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  1. How could you announce Xaku second rework and let us here waiting for the 1st?
  2. When you pick the option of copy warframe colors or pick the attachements colors it doesnt tell you wich are these colors But when you paint your warframe they show it It also exist the original warframes colors palette but not the prime ones maybe you can sell it by 150 plat? The doble of a normal palette considering that the Prime one?
  3. Got the staff skin and the mistery decoration But I still waiting for the Pistol and Hidroid
  4. I watchet all the streaming i only got the staff and the statue Where is the pistol and the warframe?
  5. So to get the misterious decoration i ve to watch the Whole tennocon stream in the relay or Only the tennolive stream in the relay?
  6. I tried via ingame and still not getting the email with the confirmation code
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