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  1. Hmm.. Maybe instead of 3 random warframes invigorations should offer you 1 out of 3 random sets of buffs for currently equipped one? And maaaaaybe you should not make the buff values so ridiculous? The idea itself seems interesting to me.
  2. If Sevagoth's shadow is holding an item (happened with a telemetry key in Kuva Fortress) and disappears (killed or runs out of energy) - it doesn't drop the item it's holding. You have to re-summon the shadow to get it. Sorry if this was mentioned already
  3. You're not alone in that corner
  4. Firstly, they need to make shadows not affected by Oberon's 3.
  5. I want Excal's 1 to behave similarly to Ember Spirit's Sleight of Fist from dota2. 😔 (pls don't hate me for that)
  6. Is it my flawless luck or do Corpus Proxima missions only give Zetki gear (I mean, the enemies there drop only Zetki gear)?
  7. Have you considered adding a railjack simulacrum? Like, sitting at pilot/gunner seat while in drydock activates target practice mode. It'd be convenient to see how the newly built guns behave before loading into a mission.
  8. Void Storms, yeah, no. I'm not going to spend 20+ minutes to get rid of only 1 relic. New visuals look juicy (maybe even too juicy sometimes). The quest is interesting but too short imo.
  9. And I thought that RNGods were very displeased with my offerings
  10. 2 new moas (Culveri and Polaris) are completely immune to ragdoll and Grendel cannot eat them. Idk if this is intentional or not, but I realy really don't like it (I don't mind them being as tanky as they are now). In the POI where you need to defend consoles to detach ship segments (if I remember correctly), the said consoles have a little too low health. The defence missions feel out of the place: they don't make any sense in terms of narrative; they ruin the pacing. Crewships' shield generators are hard to hit (or don't receive damage sometimes, can't really tell h
  11. I rarely buy tennogen stuff, but that Moloch will be the next.
  12. Well, to be honest - I'd like to see death more threatening in this game (but without the plat part).
  13. IF 🙂 But yeah, I notice that from time to time too. I think, enemy Necramechs can also be included in this list. But then again there're enemy Voidrig's (former) inconsistent invulnerability and mines with - as you said - non-telegraphed AoE. Still pretty fun to fight them tho. Anyway, I agree with what you said.
  14. Been doing exactly that since The Silver Grove update (since then I started actively playing this game). 🙃 But I do agree with you that Warframe is in desperate need of AI improvements. I was hoping that Steel Path would bring some of that, but noep - it's just a gear check with bullet sponge enemies (tried several SP missions and now I can confidently say - I detest SP).
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