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  1. Questions: Any chance for an Exalted weapons, especially melee, rework? While I think they need a more substantial rework, they're supposed to be their frames' ultimate abilities and they just don't feel like it, even removing mod restrictions (Acolyte mods, set mod abilities, etc.) would be something to make them at least a little more viable vs. regular melee (they currently aren't). Beyond that, I think each weapon should have an exceptional stat (e.g., Iron Staff's should be range) that outclasses other melee weapons and there should be buffs to augments. Any news on the Xbox Se
  2. I think I have it figured out, the Space Bong of Lavos causes hallucinations of people on your Railjack that you can command to accomplish various tasks. Anyway, I'm on a self-imposed break from Warframe right now but I am still very much looking forward to this Devstream. Thanks, Space Mom and everyone else at DE, and Happy Holidays!
  3. I'm curious to know how any meaningful changes based on the feedback from the test cluster could've been implemented in such a short time, but I'll reserve judgment.
  4. I really don't see anyone using the Warframe Arcanes (outside of testing), the Kitgun Arcanes, maybe, depending on if the damage scales off mods and if they proc status effects, but I can't imagine anyone replacing existing Warframe Arcanes to use these. As for Nightwave, fine that it's continuing (not happy about it but whatever), but I do hope one of the lessons DE took from this one and one of the features they'll add in future Nightwaves is the ability to turn them off. At the very least, let us turn off the random enemies appearing in missions. Glassed enemies are nothing but annoyan
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