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  1. See, something like this, just acknowledgement of this entire massive thread of displeased people? This makes me happy. Games are hard, and I know you guys need to keep up the pace of shiny stuff to keep the lights on, so I'm okay if it has to take some time (Even if I'd have preferred that time to not be 8+ months or something), but simple acknowledgement of the issues people have is enough to placate me until the day changes land. It was the silence more than anything else that was aggravating me to high hell and back. Thanks Bear.
  2. Do you ignore a child because it's acting like a child? No, because that child might still have something valid to say. Like what, your opinion is invalidated because you get heated over things you care about? Also, I don't get the impression that you're discussing this in good faith and are just having a go. Nobody here is saying to specifically get angry, but to be assertive over our complaints. But if we do stop 'nagging' them, then it'll convey the impression that we 'got used to it' and thus nothing needs to be changed. "You'll get used to it" Is what we were told, and it's false. If we stop talking, that's what they'll think. So yes, we will nag. We'll do it in a civil manner, but nag we will.
  3. I concur. As annoyed as I am with the whole situation and frustrated at the lack of acknowledgement, gotta stay civil. As much as I might wish to do otherwise. :I
  4. If they explicitly choose to take longer because of people continuing to express opinions, then that's acting like a petulant child. "How dare you continue to keep talking about this thing you care about, I'm going to delay this thing for REASONS. That'll show you, caring about things." Thankfully, I have faith that DE isn't the kind of group that'd delay something out of SPITE for people who care. And if they have said something about melee rework 'every single devstream' (Which I know is a boldfaced lie unless you count 'it happened' because that's all we got in the first one after the change), then kindly elucidate. What have they said? And vague nothings like 'it happened' and '3.0 will come eventually' don't count.
  5. Perhaps what would be better is options. Rather than 'this act is do this thing', you have options as to what to do to fulfill that act. So you might have to slot an ayatan, or you could just go collect X stars. You don't need to do both, fulfilling either completes the act. Give each act 2 or 3 things that you could do to complete it, so if someone absolutely hates or can't do a thing, they have other options to get those points.
  6. Oh yeah totally. It takes MONTHS for a dev team to even do something as insignificant as saying 'Hey, we hear you, we'll see what we can do.' Oh yeah and from what I've heard, Wukong still has the same problems regarding RMB combos being wonk as hell due to switching back to your gun. So that 'preview' of 3.0 is a preview of the problems not being fixed.
  7. >Gilding challenge removed Thank you. I give you guys a lot of S#&$ over the bad(particularly in the melee feedback thread), so I gotta make sure to express how much I appreciate when you do good. Maybe it could be replaced in the future with 'kills with a modular weapon'? Anyway, thanks. Now on to the forma challenges! And the Ayatans one!
  8. Then maybe they could TELL US. They could say literally anything on the subject rather than going radio silent on it. Say ANYTHING AT ALL. Even a simple "We've heard your issues and are working on ways to address them." would be great, but we've gotten nothing in four whole months. Not a single twinge of acknowledgement of people's complaints. THAT's why people are complaining. Taking time to fix it, sure. But as far as anyone can tell, they either don't care or are just ignoring us and hoping we'll 'get used to it'. Communication is important and in regards to this subject they're failing tremendously. Yes, they are adults. And yes, they are deserving of proper courtesy. But so are we. I suggested this very thing a good while back in the thread, and I still think it'd be fantastic. This thread's friggin' old by forum standards, and new people are still finding it for the first time and putting in their two cents on how they dislike the changes.
  9. I get that lately they've been occupied with Tennocon and Empyrean, but if they were gonna do something that big, why the heck did they leave us in this cruddy interim between 2.9 and 3.0? Just taking time out from the thing you're actively working on to distract yourself with something big and flashy for Tennocon, and to hell with the people still upset? Maybe 3.0 will fix it, maybe it'll bring back dedicated melee. Maybe it'll come with Empyrean. We don't know. We don't know ANYTHING. I'm fine with WAITING for a fix. Hell, even a '#*!% off we're not changing it' would be slightly better than them literally not commenting on people's reactions in the slightest. What's even doing on, DE? Say literally anything on the topic. You unstickied this thread and it's stayed on page 1 anyway, it's clearly something that people give a damn about since it's FOUR MONTHS OLD. And if a response isn't forthcoming due to people 'getting mouthy' as was suggested, then that's nothing but petulance of the highest order. People are getting mouthy because people care. If they didn't care, they'd just go 'oh well' and sod off. Don't begrudge people for their love for your own damn game.
