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  1. much appreciated to hear that it wasn't something worse
  2. bit funny if the system thinks i havent done it whilst having max rank with both the family and loid
  3. currently i have to spawn in open world and fly to necralisk to get in but i cant just get to necralisk from or orbiter???
  4. this gets prompted when i try to enter it now after finishing my necromech it's not steel path so it's not that..
  5. the spectral scream showcase was weird as well cuz she never actually killed the enemy she was about to show case it on so that one just feels confusing changing elements mid game could be real cool though
  6. dunno about that i have had that for a few days now kinda starting to give up on the game though
  7. that's not the only weird thing, after i bought the plat to unlock my account i had way more trades than i should be able to have
  8. yes cuz the braindead idiot that bought them charged back the plat so i went negative
  9. no i sold my arcane sets and the day after i got this on my screen
  10. was fun having to pay this considering im unemployed cuz of corona
  11. i know i got a pending ticket regarding me having to pay 100 bucks to unlock my account that i opened 8 days ago that hasnt been responded to but the chat ban ticket got responded to within 15 min
  12. already did and they just give me a copy pasted "blah blah blah up to 14 days blah blah blah"
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