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  1. Just a question; What's that Follow Through stat? Is it a damage loss factor when hitting multiple targets in one swing or something?
  2. Compared to Minelayer? Hardly think so xD In fact, I got a couple of good feedback comments when I suggested it in the main rework thread, actually.
  3. I agreed that Minelayer is still a piece of garbage. Tether = Vortex exists. Nailgun = Orbital Strike and weapons exist (however, a lingering DPS-field could be attached to Orbital Strike so it feels less empty. Along with making Orbital Strike work like a proximity mine = absolutely golden!). Speed pad = Lol. What a joke. Damage amp = Good, but boring. As for your replacments, I feel the Teleportation pad is kinda... not too useful (while exploitative in niche situations). Jammer looks much better, imo. What I feel Vauban misses though, is some kind of defensive utility skill. Thus here's my replacement idea: BUNKER Vauban tosses a ball which deploys a moderate-size dome of protection (think Frost's Snow Globe without the pushback and slowdown, and also a bit weaker and a tad smaller) Max 6 Bunkers can be placed at once. Vauban can pick up a Bunker (press X) to make it a smaller dome of personal protection (for movable defense) Allies inside a Bunker (Vauban too ofc) gain a damage amp (similar to the Damage amp from Minelayer) and a reloadspeed bonus - this gives it some utility aside from just being protection. Augment: Fortification = Allies (Vauban too ofc) inside a Bunker gain X shields (can gain Overhisleds) and X% of max ammo every second.
  4. Thanks. It kinda saddens me though, as both these reworks really frustrate me with their incompetence.
  5. Similar to what I said (or, well, wanted to say), but more eloquently said. Nicely put. And that last part rings particularly true; These reworks were not very well thought out. Which defeats the whole point of a rework in the first place; it's supposed to be well thought out so you actually make the frame better and more appealing - don't just quickly throw together a random mishmash of drunken nonsense.
  6. I both like and dislike her rework. Don't get me wrong, the good things are GOOD, but she's an entirely different Warframe now, and some things need further improvement: Overall style change: Fireball was rather useless, Fire Blast sadly only saw use in niche situations, while Accelerant was spammed with WoF being on almost the entire time. The GOOD thing about old WoF, however, was the relaxed style - you could parkour and shoot and pay attention to the environment very well. I'm gonna miss that. And while Accelerant was excellent, it felt rather... placeholdery, in a way. However, if Fireball was made a better area denial skill, and Fire Blast had better utility (like the new armor strip), with Accelerant doing something different (like the "wildfire" effect of the new Inferno) along with the new FIre-proc mechanic, I'd be SUPER happy. But alas, the Warframe was entirely changed. New style = Activate 2, spam 4 (1 is likely never gonna be used, still), use 3 to take down the overheating, rather than using it for its actual purpose. See the problem? The new overheat mechanic is what ruins everything. It's stressful, it takes away attention from the battefield over to a new and boring meter and it makes one ability (Fire Blast), not really used for its actual effect (i.e. its CC and armorstrip), but rather to make sure you don't lose all your energy (!). If the overheat mechanic was removed, I'd find the new Ember's kit nice. But as it is propsed currently, I instead hate it. It not only removes the relaxing part of her style, it swings the pendulum around entirely and makes her stressful. Yuck! And: Fireball is still useless. It still uselessly has the charge-up mechanic (which also clashes with her augment). It still has a uselessly tiny lingering flame area. Remove the charge. Increase the flame area. Maybe it'd have a use then as an area denial skill, with costant fire-procs to melt armor and stack some DPS. Fire Blast I like. Simple but effective, and SHOULD imo be her main AoE CC skill (rather than a tedious "overheat-remover") Inferno seems ok, albeit spam-requiring and making Fireball even more redundant than old WoF (since it has a much quicker effect at a very long range). Not to mention, WoF would've functioned MUCH better with the new Fire-procs (constant ticking, both for DPS-stacking and armor-melting). Overall, don't like the change, but I could live with it. Immolation I hate, as already explained, due to the whole overheat mechanic. Not to mention; It seems to be another fashionframe destroyer.
  7. They talked about "less redundancy", but I don't really see it. Sure, Tesla is much better and Bastille/Vortex looks neat - not gonna argue about those 2 skills, they look nice. But the other 2 skills need a look at: Orbital Strike needs utility though and/or something unique. My 3 ideas (all added at once): Basic utility, such as slowing down enemies after they are struck. ANYTHING that you could get use out of which your guns could utilize as well. Lingering damage zone, if at least for a moderate moment. This gives it some continued area denial effect. It's now a proximity mine. When cast, there's a delay, just like now. But once the delay is done, it won't shoot - not until there is at least one enemy enterring it's AoE. Then BAM! Beam comes down. There ya go, trapper-style nuke that could see some actual useage beyond just being a bland nuke. Minelayer. Oof. 4 new skills, and they are equally "useful" as before. Tether - Better than old Tripwire, but what's the point of this skill, really? You already have Vortex. Less redundancy? Not really, just DIFFERENT redundancy. Nailgun - Wow this looks SO bad. This replaces Shred, I assume. What's the point of this? It's just Tesla 1.0 with a different damage type, and Tesla was changed for a reason. Urgh. Speedthingy - LOL! Bounce, made even worse? I mean, sprint and bulletjump exists! I laughed when I saw this skill. Then just got sad. Hope that is enough explanation... Damageamp - Useful, but blaaaaaaand. I'd rather keep the Concuss grenade (Radiation proc was very useful for Ancients' auras) All in all though, I'd just scrap Minelayer entirely. Tether is already filled by Vortex, Nailgun could have its DPS effect as an added effect on Orbital Strike (as suggested above), Speedthingy exists in the form of sprinting and bulletjumping (lol) and Damageamp is the only thing really lost (more to that next). I'd replace it with this: Bunker - Toss a grenade which forms a protective dome (like Snow Globe - similar scaling too, but weaker). Max 6 can be placed. While Vauban or his allies are inside a Bunker, they gain a small damage amp and a reloadspeed bonus. Vauban can pick up a Bunker to carry it as mobile protective shell, but this greatly reduces the size of the shield. Augment: Fortification - Allies gain X shields every second (can grant overshields) and restore X% of their max ammo every second.
