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  1. There is a bug for clients when you sometimes do no damage to enemies after entering RJ/crewship/point of interest (i suppose mods on your weapons stop working - I wasn't able to trigger berserker on my melee for example along with dealing miserable amount of damage). Re-entering a point of interest helps, but, as you can guess, it is not very convenient.
  2. You guys did well creating assets for Railjack levels - they look nice. Now you need to fill levels with some side objectives maybe because all these big and fancy levels look pretty much useless
  3. Here's some railjack feedback (from solo gameplay experience, this is not about bugs, I suspect you know about them pretty well atm): Access to railjack foundry is unnecessary slow (idk why you made us go through these long animations instead of just using a console there); There could be nice to have a feature to catapult yourself into space directly from the pilot seat (way back can still be through the airlock); Also, there could be nice to have an indicator next to railjack's hp bar showing that intruders are on board (again, when you're playing it solo - you have to leave your railjack to deal with the crewships (and yes, i know that front gun can destroy them, but what if you don't have the needed intrinsics?)); Speaking of crewships, their accuracy (accuracy, not damage) against the players in archwing mode needs to be reduced - if you're not using Amesha, it's almost impossible to dodge the full barrage in your face (you guys seem to like homing explosions with crazy explosion area, eh? 😀). From the bright part, I enjoy the railjack gameplay, even in solo. Cy's commentaries and enemy pilots' communications during the heat of battle greatly increase the effect of already dynamic gameplay. P.S. I'm going 0-3-1-4 for intrinsics (engi is the priority). Feels managable so far, but i'm only at Earth proxima after all.
  4. And to all others: Are you seriously not joking mates? Did you really enjoyed having to drag through the entire map to finally stop? Blink cooldown values need balancing though (maybe even different values for different AW). And Itzal's new ability is bleh - agreed on that.
  5. Am I crazy or is Mercy animation speed affected by melee attack speed stat (modified by mods)? If so - why?
  6. Sometimes your Lich tells you "I've been taking time to work on...me." - but you can't really feel it. Fighting your Lich at rank 5 feels the same way as at rank 1. A lazy way to fix it: do not give Liches all their abilities at rank 1, unlock 1 of their abilities per their rankup - so at rank 5 they'll have all 4; make dodge their 1st ability; make them dodge a lot more at rank 5 (and use other abilities too for non-radiation ones, since the ones that can cause a rad proc on you seem to be the deadliest); I think this can give us at least an illusion of progression. A word about Grendel - his 4 is pretty difficult to control (especially steering).
  7. I must say that even if Grendel is a pain to get, he's very fun to play (for me at least). A bug with Mercy: if you somehow stagger a non-thrall enemy (i.e. Dethcube's Vaporize) and Mercy becomes available - you cannot do it until this stagger animation completes (which in case of Vaporize is pretty long). And maybe increase health threshold for Mercy being available? 5% is too low - enemies often get destroyed way before you can reach them.
  8. I kinda like this update. My lich is paying me more attention than Lotus ever did. 😀 Now some words about it. The way to get requiem mods - ok since requiem relics are not really hard to get (but honestly, with these new relics that we're gonna use consistently we need more ways to get void traces; or maybe let us upgrade them with kuva?); The way to learn which requiem mods you need for your lich - bad, very. It's very repetitive and long. I like new melee. Not all of its aspects of course, but I really like how you can control your combos now. Lifted status has potential but at its current state it is not very usable (for example - lifted status is expired before you can finish heavy ground slam animation). A word about gunblades stances - let them have at least 1 combo with only shooting. Can't say anything about Grendel because he's cooking at the moment, but those missions for his parts are pain (especially defence). A strange thing is happening with Operator's void dash: if you hit an obstacle (e.g. - teralyst's head) - it renders you unable to use void blast until you land on something. That's a big OOF for Unairu users.
  9. Archgun shockwave! Please, let us use this shockwave (like the one we send when we summon the archgun) since we cant use melee attacks while wielding the archgun.
  10. There's a solution to this: you can bind first 10 gear items to buttons (if you're on pc tho) Btw, this forums need a "scroll up" button kthx
  11. I have only one question - why does Vauban need Sticky Ripline if he already has Vortex which does the same thing? Or am I missing something? Maybe change it into deployable medkit/ammo box/shield battery/etc?
  12. Are you planning on adding some additional info in the end mission screen? Like damage done (in absolute values, not %), damage received (in absolute values), healing done, caches found, spy vaults hacked/failed etc? Also, about sortie rewards - maybe give players a choice of 1 out of 3 random rewards (regardless of how many people are in the squad) instead of one at random? Like, sometimes you don't really want to get catalysts/reactors but the game keeps on giving them to you. Also, arcanes. We all know that each arcane has its own sign. So why can't we have these exact signs showing on the screen as buff icons when they trigger instead of common arcane icon (which looks like an old radio or something)?
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