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  1. Hi as a fashionframe meta i like to put the Prime colors on the skins i put on my frames I can use copy colors to armor pieces or syandanas but it doesnt tell me what those are so i ve to watch all color palletes and comparing them and there are A LOT So I ask for them to tell me wich is and from wich pallete is from
  2. I didnt read anything than Excuses Always the same Pc MUST be above console WHY cant you be like the other games and be all the same update? This kind of things are ones than makes me leave cause there isnt any reason to play
  3. Why i cant find Mirage deluxe on the market?
  4. Me parece COMPLETAMENTE INECESARIO Lo unico bueno que veo de todo esto son 2 cosas 1 Comando 2 Railjack corpus El resto inecesario y parece que está hecho para que sea a prueba de novatos Y pa colmo retrasando en consolas
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