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  1. yeah this is so annoying, happens to me all the time
  2. Can we have a fix for Seeker Volley making every railjack mission braindead easy, spamming 3 to win isn't fun and shouldn't be a thing considering the health of the fighters was lowered too anyway. Also Railjack boost nerf should be reverted, or boost / base speed bonus of engines tripled. Traversing large maps now is mentally deteriorating.
  3. I'm wracking my brain, trying to find a reason to ever use Vazarin now. Any chance a veteran Tenno with 20k hours played can find an inventive way to use it?? Please let me know!
  4. These movement speed/boost changes sound bad, the base movement speed should at least be tripled and the speed added by Mk3 engines also tripled RIP my one reason to play rail-jack, challenging myself to see how fast I can do a specific node will be pointless praying to RNG now
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