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  1. That's why i think that these Nightwave quests should be given individually for each player depending on what they have/completed
  2. So, remember that fancy shockwave right after equipping an archgun? And melee button does nothing while in archgun mode. How about letting us release such shockwaves with melee button while holding an archgun? With the cost of some % of max ammo. These shockwaves look cool, sound cool and work (probably) cool too.
  3. Maybe Defy should be able to re-fill those free lives count? With that you can still have your immortality, but you have to work for it, eh? Just like Nidus players do.
  4. Looks like i have some time to get my Snipetron ready 🤔 Also, there's a nightwave 3-forma challenge, how convenient.
  5. I think it happens not after reload, but when you interrupt the reload animation, really annoying. Also, Komorex scope is barely visible (the central dot I mean) - make it more contrast pls!
  6. Here're my 3 little things Wisp: jump -> hold aim -> dodge -> you're running in midair now; floating animations for every her movement types would be appreciated; maybe Shock Mote should restore energy in some way? bonus: there're some shading artifacts on her hips.
  7. PLease look closely at Fulmin in alternative mode (auto mode) - warframe's left hand is broken in that state
  8. yeah, that would be nice (also when aiming)
  9. Corpus crewmen performing idle animations (leaning on walls, interacting with consoles, sitting on crates etc.) don't care if you're running invisible near them and become alerted if you come too close (but don't shoot you)
  10. Can we get a faster and more convenient way to deploy/holster archweapons please? Gear menu does its work in free roam, but it doesn't work well during some action (e.g. Profit-Taker fight).
  11. Why do Orb Vallis enemies hit so hard? PoE enemies are nothing compared to them (well except bolkors).
  12. Or maybe leave the slow but release an electro/radiation shockwave around Hildryn with every charged shot🤔
  13. cool boss, better than PT imo, but bugs (endless loading/exploiter not spawning after leaving the cave etc.) are annoying, and there should be a separate matchmaking for it as was mentioned above
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