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    Klan SLEEPWALKERS tier:Burza



    Wymagamy :

    1.wiek 18+

    2.zachowania kultury osobistej

    3.Dostępu do Discorda (jednak niema przymusu siedzenia non-stop)


    1.W pełni rozwinięte badania w dojo

    2.Pomoc w rozwoju

    3.Wspólna gra nie tylko w warframe



    Serdecznie zapraszam 


    Discord: https://discord.gg/yNFBERA lub pod nickiem: -Gaijin-#7322

                                                                                                W GRZE  pod nickiem:  -Gaijin- 

  2. MAY 16 UPDATE: Good afternoon, Tenno! Next week is our more realistic launch week. We wouldn't be able to deliver and iterate on a build with the time remaining this work week. We will bring everything to the finish line Friday, take the weekend, and come out swinging next week. As an FYI, the studio is closed Monday for a Canadian Statutory holiday (another huge factor in pushing to next week)! So you'll hear from us Tuesday. By now you've got a good sense of what's coming (and maybe a few surprises remain), competitive clans have the information they need to start their rosters, and more

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