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  1. so i tranqed 2 condrocs in the plains it was night time and there where 3 eidolon vomvalysts around the sleeping condrocs and then the vomvalyst shot at me missed and hit the sleeping INVINCIBLE condroc whether this is a bug or not i do not know but i hope this helps.
  2. Don't know if DE know about this so i'm just gonna see if this will help valkyr loenessa tennogen skin has a bug where the little tag that is suppose to dangle from her collar is instead in-between her legs i hope this helps
  3. umbra forma and omega forma when or was the post are they fake?
  4. when will we be able to toggle prime details on immortal skins also when will we get female warframe jiggle physics and when can we add umbral polarity's
  5. female body jiggle physics/ and pole dance emote when? also any word on making a way to add umbral polarity like maybe a umbral forma or something?
  6. well on the 1st and then again on the 5th well i guess we know the udates not coming today then or next week such a shame
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