  10. People are also en mass objecting to what they got and we haven't even gotten a 'We hear your concerns' in the months since.
  11. Honestly, the impression I get from Warframe a lot lately is... things being someone's 'baby' so to speak. Operators and Focus were someone's baby, and they can't bear to see it changed, so it isn't. The previous rework to it didn't help much at all, I mean hell, Zenurik is even more broken now than it was before, since it's more energy faster and for your entire team, it's just fiddlier to use. New Melee strikes me as someone's baby. They thought of how they wanted it to be, and really like the idea, and refuse to listen to people saying it's bad. Maybe it's true, maybe it isn't, but that's the impression I'm getting. The cries of 'Just give it time, you'll get used to it' gave me the feeling of someone desperately trying to convince people it's great when those people are actively telling them they don't like it. Well it's been how long now? Months. People may have gotten used to it, but they still don't like it. I won't ever like it. YES, I know there's changes coming down the pipe, maybe they'll fix it, maybe they won't, but at least SAY SOMETHING. We had teases and such showing off melee 2.999999 for ages, where's any of that for 3.0? Wukong? All I've heard on him is that he still suffers from the fact that there's no block button anymore. Don't let your attachment to an idea blind you to how people actually feel on it. Again.
  12. So, here I am back again after however long it was since I last clued in on this thread. Status Update: Melee still feels horrid and awkward. After all this time I still don't like it in the slightest. If you're going to do things like this in parts, then don't durdle around doing other things in the meantime 'until you get around to it'. Don't do Railjack if it doesn't include finishing this mess you started and left here. Give us a legacy option. Let us choose. Something. Or at least reply to the damn thread you started so people could give feedback, acknowledge people's discontent in SOME WAY WHATSOEVER. Don't let this be like Focus where it's someone's oh-so-previous brainbaby and they refuse to hear any words against it, because we all know where that's gotten us. Spoilers in case you're not following along at home, Operators are still ass. This isn't a thing that's going to go away if you ignore it long enough, stop pretending it is. Operators were one thing, but it's a lot easier to ignore that than it is melee being changed out from under you. People are going to keep on complaining. At least SAY SOMETHING back to us.
  13. Can we please please please ditch the Forma/Sculpture challenges completely? Forcing people to forma things just encourages the cruddy optimal affinity farm grind that you guys apparently hate, and expends resources in a way that people might not want to spend, since polarizing things isn't always good. Don't force me to strain to think of what weapon to pointlessly polarize, and then have to level up again so I can use the damn thing, or polarize something I don't care about and basically waste the forma just to tick a box. I still have freshly polarized things in my inventory from the first run through because I don't have the motivation to go and grind them out again. The thought of doing so makes me just want to give up and go play the OTHER PoE. And with the sculptures, remove it. Entirely. Do you know why? Because now I can't slot my damn sculptures without thinking 'But what if there's a sculpture challenge next week'. I don't get sculptures that often, so each and every goddamn one of them I need to wait and save unslotted regardless of how much I'd like that Endo to actually upgrade things and make progress, because every sculpture I slot is another one I need to bust my ass trying to find to satisfy a dumb challenge. Hell, replace it with 'find ayatan stars' or something, those things are everywhere. Or 'Acquire X Endo', making sculptures a WAY to complete it but not OBLIGATE, and encourages something useful and progressive rather than RESTRICTING your progression so you can tick a goddamn box. Just get rid of them, please. They're awful.
  14. It would be REALLY nice if for the next 'season' you explicitly state upfront when the hell it's ending. I have at least one friend who gave up on Nightwave because he started late and ended up thinking he had fallen too far behind to get to the end rewards. Say how dang long it's gonna last, don't just shrug and 'eh' at us next time. It doesn't help anyone. All the other events you've given concrete durations, why was Nightwave different?
  15. I think one of the more ironic things is that removal of manual blocking made the melee system more braindead and automatic when DMC is like, the opposite of that.
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