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  1. Huh? I'm confused. Let me see if I get this straight. Normal enemies who are struck by Radiation are: 1) Changed in faction 2) They deal more damage to their former allies. Liches, however: 1) Do not have the faction changed 2) They do not deal more damage to enemies-who-suffer-from-Radiation (?!), even though that's not how Radiation works? Or is this just really poorly worded, actually meaning the Lich doesn't deal more damage to its former allies, if the LICH has those stacks? If the latter, the sentence could really do with a rephrasing (like just ditching the "with stacks" part). 3) Liches instead suffer more damage taken from enemies who *also* have Rad-procs (or similar faction-changing effects) on them. Did I get that right?
  2. And Staves! Clashing Forest used to be one of the best stances, now its forward combo - while still allowing some forward movement - is so mudwalkingly clunky.
  3. A more basic "Gunplatform" frame (Call him/her Havoc?) Think abilities like: * Short duration gunbooster (unlimited ammo, high rate of fire, that kind of stuff) * Some basic kind of protection (think Frost Eximus' protective self-bubble, only protecting against ranged attacks coming from outside the globe) * Rocket barrage (similar to Odanata's #3 (Seeking Fire), launched from the shouldermounted launchers, gundam style - shoots without any animation lock, so it's easy to use on the run), which has decent damage and good debuffing (so it has a use with your running and gunning) * Exalted minigun or laser gatling, with some cool altfire launcher of sorts. (Or maybe no Exalted weapon, so it is more about your own weapon choices?)
  4. Ummm... enemies are dispersed all around you, they are definitely not always just all in the same spot. Being knocked down by a shot means you'll be exposed to gunfire from enemies from other locations. And that is still assuming the enemies you shot at are killed / incapacitated in the first place, which might not alway be the case. And being to mod away from it is fine by me, as you're sacrificing a valuable modslot for a nice utility, as it should be.
  5. I am extremely excited that they finally went with self-incapacitation instead of self-damage (I, among a few others, have been suggesting this repeatedly). Self-incapacitation works much better in line with the game's high pace and its general "risk-reward" system. The current self-damage system has always felt massively out of place since they went more and more towards making the game a chaotic hordeshooter, rather than a tactical-esque shooter.
  6. So let's see: Labels on by default - Check! Requiem info in Parazon modding - Check! Market (and Codex?) "About"-button removed - Check! Basicly, now there's just the Diorama Gradient and Railjack Avionics screen left (of which I'd REALLY love to have your version!). I'd say you definitely left an impression 😄 Sure, I don't wanna diminish the rest of the community's efforts for wanting similar changes, but you presented a lot of it in such a clear way that the rest of us didn't or couldn't. So take my (and likely a majority of the community's) thanks for your awesome contribution! 🙂
  7. Hey OP? Seems like another thing you mentioned for improvement (the "About" section) was added: I'd say it's not unlikely a nice chunk of the reason why it's getting implemented is because of this excellent thread of yours! 🙂
  8. I just wanna chime in to say: EXCELLENT work, @(PS4)Maunstre! I agreed with everything you have proposed here - but I have to say that your Railjack UI improvements are particularly nice. I want that yesterday! 😄
  9. So, just something that's been bothering me about colouring Ivara (both base and Prime). When I colour a Warframe, I tend to start by picking everything all black, and change colours from that base. Well, here's the problem: Base Ivara: Colour all channels completely black and you'll get her, for the most part, completely black in the back. Nothing too bothersome. From the front, however, a HUGE portion of her body is bright gray. I usually don't mind some colours being uncolourable with some small gray sections (like on Ash), because they tend to be rather minor. But Ivara still has like 75% of her front body remaining gray! Imo, that's just not ok. Ivara Prime: Again, basicly the same issue as on base Ivara, but instead with her skirt and her "hat-skirt"; Pick black on all channels, and her skirt still kinda glows in a bright white-ish colour. Is there a way to make these overly gray/bright areas, you know, not be so gray/bright? Other than by being forced to buy Tennogen, that is. It's a shame, because I really like the base skin (in particular) so much...
  10. This is perfect. Now Fireball just needs to become a useful skill.
  11. It's silly really. Aggravating, even. Something similar to the defensive ability that Odalisk is getting (like an energy bubble you toss down, similar to Snow Globe, which Vauban can pick up as a personal shield) would be an absolutely perfect #2 for Vauban (considering his named after Vauban, the fortification engineer - not to mention that then there's no need for a bandaid armorbonus), and then just scrap/merge his current Memelayer with his other skills. Vector - Scrap this garbage. Amp - Merge with the new defensive #2 skill (so, when you have a bubble on you and/or you're near a trench, you deal bonusdamage) Flechette - Add it as an aftereffect to his Photon Strike, although graphically more fitting (like with a radiation cloud or something). Would be nice if Photon Strike also worked as proximity grenade. But hey, that'd be fun, so not gonna happen. Tether - Either scrap it, or make it the holdcast of the new #2.
  12. I saw that you can buy Wreckage slots (or rather, it's called something along the lines of "Railjack Components & Armament Slots"), and I thought that THAT is how you get up to the 30 slot cap. But apparently this is beyond the 30 slot cap? Due to that, I clicked buying those slots a little bit too many times (my own bad, yeah) - but I have no actual clue how many slots I have. Any chance we can be allowed to see our slot cap amounts? (So I also know if I'd like to ask for a refund due to clear overpurchasing)
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