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  1. It would be REALLY nice if for the next 'season' you explicitly state upfront when the hell it's ending. I have at least one friend who gave up on Nightwave because he started late and ended up thinking he had fallen too far behind to get to the end rewards. Say how dang long it's gonna last, don't just shrug and 'eh' at us next time. It doesn't help anyone. All the other events you've given concrete durations, why was Nightwave different?
  2. I think one of the more ironic things is that removal of manual blocking made the melee system more braindead and automatic when DMC is like, the opposite of that.
  3. If you go on an eidolon hunt, you know exactly what you're going to fight and when. The Wolf can show up whenever. It's nowhere near comparable.
  4. Not that I don't agree with the entire rest of what you're saying, but y'wanna know something fuuuuuuun? When taking into account attack speeds, Gram Prime does 144 damage per second base before crits. Mk 1 Braton does 132. Braton does 210. Yes, Gram has a much higher crit chance than either, but... the game's over-reliance on crits for damage isn't exactly a good thing, I think.
  5. If retooling it to be a torrent of void energy doesn't do it for ya, maybe a black hole? Wisp disappears and creates a black hole at her position for the duration of the channel. Nearby enemies are sucked in and disappear. They take damage as long as they're in the black hole, and if they die while inside it they just don't come back out. Although their items do. Possibly be capable of still moving slowly while a black hole, but eh. Details.
  6. Thanks man. Basically my thinking is that if she's meant to be a portal frame, the Void is a great opportunitythat it'd be a shame to waste. I mean the Void literally has ghosts in it, she's a ghost, portals to the void, etc etc.
  7. I did mine. Took like half an hour to 45 minutes or something. Then it got buried down on page 11 when DE mooshed the threads together, so who the hell knows how many people have seen it. Still not 100% sold on Hostile Warp. Maybe instead of warping people to you, it just dumps them into 'nowhere' for a few seconds. Basically put them in a void pocket where they take damage over time until they pop back out. Or something like Void Retreat. Channeled ability, you can't move, but you effectively don't exist while you're using it, and heal while you're hiding in your little void pocket. Iunno. Something better than 'flowers' and 'my flowers explode' and 'shooting a slow-moving distraction'. EDIT: Or combine both of those void pocket ideas, just on a tap/hold system so you can choose if you wanna drop someone else into a hole or hide in one yourself. Also if someone dies while inside a void pocket, when it ends their ragdoll gets launched out at mach speed into the ground. Because it'd be funny.
  8. An idle thought occurs to me. Perhaps instead of 'each challenge needs to be cleared'... Let's say you've got an Elite Challenge. This challenge awards 6000 standing. But BELOW that challenge are three less-difficult challenges that are more accessible to newer players, and each gives 2000. You can clear either the elite challenge if you have access to what it requires, or you can do the three smaller challenges. You can't get more than the 6000 rep from a challenge 'cluster' even if you do it all, so people who can do the Elite can get it done in one challenge, while people who don't want to or can't due to their progression can do the smaller challenges instead. Maybe even continue the tree up, have a SUPER CHONKY challenge above Elite. Clears like 3 Elites and nabs 18000 rep, or 5 for 30,000. Thus, choice in how to acquire our rep and the challenges we do. You can do harder things to clear challenges faster as well as having options as to what to do. This would also mitigate the impact of any 100% terrible challenges like your forma shenanigans.
  9. Also I kind of preferred when elemental effects on enemies had their own color so I could tell what effect was actually on them. Now it's all just 'something, I guess' Enemy corroded? Poisoned? Radiated? I can't bloody tell, you tell me. Am I alone in this?
  10. It isn't even DMC, it's like they're trying to turn Warframe into a game that it isn't because they like that game right now. I mean if they wanna add juggling and stuff fine, but don't butcher what you already have to get there.
  11. ONE MORE THING. Can we have a goddamn week counter so we know how much longer is left in this damn thing?
  12. Honestly I think the big flaw of Nightwave is having to get ALL the rewards to get to the end. Like if you don't care about certain things, you can choose to ignore them. Like if, for example, you picked a 'Major Reward' you wanted to gun towards. There'd be little incidental rewards along the way like cred or whatever, but you've picked a thing to aim towards and you'll get THAT one first. Maybe how you could work it is that you've got X number of Major Rewards, and you can pick one of them to work towards. Above the Major Rewards are the Grand Rewards, stuff like the umbra forma or the armor bits. Once you've gotten to a Major Reward, you can pick to work towards a Grand Reward, but once you've gotten that Grand Reward, you need to get another Major to get back up to the top of the 'tree' so to speak. Then people can work towards the rewards they WANT. Getting all of it would still require the same effort as now, but if they don't have the time they can still decide what they want the most.
  13. And y'know, fun thing? I don't think moving as an Operator works to fend it off either. Was derping around with my potatochild a while ago and it kicked in because my frame wasn't doing anything. You love making it impossible to enjoy these dumb children, don't you DE?
  14. I don't wanna come off as too pissed off about this, although I am. >Fully socket 3 ayatan sculptures For the love of all that's holy above and below DE, we told you this was horrible when it happened earlier, WHY IS IT BACK?! EDIT: I've been told that apparently it's FIVE on console. So you modified it PC-side, but you didn't REPLACE IT when this was the most hated challenge? You replaced one before that was entirely doable, and you leave THIS IN? EDIT 2: Oh, and "Polarize 3 things" is back again too. Because we didn't complain about THAT one hard enough either apparently.
  15. I don't think DE likes responding to things anymore. Still nothing on the negative response to melee 2.9 either.
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