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  1. How would you build Nidus?

    My Nidus is max range and balanced duration + strength. His 2 really benefits from range, as the more enemies you grab the faster you build your stacks. It really does depend on how you want to use him. I highly recommend using Rage no matter what build you decide to go for. Some people like to go MAXIMUM STRENGTH for damage reduction from Parasitic Link, and use efficiency as a dump stat. Some people build a lot of duration for his 4 and act more like supports.
  2. Does Sancti Magistar actually heal?

    This question has already been answered but here are a few other helpful facts about the Sancti Magistar :) Healing is based on damage dealt, so modding it fully will improve the healing The healing pulse is affected by melee range, modding with Primed Reach will greatly increase the range of the healing As long as the Sancti Magistar is in your loadout (don't even have to be holding it), it will reduce damage from enemy status effects. And, as somebody else noted, this is one of the few sources of healing for cryopods. As far as I know it's capable of healing pretty much everything in the game. Sortie operatives, Formorian cores in LoR, defectors, specters, etc.
  3. Let me get this straight

    Void isn't a late game area? There's a branch that connects from Phobos.
  4. If you know what day you are on you could look up what reward it was on the wiki. Other than that, I don't think there's a way to tell.
  5. Splinter Storm Removed After Cast

    Can confirm. Splinter Storm doesn't work on the Armored Vault Console. It does at least work on the drone, though.
  6. So far this has only happened in the plains, but I don't really use my operator much elsewhere so I don't know if this ONLY happens in the plains. I will sometimes be randomly teleported back to my Warframe as if I had pressed 5... except I didn't. I'll be in the middle of shooting at the Eidolon or whatever. At its worst this rendered Operator mode completely inaccessible to the whole squad because we all got immediately put back in our frames whenever we tried to switch to Operator (we all had the same bug). We had to give up on our Eidolon hunt and just leave since we could no longer damage it.
  7. Can't trade specific Items

    Mostly true, but mods are definitely not the only not-primed things that can be traded. That rule mostly applies to only weapons and Warframes. where you can only trade the prime parts. In regards to the OP though, yes, those parts are untradeable both because they are not prime and because they are already built (can only trade the BP). For a more comprehensive list of what is tradeable and what isn't, try the wiki.
  8. I just want to commend you here, Primo. It's kind of rare to see someone civilly switch their opinion due to the evidence presented, especially in online arguments like this. Being able to admit you were misinformed is honestly refreshing to see on these forums. I would also be very curious to see updated statistics on the matter. It really is an integral part of the argument on whether the majority of the playerbase considers vacuum important or not. I don't really want to get too into this topic, both because I think this thread is dangerously close to being locked already for the arguing and name-calling, and also because I do tend to get passionate about the topic like @AperoBeltaTwo. So I'll just add that I do think vacuum should be accessible no matter what companion you pick, be that through a mod or a universal Warframe passive.
  9. Map Hole in a cave

    The cave is the one on the northernmost mountain on the left of the map, in the middle of a big grineer camp. It's easy to recreate since the spot is accessible with just a bullet jump. Here's an imgur album of the particular spot. It's a top corner of the cave with a small ledge. If you jump on the ledge there's then a visible hole in the map you can jump through to get under the ground. After roaming around a bit I ended up falling through somewhere and used /unstuck to get myself back.
  10. About the incubator upgrade: right now it also has one more use that nobody has mentioned yet, which is reducing the time it takes to hatch a Kubrow egg/incubate a new Kavat. They could easily keep it in the game without making any changes to it even if they do remove stabilizers just for that function. All in all though, I do agree that it's a dumb mechanic that needs to be removed for pets to even get close to the convenience of sentinels. Somebody else already math'd it out for you but to new players, yes. That is an insane amount of credits. I remember when I was new I was ecstatic to save up 100k to get the BP to my first sentinel (this was before Taxon). And that took me while! Playing low level missions with no idea what credit farms are and with no credit booster means you get 1-2k per mission. To be honest, even if the credit cost were removed, and even if we were freely able to switch between pets as easily as we switch between sentinels... they're still not worth it. Their precepts are either bad or a worse version of a sentinel precept, their AI is still bad, their damage is mediocre, etc. Pets need a much more massive overhaul than just the costs associated with them.
  11. Would be nice to have some value from sentient cores

    Easy solution: make cores tradeable.
  12. I was worried I might be the only one who hated the place but it's good to see I'm not alone.
  13. Sancti Magistar still MR fodder?

    The healing pulse is one of the only healing sources in the game that can heal objectives like cryopods, operatives, etc. Sancti Magistar is a fine weapon and absolutely excels in certain situations. Its damage by itself is not top tier (but also not bad), but it's the healing utility that really makes it shine. I find myself using it a lot in defection with Nova so I'm basically a trin combined with CC, and I also like bringing it to mobile defense sortie pub missions in case we don't get a good Frost. It's a half-decent crit mace as well but I mostly keep it around to use for healing stuff and teammates.
  14. Whenever I have a mission in this particular location I grown inwardly. The camp I'm talking about has a cave by it and is next to the ocean on the left of Cetus. If I have to exterminate enemies, they always spawn inside the cave so I have to go hunting for them (in one of the largest caves in the entire plains!). If I have to liberate the camp I might as well just quit because it's nearly impossible to find enough enemies to kill in this huge place + cave. The only time I manage that one is when I happened to bring a strong DPS frame. Capturing targets there is a pain too since there's so many Grineer around them compared to other bases! I feel like this strange level of difficulty in this one location must be unintentional. I ask that either the longer bounties no longer spawn there (like liberating the camp or the armored vault), or just no bounties there at all because it's such a pain. I'm speaking from the perspective of a solo plains player. Do let me know if it's any better in a squad.
  15. Drone Gets stuck on Meteor

    Basically the title. If you have a drone hijack mission where the meteor is between you and the objective, the pod can't get past the meteor. It just kind of went back and forth for me until I abandoned mission.