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  1. I dont rush the fight i instead do this I let the lich live cause he can spawn 10 thralls i kill them then i fight the lich When a sister spawn she spawns with a dog she also spawns a dog every time she loses a health bar so then i try a requiem and if i guess right i wait for her dog to spawn and i kill it then repeat untill she is dead xd And this is the most efficient requiem murmur farm and people seems to not knowing it
  2. I sended a ticket to support to ask for the 595 plat refund Dont alarm now i ll buy the Riptide pack How much time is it going to be live?
  3. I recently bought the waverider collection 500plat in order to get the decoration And now i see that there is a diferent pack that costs 40€ that has almost the same items except the exclusive heart decoration What do i need to do? Have a duplicate yareli kompressa and syandana? I want the heart included on the 40€ pack and a refund
  4. I feel you I checked the store before buying this and there was no supporter pack so I bought this thinking that was the supporter pack And now i am seeing a the real supporter pack And the 500 plat yareli is on the helminth stomach I like exclusive things too
  5. Everything is good everything is fine Just revert the Kuva Nukor and blood rush Kuva nukor had a great cc with Fire damage and Blood rush Cmon you already nerfed from 120 to 60 and now 40? Thats too much
  6. They are in the in dev status then they send it and change into the in cert status Then they tell us the release date
  7. When i do copy warframe or syandana default colors i want to know wich color is and from what color pallete is from So yea thats it Also HI everyone
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