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  1. Having gone through this mess of a topic, I get why you want a change you will not get it. The reason being very simple...these are BOSSES Nova shouldn't effect it period, not Mesa, not Hydroid...none of them. Simply asking for that requires a rework of all bosses simply to coincide with eidolons at that point. As for the armor....get a gunblade.... seriously just shoot at the thing with shattering impact, done. Everyone IS viable as others have said. You can't cater the frames to one minor piece of content that doesn't work. If you don't like the meta don't use it. But if someone leaves for seeing a Limbo you can't throw a fit you risk that with a group of randoms. This is not at all new nor exclusive to Warframe. Eidolons are not the focus of this game. Frames shouldn't be catered for it period. Use whatever you want. Of someone leaves they can go screw off, that's on them. But you complaining about people leaving because you come in on a Limbo is on you. People don't play Limbo right nearly every time, anyone who plays him well has to suffer for it. If you don't like it play a different game or just do what the good ones already do...ignore them. A game is meant to be fun. Find people you like gaming with and set stuff up like everyone else. They don't need to be in your clan to do that.
  2. That too is still broken and has been for months now.
  3. So when are we getting a fix to inventory? For about a week if not longer looking at your inventory does not display your free slots at all.
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