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  1. "RETURN OF MANUAL BLOCKING AND MELEE STATE Thanks to your feedback from Phase 1, manual blocking and a full Melee-only attack state have returned!" This words filling by pleasure my heart.😀
  2. Sorry for my bad language. Seems DE just don't care about our comfort when we using melee. They won't to admit their mistake with this piece of sh*t that they called melee 2.5 and make a appearance that "all fine". All was normal with old 2.0 system, but NO, they need changes, they brake all system but MAKE CHANGES, no one need it but THEY WILL MAKE F*CK*N CHANGES! Almost year normal melee players suffer but we f*ck*n don't care. Yes DE? Nothing care when money going to your pockets, isn't it? Don't know about others, but I don't need f*ckn autoblock. I don't need 3 times f*ck*n autochange weapon by RMB. I need to change weapon to melee when I hold F button, cause this is COMFORTABLE. I need to push RMB and make block when I use melee and not f*ck*n aiming. Not the F*CK*N aiming! Half combos of almost all melee weapons need holding block for making and I need to remove all other weapon just for using this without pain in my *ss. And its terrible, just nightmare. What are you doing DE?
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