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  1. The point of highlighting the abilities in lightblue is so that you can quickly, at a glance, tell what ability you have selected. Transference makes this incredibly confusing because if it's at full energy it's ALWAYS highlighted which makes it very distracting when trying to quickly check which ability you've selected in a tense situation. Conversely, there's also no visual feedback when you have transference selected. This is almost a bigger problem than the first one because if you're trying to quickly use transference to dodge and attack or use an Operator ability, you have to double chec
  2. Hi all! I'm building a Zaw and I can't quite figure out which of these two Links would be better. Strike: Plague Kripath Handle: Seekalla What Link would you guys advise and why? Thank you very much in advance for your input!
  3. Any chance you can do Brand New World from One Piece?
  4. True but shouldn't those also count towards melee kills? Surely Archmelee is a sub-category of Melee and not something else entirely.
  5. The game doesn't seem to recognize Bone Widow's Exalted Ironbride as a melee weapon despite using melee mods. Even after completing an entire Iso Vault in which I killed 50+ enemies with the Ironbride, my Nightwave Act still has me at 0/150.
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