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  1. Alright, here goes my wishlist (regarding railjack functionality, not the game mode): for those who sit in the foundry and have nothing to do most of the time - rear turret; faster animations for entering side turret seats and using foundry; ability to catapult yourself into space from the pilot seat (for situations when you're playing solo or just everyone else is busy and you need to quickly enter POI or board a crewship); ability to charge slingshot to increase jump distance (maybe for additional flux energy); using remote repair blocks using teleportation in t
  2. Hmm, Lavos seems to ignore the "use abilities on select" setting (well, kinda) If you're using a separate button to cast - then when you try to select any of the Lavos' abilities with 1-4 buttons, he immediately uses them. Holding the 'cast' button infuses currently selected one. Selecting abilities with mouse wheel works. I believe, this has been said already, but the more attention it gets - the better. If my memory serves, Garuda has the same problem with her 1
  3. Bonewidow's Meathook should disable Eximus units' auras, don't you think? And probably ignore Sentients' adaptation.
  4. Hehe boy© Also, Grendel is able to eat Kuva Dargyns (and probably PoE ones too) - is that intentional?
  5. Sniffboi refuses to sniff - it just stands there and does nothing (this bounty is the most broken right now). Necramech hovering now doesn't allow you to zoom - so I'm afraid that mods like Critical Focus and Marked Target won't work.
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