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  1. Did nerfs happen or not? Because you make both statements in one sentence?!
  2. you contradict yourself hard, dude 😄 and you are inaccurate, but thats a different story.
  3. with my new new GPU, Radeon 5700xt nitro I have the following issue. My FPS are caped at 60hz and I run the warframe in borderless fullscreen. VSync is also deactivated. As soon as I start a youtube video, vimeo whatever, the FPS drop to constantly 20 in Borderless Fullscreen. As soon as I stop the Video the FPS go back up to 60. Doing the same with fullscreen and windowed the FPS stay at 60. Only with borderless fullscreen they drop to 20. I tested a couple other games in borderless fullscreen, none of them have any fps drops when I play a youtube video its only with Warframe. Im trying to fix this for hours now. Any advice?
  4. Hahaha, do you read your self? No offense, this made my day 😂
  5. My Railjack is OP and absolutely shreds Veil, so I always use it now. Too funny that people even consider parking it and kill all fighters with archwing, you are better of finding a good host. The rng is really hell but once you get some good drops it gets better. The bigger problem for me is finding people who don't think they have to fly aroun trying to kill fighters one by one.
  6. Please stop this F2P nonesense. Quoting my self from a different thread. "Its free to play not free to play AND have fun. Yeah it´s free if you want to farm for several days just to buy some warframe, riven and weapon slots. Yeah it´s free if you want to get all kuva weapons without geting the whole mastery out of it. It´s free if you dont care about mastery. It´s also free if you wanna have double the grind for resources without booster. Is free if you dont want to build and mod your Railjack within the first couple weeks. If everybody would play it for free, there would be no Wareframe and the devs had no job. About the programming. If a company would deliver this amount of bugs in a project they wouldn´t get paid. Thats my experience from work. Saying no one forced you to pay for the game is scamy a slap in the face for people who love the game and love to support the devellopers. BTW which content are you talking of, it´s hard to see behind all that funless grinding."
  7. This is the most adorable thread I stumbled across for weeks. Would love to pinch your cheeks 🧐 jk about the ckeeks part, no disrespect
  8. Pretty much this. When you check the player numbers for the last couple month it looks pretty dark for DE, and I´ts totally your own fault. With the way you released Empyrean and Kuva Liches you are bagging people to leave. You always had a healthy community willing to help, discuss and give you feedback. The only update I´m looking forward at this point is an update to the consciousness of the DEVS. People are willing to give you money if they feel respected and traided like inteligent beings. Stop gambleing your community away with that shady monetisation thats going on with Liches and Empyrien. Please DE people love this game, stop killing it. Also Wish you the best for the future.
  9. why even have this in the game. My favorite thing in Wareframe is animal hunting - no Warframe player ever said. I know there is gonna be one person: but, but.. I like it, its so much fun! as much fun as lunaro, hoverboarding and other stupid things nobody cares about and people are anoyed with. I get it that some things can be fun for some people, but WF players are here for space looter shooter not for dumb gamemodes.
  10. Thank you for the hard work, keep it up. and please fix the Larkspur
  11. WTS Vengeful Flame Ephemera, pmo plz
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