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  1. Is Soma Prime Worth Without Argon Scope?

    Don't even need Bladed. I find the need to zoom in for both mods to be kind of annoying. I own Argon Scope and don't really use it on anything, and I would rather replace it with a riven where possible. Here's an easy, not-really-max-DPS but still-really-good-and-no-conditionals build. I have a riven so mine is not quite the same as this anymore, but I ran around with it for a long time.
  2. Banned?

    Yes. Kickbot has several words they automatically kick you for, "gay" is one of them. Uhmmm... Girls liking boys isn't gay, that's the exact opposite of gay. So to answer your question, if you are a boy who likes girls, no, that's not gay.
  3. Halloween Titania

    Wow. I like it a lot, OP! Hope you make it in.
  4. Hydroid Prime: Update 21.6.0

    ! Titania not forgotten, praise DE
  5. Titania cloth fix messed her up in pixie form

    Another bump for you, I can also confirm that this is not fixed.
  6. + CC, + CD Vectis riven

    Uhmm... the CD can't get that high on a Vectis riven. Not even close.
  7. Huh. I thought this was only me. I was trying to clear my cache and cookies and different browsers and all that to try and fix it. But yeah, for anyone reading this at DE, the forum homepage says I am not logged in but when I click login I am told I am, indeed, logged in. Then when i go back to the forums it still looks like I'm not logged in, repeat cycle. Sometimes it will randomly log me in properly when I click on topics on the forums (which is pretty much how I've been posting for the past week or so), and sometimes not.
  8. Does DE Gain More Info From Using or Not Using Something??

    I agree with @Archistopheles. Part of the reason DE felt so compelled to give all Sentinels vacuum was because of the usage statistics on Carrier.
  9. Bahaha I didn't even catch that the first read through 138 plat in the picture, but he says he sold one for 18000 two days ago. Thanks for the laughs, dude
  10. I'm sorry, that's a GREAT riven and everything but this build is so WTF haha If you really wanna see the DPS that riven could do, maybe try something like this instead.
  11. delete

    Everything has been bought/sold!
  12. Nikana Prime Build! Crit or status or both!

    I would absolutely go for a hybrid build on Nikana Prime. Here's my recommendation: If you don't feel the pressing need for more Attack Speed you can swap Berserker out for Life Strike, True Steel, Reach, or another 60% elemental. I would also not use either of the slash mods (Jagged Edge or Buzz Kill) if you decide to go with a hybrid or status-y build, as you will see fewer elemental procs.
  13. General help with Titania

    Don't know where you got your information, Tenno, but the Dex Pixia has 15% crit chance and a 2.0x multiplier. Crit/status hybrid builds are very, very effective with it. The rest of your comment is pretty spot on, though. I have her at neutral range, max efficiency, and a fair amount of strength for general use. I would say efficiency is her most important stat for spamming Tribute and for staying in Razorwing. I know some people like range on her for Lantern but personally I almost never use Lantern because it's so buggy (and it goes flying off if anything hits it). Natural Talent is also really nice on her since all of her abilities have pretty long casting times. Surprised I haven't seen anyone else mention it.
  14. Artemis Bow + Ferrox = No Energy Cost

    One of Smeeta's random buffs is that your next ability cast does not use energy. Nice find on the bug, though!
  15. List of Titania bugs

    LOL Nice one I think this is intentional since regular levels are designed with gravity in mind, and that plays a lot more nicely with the old settings than the new.