forma: Reasoning is this: Since you won't have energy recovery from Rage anymore, Energy Siphon should keep you topped up enough to keep using Silence. No more Rage or hunter Adrenaline because I don't want to incentivize taking damage when Banshee's defenses leave a lot to be desired. A bit of Power Strength for Sonic Fracture (you could also use an r9 Transient Fortitude in place of Intensify if you want to keep Mobilize as the exilus), and a WHOLE LOTTA DURATION to keep Silence up for as long as possible. Stretch is the flexible slot there... Silence won't need it since you're only concerned about melee range. I put it in there to keep Sonic Boom's range from getting too short to be useful, but if you get used to casting very close to the enemy, you could possibly put Rage or Vitality or Streamline back in. Your melee is pretty workable, though I do suggest getting your hands on (I just noticed you have it already lol) Drifting Contact at some point to make Weeping Wounds better. Condition Overload would also bump your damage up A LOT with your focus on status chance. Since you have consistent armor strip in the form of Sonic Fracture, you might also consider building for Viral/Radiation or Viral/Heat instead of Corrosive. And hey, if you want a better riven I have a +dmg +toxin one for sale lol
  7. Need Help creating a non copyrighted emblem.

    You COULD do that but it's no guarantee it would look good in-game. Making an emblem that shows up properly in-game is actually quite a process. The official guidelines are listed here. If you're good at drawing stuff in person but not with a tablet, then here is what I suggest: 1. Draw a very clear, very contrasted emblem design on white, plain paper. 2. Take very clear photo. 3. Download a free image editing program like GIMP. 4. Put the image in and mess with the contrast/color settings until you are satisfied. Make sure to scale it down to the right size, too. Erase the white background with either the mouse or the magic wand selection tool for transparency. 5. Save. Pay the 150 plat, upload, pray. That way you won't need to actually draw anything on the computer. If you are comfortable doing some more fancy things, then also take a look at this guide to make sure the emblem is going to look half-decent once it's in the game.
  8. Crit Corinth build

    No Hunter Munitions, no deal. This. Although if you wanted to use elementals, I would recommend viral. Makes those slash procs do their work even quicker. Because Corinth has no other way to deal with armor. It's a slow-firing, semi automatic shotgun that does not reach anywhere near 100% status chance. If you plan on taking this gun anywhere near level 60+ grineer, you'll kill em faster with Hunter Munitions than anything else. This is my build. It's not 100% min-maxed, but I find this to be the most enjoyable: Other noteworthy mods: Chilling Reload, Laser Sight, Blaze.
  9. Mesa build help

    Of those two, CP. I use Pistol Amp because I'm too lazy to forma the aura slot, though. As Alcatraz said, GP is not reliable enough to warrant the slot on most frames. You could make an argument for frames that keep toggled abilities on 99% of the time, like Ember, but even then I find it kind of a pain. For Mesa in particular I say no since you usually don't camp with peacemaker for hours on end anymore. Not really. There are rarely enough enemies around that don't instantly die to warrant giving up a slot on a secondary if you wouldn't normally use the mod anyway. Lethal Torrent is fine. Energize is always nice. Aegis, Grace, Barrier, and Awakening are also all worth mentioning (Awakening buffs Peacemaker).
  10. Can I get mutalist Cernos build?

    Why tho Split Chamber is used on 100% of all rifle builds, your damage and status is severely gimped without it. If it's because you don't have this mod then I strongly suggest making it a priority to farm it.
  11. Sybaris Prime Riven Question

    I'll save you the trouble! Here's your current build: Here's the build with the riven on instead of Infected Clip: Here's the build with the riven on instead of Malignant Force: Given these numbers, I'd definitely say that replacing Malignant Force is the way to go. It's a sacrifice of 3% status for 4k more Burst DPS.
  12. Mire Question

    Mire has pretty meh stats all around, so you'd probably want something like +damage. You maybe could also get it to vaguely passable status chance with a +status riven, but other than that, I think just the usual +dmg +elementals kind of stuff would be best. +Crit stats would be pretty useless on Mire since it only has 5% crit chance and a bad 1.5x multiplier. Who knows, lol. It might just be a bug.
  13. Using Mirage's Doppelgangers

    I believe the original reason was related to performance issues, actually. The extra particles created by the Mirage clones were able to crash some older rigs. The damage of the two clones that still fire was buffed accordingly.
  14. How is my Inaros build?

    IMO Power Range is the way to go on Inaros, since all of his good abilities benefit heavily from it. As other people noted, you also don't need that much strength on Inaros. You'll be getting plenty of heals either way. This would be my preferred build (two forma): You could swap Intensify and Power Drift for something else if you wanted. Gladiator Resolve might be better, now that I think about it. The exilus could also be pretty much anything that you like.
  15. Help with mods

    Um, what? Frost is a fantastic warframe. I agree about not throwing away Excal, though. If you still have your starter 50 plat, spend that on some slots. Primary: Point Strike Infected Clip Hellfire Shred Secondary: Lethal Torrent Pathogen Rounds Deep Freeze Target Cracker Gunslinger Melee: True Steel Drifting Contact Blood Rush Reach Berserker Elemental mods add elemental damage as well as a chance for their elemental status to proc, based on status chance. Elemental damage is ALWAYS ADDED regardless of status chance, it's just the proc that is based on status chance. Because of this, elemental mods are very effective at increasing your damage even on weapons with low status chance. Some example elemental procs are: Heat proc causes enemies to set on fire, dealing a small amount of damage over time, and panic, which stops them from shooting Cold proc partially freezes enemies, causing them to move slower for a short amount of time Toxin proc does damage over time that bypasses shields There are a lot more, especially once you start combining elements to make Radiation and Corrosive and stuff. Most weapons have either good status or good crit and you can take advantage of those stats to make an effective build. Weapons with neither crit nor status (like your Boltor) are generally considered weaker in the late game, although they can work fine in the early game. For example builds, maybe check out Warframe Builder. Generally no. The common versions of these mods are absolute garbage. Use elemental mods instead. The stats that these modify are one part of a weapon's IPS damage (impact, puncture, slash). Since this only increases one tiny bit of a weapon's damage, as opposed to elemental mods which work off your total damage, they generally suck. Later in the game when you get your hands on some of the rare versions of those mods (like Buzz Kill, +120% slash), they may be slightly better than a regular elemental mod on certain weapons with almost their entire damage in one particular IPS area. but you don't have to worry about that for now. Fragor is a crit weapon and is very slow! I recommend something like this: Pressure Point, Fury, Berserker, True Steel, Organ Shatter, Fever Strike, Shocking Touch, North Wind Honestly, nobody can answer this question but you. Warframes have a lot of different builds. Generally, if you are a newer player I recommend prioritizing survival over everything else, so make sure you have your Vitality and Redirection on. Other than that, mod for what you think would be most effective. If you want your exalted blade to be stronger, add Intensify for more power strength. If you want your Radial Blind to cover more area, add Stretch for more power range. For questions like this I strongly recommend consulting the wiki.