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  1. Squad Etiquette Question

    This. Dunno how you guys up there have been playing but generally using "Start Timer" for any reason other than a squadmate's UI has glitched is seen as rude. Your conduct seems alright, OP, although I probably wouldn't have bothered saying anything to him and just left the mission.
  2. Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.6

    Harrow still has quite a few problems... thanks for fixes, as always.
  3. If you message me please include your asking price. If I get "offer" when you clearly have a price range in mind, I'm not going to respond. I'm looking for exactly these stats, not something similar. Cernos +Crit Chance AND any combination of: +damage, +crit dmg, +toxin, +multi The negative CANNOT BE: -flight speed, -faction damage, -fire rate. No negative is okay if it only has two traits. Has to be more DPS than this one (my current): Zenistar +Range +Damage Yup, that's it. Negative has to be harmless. No negative is okay depending on stats. Magistar Any combination of the following: +Attack Speed +Damage +Range +Combo Duration +Two elements that make a good combo (viral, corr) Negative has to be harmless.
  4. Thanks for providing an example but I think your max estimates are a bit off... I just rolled this one with 3+ 1- At max this riven is +112.8% status. If it was only 2+ and 1-, is it still impossible to get the 160%? My calculations were off, at max it is 84.5% chance. You are right, thanks.
  5. So post-buff Mara Detron has 20% status. If we ignore the "conditional" mods from Shadow Debt, we can get up to 68% status chance with the dual stat mods. A riven would need at least 160% status chance to fill the rest... a bit less if we want to use mods like Stunning Speed or Sure Shot. Is that possible? It seems like a really high number but I'm not sure what the Detron's disposition is. I'm having trouble finding examples of Detron rivens with status chance on them.
  6. apparently 4+4 is still 6

    Mara Detron used to have zero falloff. The added falloff is a slight nerf. From a bit of playtime with the Mara Detron, I can definitely say it has a much tighter spread than before. It's a lot easier to hit stuff now. Time will tell if that falloff is bad enough to annoy me, though. Agree here. They are supposed to be upgrades. Less base damage seems like a very weird decision to me.
  7. Charge rate bows.

    I've only seen it on Dread (Rakta Cernos updates its UI stats as you would expect when you try a fire rate mod) so I assume it's a bug.
  8. [U21 Megathread] New Quest: Chains of Harrow Feedback

    The beginning of the quest was great and spooky. The middle was a bit less so, a bit repetitive with catching Rell's emotions. The end was a GREAT environment with terrible combat. Please never make me do full combat as the operator ever again.
  9. [U21] Bug Report Megathread

    Fire rate mods are not affecting the charge rate on Dread anymore.
  10. Update 21: Chains of Harrow

    why Like I love most of these changes but the Mara Detron now does less damage than before outside of knife range. And the regular Detron now has more base damage than the upgrade...?
  11. -delete-

    new topic here:
  12. I imagine the reason does mostly have to do with game balance, yes. The attack speed bonus would be much more significant to weapons in the heavy category than they would be for weapons that are generally already fast, like dual swords. However, as you pointed out, it really isn't that overpowered and the buff is pretty small. So, you have my support OP. +1
  13. Titania, Oppinion and What could be Changed

    Not true. They can see it but they can't pick it up. Titania has to run into it for the buff to take effect. Honestly, this is fine and consistent with most other Warframes. Lantern and Razorwing are two very different abilities that do very different things. Min-maxing for one ability normally does restrict others. In response to OP... The accuracy hurts me. Both figuratively and literally. I agree with most of what you're saying, although I am not fond of her first ability and don't understand why everyone else is.
  14. About Titania - she still needs changes!

    And promptly gets them stuck on the ceiling. The range is too low to be an AoE CC, and while it does work decently as a single target shutdown, it usually causes more annoyance than relief. If you want CC, why not use Lantern instead? There's only 4 and 3/4 are not worth building up. It has a chance to not work on enemies within range. And if anything hits it, including friendly fire, it flies away and is completely useless. The damage is alright, but that's assuming it actually stays in the right place so it can hit enemies instead of flying away like it normally does. It's good. It could be better, and it needs bug fixes. Her energy economy is eh. She's not as bad as Saryn, sure, but her small energy pool is not befitting of a caster frame. Without strong Health, Armor, shield, OR Quick Thinking, she dies if a bombard so much as looks at her funny. This is true, since Lantern makes the target invincible until the end of her duration. If it was an augment instead like @Fallen_Echo suggested, that mechanic could be changed to just give them heavy damage resistance instead or something. But anyway, that was just a random thought I had.
  15. About Titania - she still needs changes!

    Care to elaborate on this? 3/4 abilities are pretty lackluster at present.