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  1. Love the event, but maybe it's time to add some additional twists to it? Like, different hemocyte variations, replacing drone escort part with something else, etc.
  2. I like the idea, but the numbers are vay too crazy. I can understand Arbitration buffs - since they're given to you for only one mission, but invigorations are given to you for the whole week. Oh, and also I'd like to have a way to see the current ones without getting into the Helmith's chair (or the ability to switch warframes while in it), because it takes a lot of time.
  3. Regarding the 'on kill' condition of Galvanized mods. I see a lot of people ask to remove it and set it to 'on hit' instead, but it can be both actually. You can increase the amount of stacks (like, x2 or even x3) and reduce the bonus of each individual stack (so the total bonus is unchanged) and make two conditions: 'on hit' - you receive 1 stack with 35% chance (x2 if rate of fire is lower than 2.5, similar to Internal Bleeding mod, chances can be even lower); 'on kill' - you receive 3-5 stacks at once (to ramp it up faster). While 'on kill' condition feels more rewarding, 'on hit' condition is still necessary, especially when you fight one tough enemy and there are no weak enemies around to sustain the mods' bonuses. For example - Liches/Sisters (which are not even Steel Path level enemies), you need a lot of time to fight them and on top of that they have a lot of means to prevent you from attacking them (teleporting to another room, invulnerability, etc), so your stacks will just wear off. P.S. I've no idea how to fit all that into the mod description.
  4. Hmm.. Maybe instead of 3 random warframes invigorations should offer you 1 out of 3 random sets of buffs for currently equipped one? And maaaaaybe you should not make the buff values so ridiculous? The idea itself seems interesting to me.
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