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  1. So I figured I'd spend some focus on Guardian Shell. Give it a look-see. Silly me. What actually is the purpose of this ability? It only protects me. Can't maintain it and still shoot. What defensive ability does it offer me that doesn't come BASELINE in void mode? Did y'all just kinda... forget that you gave operators on-demand invincibility? Delta complaining about Focus abilities being worthless? Good heavens that's never happened before. I don't wanna sound like a broken record, but can we please actually have another look at Focus? Pretty please?
  2. Okay so, I talked about this in general discussion, but I would like to bring it up here as well cuz why not, y'know? Maybe someone'll listen. Basically, the shield toss does a pathetically small amount of damage. Not just 'warframe scale' small, actually small, often even failing to break stuff like vent covers. Adding onto this, it's a little finicky to actually get the thing to hit at all sometimes at close range, and it takes an age to actually USE, since you've gotta go through the entire 360-degree spinning animation before the actual throw. I've been told 'it's for knockdowns'. But we got slams for that, for multiple targets no less, and Cobra (Despite the throw making it so you have to look DIRECTLY down to do it) seems to have a pretty good slam attack with decent knockdown range, it's just awkward to use because if you're not all the way down, you throw instead. In essence, due to the clunkiness of slams, Cobra and Crane traded the aerial attack AND its slam for a shield toss that knocks down but does little else. Can we please give the Crane Toss the damage of a normal air attack? And while we're at it, can we make the shield toss actually happen faster? Please? Why's it do fine damage on the throws as part of combo attacks but buptynothing on the air toss? Makes no sense, dawg.
  3. Honestly, I dunno what to think about it. I can see the idea behind it sounding good, but like. Man, I dunno. When Melee 2.0 came out, everyone was happy about being able to 'properly' wield their melee weapon. And now we're kind of going back to 1.0 in a sense with stripping back some aspects of melee? The annoying thing is I'd have to heck about with it in order to properly know if I liked it or not, but by the time I get to do so... I mean it'll already be implemented, y'know? So many things I dunno about. Is it just when you have your melee out that you auto-block? Or will you awkwardly switch to melee visually whenever you're attacked from the front? I know steve said in a tweet that they did a thing for people who rebound their melee button, but what does that actually mean? I've got my Melee bound to m1, so I just have the one 'attack' button whether in melee mode or gun mode. How's this gonna work? Cuz trying to make full use of melee attacks with what is currently my quick melee key would be a pain in the rear given all the garbage my left hand already has to deal with. The removal of parrying I can only see as a good thing (I never saw the reason for it to be bound to channeling rather than just 'block at the right time' anyway), but I kind of liked being able to actively block, y'know? Maybe we could have like, a 'passive' block and an active block with a greater percent? Basically, I liked having melee attack on m1 and block on m2, from what I've heard it feels like we're stripping back melee a bit, diminishing its importance compared to your guns. Y'know?
  4. Nnnno. Not "This doesn't do much damage within the context of warframe's usual damage scales" it's 'this does a laughably tiny amount of damage comparable to like a bullet-jump'
  5. Seems like a bigass downgrade since you can already do that with slams.
  6. 'Looking cool' kind of falls down when something very obviously doesn't do anything. The rest of the weapon is great! I love how it looks, both drawn and sheathed, and it matches great with my boy Inaros, it's just this shield toss that confuses the hell out of me.
  7. I mean I'm fine with it not doing an enormous amount of damage, air slam attacks aren't the most damaging thing in the world anyway so you'd be trading one 'eh' for another... But I'd like it to do SOMETHING. Like what's the actual point of it even? What is it meant to accomplish? It doesn't even seem to knock people down. For what PURPOSE, DE?
  8. See, my issue isn't with 'X enemies are high level' it's that their level is INCONSISTENT with the threat of things elsewhere. If you want level 100 enemies on Vallis, that's fine! Great! But don't call them level 100 enemies if they're not equivalent to level 100 enemies elsewhere or the entire system of enemy levels loses all meaning. 100 should be 100, no matter where you are. Not 'Vallis 100' or 'Sortie 100', just 100.
  9. I don't get how it's catering to new players when Vallis enemies are still egregiously harder than things of ostensibly the same level. That just doesn't make sense. 35 should be 35. Vallis 35 should not be sortie-grade.
  10. Honestly, if they just made some kinda backpack or whatever that could only slot in like 2/3 sentinel mods and was equipped in the companion slot, I'd probably rarely use a companion just so I didn't have to worry about it. Rename the slot to Support and job's a good'un. Hell, that'd give people the proper universal vacuum they've been clamoring for since uh... ever. Just slap on your backpack, toss vac in it, and have fun, no need to worry about companions. No losing functionality because your sentinel died, no worrying about your dumbass dog failing to pathfind or attack a stationary single target that they're visually hitting... Just separate yourself from your cool space ninja needing to have a buttbuddy strapped to their ass and just go solo. Peace.
  11. You gave a lot of answers there that don't work in concert. That valkyr godmode SURE is helpful when you've got 6 nullifiers on your butt. World on Fire, so helpful. Answering an individual problem does not solve the problem on the whole. Especially when your answer is "Just use this specific thing, idiot." You're coming off as insufferable, incidentally.
  12. >Git gud scrub lel How devastatingly unhelpful. Perhaps when people complain so concertedly, you should listen to them and consider their words before jumping to the conclusion that they must just be BAD. Oh yeah by the by, I hope you aren't forgetting the ridiculous amount of nullifying that goes on in Fortuna on high alert. Because that would be silly.
  13. We only have 8 mod slots, dude. 9 counting Exilus. Not to mention, those don't REMOVE the problem, just tone it down a little. Resisting a knockdown still briefly immobilizes and disables you. Also doesn't help with the stagger. Or the knockup. What's that? You wanna resist the stagger too? That's an entirely separate mod.
  14. Yeah, please can we tone this the hell down? There's the shockwave moas who can now divebomb you from a distance, there's the crewmen with their dive, there's bombs, there's guns, and so much of it staggers you, knocks you down, or flings you into the air. It's actually INFURIATING.
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