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  1. I've been using warframestat to try and keep an eye on it, but theirs still only says whether it's up or not, so thanks for the clue in to a more useful one. But still, needing an external tracker in the first place is kind of extra.
  2. Okay, can we do something about the sentient outpost? 3 hours inactive for 30 minutes active would be bearable if it were consistent and something you could plan for, but it's not. Sometimes it's less time inactive. Sometimes it's more. I've been doing sweet ass nothing all day, trying to keep tabs on when it pops up and I've still missed every one of them so far, because we're given a window of 30 heckin minutes before whoops, gone. I will not deny that I'm slightly salty, but this is still more than a little bit too much.The cycle of it showing up or not I could deal with if it was CONSISTENT. So I'd know what time it would pop up so I don't have to glue my eyes to the veil map to be able to even TRY for the shedu parts.
  3. This bonus objective will fail itself at the slightest goddamn provocation. I don't even know what dies most of the time. I fly over the base with my AW until the dude's revealed, drop in, kill them, grab them, and somehow it's STILL failed itself. My moa's weapon takes like 10 seconds to kill anything, so it's not him. I've heard in the past that ANY kill ANYWHERE ON THE PLAINS would fail this bonus, but that was a while ago now. And I'd HOPE THAT STILL ISN'T THE CASE. But it wouldn't surprise me.
  4. Today I joined into a survival fissure with one and a half goddamn minutes left before the 5 minute mark, and had to scramble to get my reactant, only managing it with like two seconds left. Earlier, I joined into a capture similarly late, and people just booked it to the exit. I had one reactant left to get. ONE. And they just sat there like stunned mullets until the timer ran out. My "Seriously?" in chat was met with a 'git gud'. Because some chuds are so impatient that they refuse to wait like 20 seconds, even denying themselves a 4th open relic. Reactant sucks. It seriously sucks. It sucks tremendously. It sucks like a goddamn black hole.
  5. I mean I don't... personally get how this is an issue. Like you don't get thralls unless you have a lich, and if you're going for a larvling then there's not gonna be any thralls... Not to mention that you've probably gone into that mission specifically for spawning a larvling, and you get the specific warning when they show up in the form of the kuva guardian transmission. Making them more visibly distinct wouldn't hurt though and making the weapon icon show up sooner would be nice. I'd much prefer them over another awkward button-hold.
  6. I mean to be honest, I don't think DE even cares about excavation, given that the excavators themselves still literally don't scale in the slightest from level 1 to kingdom come. 500 shield, 2500 hp literally everywhere, regardless of how high enemy damage scales.
  7. I mean you say that but Melee's been the only way I've been able to consistently fight boarding parties with any kind of speed and such because melee is frankly goddamn ridiculous right now damagewise compared to guns. Also, for people claiming 'you're not fighting hordes', that's correct. You're not. But you're also not backed up by three extra dorks, because they're probably off doing other crap because that's what Empyrean is about.
  8. Oh yeah by the by can we do something about that weird thing with RJ doors when you have any kind of latency you get stuck on the doorframes for a little bit? Like I assume it's no different to doors everywhere else being serverside and only opening after a bit, but given the expedience people need to run around an RJ with, can we do something about it? Or at LEAST make it stay visually closed until it opens like every other door so it doesn't look so impossibly jank?
  9. It's a fairly common occurrence I see for a side turret to get broken and stuck and unusable. In the same way too. Rather than settling back into its thing at the top of the track, the moving part sticks kind of sideways at the bottom and isn't usable. Sometimes standing in the right spot next to it gets the prompt to show up, but it doesn't do anything. I guess because the server's not seeing me as in the right place.
  10. Aaand now I'm noticing that for guns with visible shots, they come out of the wrong spot on the Zundi's higher barrel. Goddamnit.
  11. So like, a bunch of the pistol skins can be equipped on both single and dual pistols, but not the Zundi. Could we get that changed? I need my dual chonk pistols.
  12. Okay, so level-scaling is more needlessly complicated than I thought, so it might not be 16x, but further investigation into the backasswards way Warframe calculates it means that I don't think I have all the information I'd need to actually figure out the EHP of a certain level of Empyrean Lancer, since their base stats are their stats at their base level, which is then only modified upwards by levels ABOVE that base level. Wiki also only has the handy dandy level scaling slider for normal Elite Lancers. And god only knows what the base level of these jerks is, since apparently all three types have the 2500 base, from Earth Proxima on up. I was intending to look into what level a normal Elite Lancer would have to be to have the same EHP of an Empyrean Lancer of a given level, but I don't think I can without knowing base-levels. And then hurting my dumb smoothbrain on the maths. If anyone can illuminate the issue more, that'd be greatly appreciated. Also you wanna know a fun fact I learned? A level 9 normal Lancer has overtaken the EHP of a level 15 (Base level) Elite Lancer. The normal Lancer beats the Elite's EHP aaaaaaaall the way up until level 55, where the Elite finally inches ahead and then stays there forever. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, just an extreme oddity resulting of the level-scaling calculations.
  13. Yeah I've had a number of missions where waypoints just refuse to show up and we've had to $&*^ about looking for the objective.
  14. Oh hey there's another thing. DE. Please cut out the shenanigans with the Electrical Fault and Fire progress bars. Yes it looks very pretty to have them go fast and slow down to a crawl right at the end, but it's honestly really visually annoying. Please just make it an actually useful steady progress bar.
  15. Okay so hey. I just went and actually checked. According to the wiki, all other variants of Elite Lancer have 150 base health and 200 armor. Empyrean Elite Lancers still have 200 armor but do you know how much BASE HEALTH they have? 2500 They have over TEN TIMES the hp of normal Lancers. Closer to TWENTY TIMES. Mathematically, an Empyrean Elite Lancer is 16.66x more durable than every other Elite Lancer in the game of equivalent level. Butchers have 50 hp and 5 armor. Empyrean? 750 and 200. DE, please. Don't just wildly inflate an enemy's base stats to try and make it a challenge, bullet sponges AREN'T FUN. You're AWARE that grineer durability is a goddamn problem because of scaling armor, please don't just make it WORSE.
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