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  1. I dont rush the fight i instead do this

    I let the lich live cause he can spawn 10 thralls   i kill them then i fight the lich

    When a sister spawn she spawns with a dog    she also spawns a dog every time she loses a health bar   so then  i try a requiem  and if i guess right  i wait for her dog to spawn and i kill it  then repeat  untill she is dead xd 

    And this is the most efficient requiem murmur farm and people seems to not knowing it 

  2. hace 17 horas, [DE]Rebecca dijo:


    I'll keep this short and sweet so the main points stand out:

    - We are adding the 'Waverider's Heart Decoration' to the Riptide Supporter Pack Server-side on all platforms (Nintendo Switch soon when it launches there). Currently, this item is only available in the Platinum Bundles on Purchase (or Gift). This should be done today or tomorrow. 
    - We will run a script tomorrow for anyone who has already bought the Riptide Pack.
    - This was a complete oversight that just didn't click to include in the Support Packs, but we are rectifying it.


    I sended a ticket to support to ask for the 595 plat refund 

    Dont alarm now i ll buy the Riptide pack 

    How much time is it going to be live?

  3. I recently bought the waverider collection 500plat  in order to get the decoration

    And now i see that there is a diferent pack that costs 40€  that has almost the same items except the exclusive heart decoration

    What do i need to do?  Have a duplicate yareli  kompressa and syandana?  

    I want the heart included on the 40€ pack and a refund 


  4. hace 5 minutos, (PSN)MrVersatal dijo:

    Purchased PA but only ephemera and plat showed up. No frame, weapons, or anything else. Halp


    I think youve purchased the other pack 

    With the boosters ephemera and cat armor 

    The weapons and the frame is a diferent pack 

  5. Hi  as a fashionframe meta i like to put the Prime colors on the skins i put on my frames

    I can use copy colors to armor pieces or syandanas but it doesnt tell me  what those are  so i ve to watch all color palletes and comparing them and there are A LOT 

    So I ask for them to tell me wich is and from wich pallete is from 


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  6. 10 hours ago, NovusNova said:

    Mirage deluxe isn't in the console update 30 builds and I believe DE are planning to add it with the next console build.

    From the update notes:

    "The Mirage Oneiro Skin Deluxe and Animations will be coming in a future console hotfix/update. 
    The skin and animations were released on PC with Call of the Tempestarii, but unfortunately due to the nature of console submissions we were unable to include them in this release. We are looking to do so as soon as we can, but in the meantime you can still take to the skies in style with the new Zephyr Harrier Deluxe Collection!"

    I didnt read anything than Excuses

    Always the same Pc MUST be above console WHY cant you be like the other games and be all the same update?

    This kind of things are ones than makes me leave cause there isnt any reason to play 


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