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  1. ...right. I did not read through that Trello well enough. Though my anxiety for the future of content balancing is still there, I must thank you for giving me the shortstop of reassurance, at least for Critical Deceleration. Thank you!
  2. First of all, thank you for reading this post! Anyhow, my input won't seem to fit in any of the mega feedback thread, so I'll leave this here: If I recall correctly, Critical Delay and Creeping Bullseye received the following changes: Increased Critical Chance Value from +48% to +187%. Disables stacking with Point Strike and Pistol Gambit to their respective weapon types. I understand that the changes were made to cater the new Internal Bleeding and Hemorrhage mods, however, what about the mod below: Has this been left unchanged for a purpose? Generally, I dislike
  3. On this context, on a single mission of 4 players in Railjack, we have experienced apparently too many in-game errors as such, 3 non-host players were rendered unable to continue to play and had to leave in frustration, leaving the host, who is me, however even I am affected by some adverse in-game bugs to list below: Scope: 4-player team while using Discord as form of voice communication Bug Effects: Some players get stuck in the middle of space, usually approx. 23,000 meters away from the team, and also unable to see the scene properly. (non-host) Players become s
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