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  1. Not arguing that he is an extremely effective killer, but he also makes it pretty boring for your teammates. See: the hate for pre-nerf Mesa, Mirage with a Synoid Simulor, Quake Banshees, etc. Basically this.
  2. It's probably because they either think you're a noob (since Excalibur is a starter frame) or because they don't think he contributes much to the squad. Outside of Radial Blind being an okay CC, he doesn't help his teammates much.
  3. === WTS === buyout: 1k buyout: 400p buyout: 250p === WTB === These rivens I'm looking for have relatively unpopular stats on them, and I rarely see anything like them in trade chat. If you message me please include your asking price. If I get "offer" when you clearly have a price range in mind, I'm not going to respond. Dread +Status Chance +Crit Damage If it has elemental damage on it, it has to be either Toxin or Cold. No -status duration. Zarr +Crit Chance AND any combination of these: +Damage +Mag Size +Damage +Reload +Reload +Mag Size None of these traits can be the negative (no -mag size or -reload, unless the -mag is small enough to not affect it at all). Hema +Flight speed +Damage or +Multi (or both) No -status duration
  4. Hotfix claims to have fixed this.
  5. You always say "list updated" but still have 5 billion sold rivens in the list that make it hard to read
  6. Same problem here, my 30 day booster isn't stacking like it normally would.
  7. Sorry for the bump, but this is still happening and is still really annoying. And it also seems to be spreading because I got it as Wukong today. Screenshots: I am now thinking that it must be related to the Hirudo melee or Operator mode, since it's clearly not exclusive to Inaros. I did have Hirudo equipped on both Inaros and Wukong though. More testing required.
  8. new topic here:
  9. You are missing crit chance
  10. new topic here:
  11. There are no "rare" kavats. Unlike Kubrows, all their colors can be obtained with the market and there's only one natural fur pattern. That said, there are a few traits that are more "in demand" than others, but yours does not have any that I can see. Generally people want the long tufted ears and either peacock or leaf tail and will pay more for those traits. Here's a very general guide on Kavat prices:
  12. I feel like this describes the forums in general. Yes, please! Kill World on Fire! I mean, why do you think Ash's Bladestorm was nerfed? Why do you think Assimilate was unfixed? Don't forget the removal of friendly fire condition nightmare missions! And Synoid Simulor nerf! Generally, DE is pretty good about removing things that could be used for trolling. Except this. And that's generally the design approach I prefer. Like, jeez guys. Some of you are so adamant about this I feel like you would defend DE making a frame that could instantly fail the mission with one of their abilities because "it's the players, not the frame!" Crux of the matter is that a frame with the capacity to troll as much as Limbo can should straight up not exist in a multiplayer game like this. I bring my Zarr to sorties JUST BECAUSE of its ability to cancel Stasis in one barrage. I find all these kneejerk reactions even more funny because OP said Limbo is their favorite frame.
  13. This is the easiest way I have found. Only takes one barrage fire to cancel Stasis. And that's why I bring Zarr to most sorties now.
  14. I've been waiting for sooo long