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  1. I honestly just think it's because the projectiles' hitbox is just so large. It would explain why sentinels get taken out so easily by them as well
  2. OK SO SINCE I'M THE BIG DUMB AND DELETED MY ALMOST DONE REPLY BY CLOSING THE PAGE, HERE WE GO AGAIN: But that's the good and bad parts about it for me. I aim for the head. Religiously. Headshots + orange crit + HM means something 21k bleed procs which can maul enemies even in steel path. It's my main method of killing anything in higher levels to be honest. That or just. Stropha. Bless stropha + jetstream. While yes you CAN pick up enemies, and when it works you can delete entire areas... it's usually not enough to justify the recast animation time or holding right click and WAIT for som
  3. I'm not MEGA pleased with it, though, that's more because the gundam look doesn't really appeal to me personally. So I'm not gonna say it's a bad skin or anything like that. Either way though I'm just hyped she's getting anything. The dropship looks amazing and frankly a new noble animation for spearguns is something I'm NOT gonna say no to.
  4. This has been an issue since the new corpus ship tile set came out and makes her practically impossible to play on them at any higher level. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it but I'm a bit desperate at this point. It's gotten slightly better as you have to be closer to them to still take damage, but taking one wrong step can lead to you nearly instantly dying if your shields were already down from a shock eximus and shield gating can't save you. I understand that the ability can't just be immortality, however, considering it's her only tool of staying alive and she's paper thi
  5. there's so many things I feel like they don't understand about *why* people don't play Zephyr. It looks like they've finally started to address it, but, still not as far as I'd want. I'd wanna almost see a round table of sorts or something that's.. alot more.. ACTIVE then "we looked at your post" I'm glad to see I'm not the only Zephyr player out there, but after what, 6 years? I don't really think they WILL properly fix Zephyr becuase they're too scared to "change her fundimentally" which is.. kinda what she needs. I'm glad to see the crit passive in the air because FINALLY A REASON TO ACTU
  6. To a degree, this is already possible by slamming and rolling out of the slam. It's DEFINITLY not polished or the most ... uh... intended. But It works. Honestly I'd rather see them let you hold one to launch yourself in a direction and tap it to hover/stop hovering midair, tap down to divebomb. I run with extreme amounts of duration cause I'm stupid and always forget to press 3 despite it being the ONLY way to survive on higher end difficulties (EXCEPT IF IT'S A JUNO CREWMEMBER BECAUSE THOSE BULLETS JUST HIT YOU ANYWAYS) but I can agree it feels like a bandaid and not a .. thought out and tes
  7. Honestly, the tornadoes need to be placed where you're aiming when you tap 4 and stay there, then hold to get rid of them. The rest already sound like cool changes (which, hey, DE, if ya see this lemme help? ay? ay??)
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