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  1. DONE!!! Finally! I wanted to add some folds to the cloth on the orange cloth, but I couldn't wrap my head around it for whatever reason. (pun not intended, but I'll take it lol) All materials already exist in-game. Tower ceramics for the mask proper, metallic material is the same as the glass wind chime ornament, rings & coloured glass from same ornament. Fabrics from various canvases in Cetus.
  2. So it was kinda answered in the Deconstructing DE podcast that Skyrezz is working on the Nyx deluxe from TennoCon 2018, is there hope for seeing progress on it along with the Titainia one that was also featured at TennoCon? Maybe even that Zephyr one?
  3. So, it's been a while since the last Deluxe skin news update. I know that the Limbo deluxe is well under way by this point, but is there any news regarding the Nyx & Titainia skins? Last I heard about them was TennoCon 2018 😛
  4. This is neat, but I’d love for the ability to have the login rewards available on the app as well. It’s not every day I can get to my computer, but I always have my phone on me. Maybe even have Wyrmious, Happy Zephyr and/or Frame Fighter as a means to use the boosters too on the app.
  5. I did this one back in July of 2017. Love Oberon Prime x Titainia 💖
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