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  1. Yeah I agree to a certain extent. I don't want them to be better than warframes either, I want them to be comparable without being laughed out of the room because I want to use my operator.
  2. The TL:DR gives you a general idea of what the post is about but very little to no context as to why. You honestly are doing yourself a disservice but not at least reading the full post.
  3. So I should start with saying that I love the operators in concept, little void powered kids of destruction. But I hate that they're still pretty terrible compared to Warframes nearly 3 years after they became fully playable. Now I will admit that they've been made better over time I'm not arguing that but they are definitely worse off in comparison. First of all to make them even tolerable to play you have to get your waybounds unbound to make them decently sub-par which takes freaking forever. There is no excuse for focus farming to take as long as it does anymore when all your efforts leads to a little brat who will tank a few more hits and move a bit faster. Secondly, their amps are pathetic for basically everything but Eidolons and resetting sentient resistance. The reason being is that Void damage is quite literally the worst element in the game having three negatives to certain health types and zero positives. Of course some people will tell me (correctly) that Arcane's do exist that can change your void damage out for things like Viral or Heat. Yes I agree that this too is a good step forward but I hate it when I have one of those equipped and forget to switch it out before an Eidolon hunt only to realize I can't do S#&$ in this hunt because I'm doing Viral damage. Speaking of Arcane's, why does DE use them as the operators form of modding but still only give you the standard arcane cap of your Warframe? I strikes me as odd seeing all these Arcane's that can fix a fair few of my issues pretty quickly being restricted to 3 total (2 operator, 1 Amp) and also getting them requires quite a bit of patience because they're all locked behind rep so there is only so much you can do for a day towards getting them which is almost the exact opposite of Warframe arcane's which you can farm by killing Eidolons for 50 minutes out of every 2 and a half hours. So obviously by this point you can see I have some issues with the operators but I'm also not the type of guy to S#&$ on game mechanics without offering solutions (It's called constructive criticism for a reason) First they just need to drop the daily cap on focus. I know what you might say "Well if the cap is removed what point would there be in doing Eidolons?" or "Well I put in the effort so you should just suck it up and deal with it." On the topic of the first point, aren't you already doing Eidolon hunts for standing, Arcanes, and Shards for unlocking waybounds anyways? It's not like they would become useless. On to the second point, I'm not asking for them to hand me focus I'll still do the work for it I just don't want a hard cap for the day. I want to binge my focus and have it in a few days of hard work. On the point of Arcanes, Look I appreciate what they tried to do with those but honestly operators just need a standard mod system like your Warframe, Guns, CatDogs and so on. Now I've actually discussed this solution before with a decent amount of people and the one thing they usually had in common was that these mods would just confuse new players. To which I say "Make them drops from sentient type enemies." That way it would be nearly impossible to get them before you are ready for them. Plus as an added bonus it would give us more reasons to go to Lua and do Eidolon hunts which might help mitigate the content drought a bit. And finally my problem with amps. First of all they need to make it so Void damage ignores armor, or it needs some positives against certain health types. Also the status effect is hot garbage and needs to be replaced with something better. The rest of my issues with the amps would be easily fixed with mods so need to repeat myself. Trust me when I say I don't S#&$ on game mechanics lightly, I do it because I think there is a genuine problem and I just want to see this game get better. TL:DR Operators are crap, please DE make them better.
  4. To put it simply, that's #*!%ing bullS#&$. You delay normal Baro so that people who payed to 25 bucks or more can feel #*!%ing special. Baro better not bring Primed Disappointment if you want to delay it an extra week.
  5. No they need to bring back the mesh change, a lot of people loved the mesh change even considering it was buggy. what they should have done is not revert the mesh change and use that time fixing the mesh.
  6. So when are you going to give the operator changes from 23.10 back? And don't give me the whole "soon" excuse, I want dates.
  7. I'm basically going to repeat what I said in the 23.10.5 hotfix thread. Reverting the operator customization to the pre 23.10 version was a waste of time because you intend on fixing it anyways so at worst we are looking at a week or two of a bit of weird looking operators. Unless this is your way of saying that this is going to take a lot longer than a couple of weeks in which case I still have to wonder why you threw it out in the first place? Incompetence, or did you guys just not give a damn about quality and instead only care about getting the next update out as fast as possible because you actually realized that they way you handle content updates now leads to long droughts of content where the game is at its most likely time to hemorrhage players. (not to say that it is because I don't know the numbers and thus won't make that claim.) Now I don't mean to S#&$ talk anyone and if I came off that way I apologize but your mismanagement somewhere is really starting to get on my nerves and leaves me in a spot where I should just start expecting the worst in the future, but I don't want to do that because I honestly love this game and want to see it get better.
  8. Does it seem to anyone else that reverting the operator cosmetics while they fix up the new system is just a complete waste of time? We are all big boys and girls we can wait for it to be fixed and the more time you waste on resetting the old system for the meantime the longer it will be before you actually fix whats broken. So please, I implore you to not worry about the bugged outfits right now, we can handle it for a short period of time. Unless you are saying that this is a fix that will take several weeks or months in which case I wonder how you #*!%ed that one up so bad and am really questioning your quality assurance, but I doubt it's that bad.
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