  8. I know it's pointless to post feedback, but here's a futile attempt: EMBER: This is now an entirely new Warframe, sadly. Overall, she went from a relaxing caster with a mobile playstyle, allowing focus to be more on gunplay, parkour and the environment - to a more stressful spammy caster playstyle with tankiness and the need to keep an eye on a boring meter, instead of having your eyes on the battlefield. Instant dislike from that part. It's bland and streamlined (Gauss-copy-paste, basicly). And can you just have a look at armor in general please? Too much of this boring "armor strip" is tacked on to every little effect these days to keep damage viable (now including on baseline Heat-procs), like if Grineer were basicly the only thing we fight in this game (hint hint; Corpus and Infested also exist). Fireball - Disappointing... This would have been perfect for the "place lingering fires in the environment" kind of skill, to keep enemies at bay on certain spots (like an area denial kind of skill). Oh, but it does leave lingering flames? Yeah, those tiny little flames are NOT worthwhile, sorry. Ditch the charge-up, increase the lingering fire size by a rather big amount, and make said lingering fire less visually obstructive. There; Long range area denial skill created. Immolation - Puke. Just hate it. I despise charge meters (I learned that moreso from playing Gauss), especially on a 'frame like Ember that was the opposite of tedium before. It's boring, a hassle and takes away the focus from the battle. And then 100% energydrain if you miss a moment of attention to that boring meter? Oh please, how obnoxious do you want her gameplay to be, really? Needs a complete rethinking so it's not a tedious babysitting, PLEASE! Also, her (and other frames') squishyness is a problem with the overall game's horrendous scaling and balancing. Start from the core before you do these random ability replacements, please? Fire Blast - From the looks of it, seems more or less the same, with some good QoL-fixes. Overall, I like it. Simple, but effective. The only real improvement I can see in her kit though (which is sad). What's worse; It makes your Immolaiton-DR worse, even though Fire Blast's job is heavily about keeping you alive with its CC. How counterintuitive. Inferno - While I'm a big fan of WoF, this seems interesting enough as a replacement (even though the wildfire effect could've easily been added to WoF as it is, ya know?). Spreading wildfire like this (if the spread range isn't pitiful, even if that's to be expected) could prove to be decently fun and useful, especially if paired with Fire Blast and (a range-improved) Fireball. I'm gonna hate the spam-happy nature of it though. Good bye old Ember. Gonna miss your previous playstyle o7 VAUBAN: What a mixed bag. Some great things, some "... why?!" things. Sigh. Tesla - Added mobility to this skill is a huge boost to his playstyle capabilities. Huge thumbs up from me! Minelayer - Urgh. This is where the extreme and utter disappointment kicks in. Why does he still have the clunky "quiver" mechanic? WHY? And... what are these horrendous skills? You replaced 4 skills with 4 new ones, and they're almost all WORSE than the old ones. Yikes! So many chances, so many fails. Tether - ... or just use Vortex? How redundant. Sure, it's usable, but why add "Vortex Light" in the first place when you already have Vortex? Nailgun - ... or just use Orbital Strike / your weapons. Looks absolutely pathetic, both visually and in effect. No idea what went through Scott's head with this one. Add its area-DPS-effect as an aftereffect to Orbital Strike instead. Speedboost - ... is this a joke? Like, really? I LAUGHED when I saw this skill. Then I almost cried realizing this was an actual new part of his kit. I mean... WHAT IS THIS CRAP?! Just sprinting and/or bulletjumping is more useful (moreso because you have CONTROL over it). Damageamp - While arguably the best of the bunch, how BLAND can you get? Urgh. Scrap Minelayer ENTIRELY. Here's a non-redundant replacement for ya: Bunker - Toss a grenade which forms a protective dome (like Snow Globe - similar scaling too, but weaker). Max 6 can be placed. While Vauban or his allies are inside a Bunker, they gain a small damage amp and a reloadspeed bonus (effects linger for a while after leaving). Vauban can pick up a Bunker to carry it as mobile protective shell, but this greatly reduces the size of the shield (only just covers around him). Augment: Fortification - Allies gain X shields every second (can grant overshields) and restore X% of their max ammo every second while inside a Bunker. There ya go. No redundancy. No clunk. And the only true loss from Minelayer (the damageamp) is preserved in Bunker too. Easy peasy. Orbital Strike - Meh. If it does some seriously good damage, I can see it useable in place of having AoE-weapons. Maybe. At least has some synergy with Vortex. I hope it has some utility though, so you're enticed to use it regardless of what weapon you're carrying. Things I could see to make it ACTUALLY good though: Proximity mine style. I.e. it doesn't attack until at least one enemy enters its AoE. Lingering DPS. After it shoots, make it leave some effect on the ground (like a plasma-like fire, Radiation damage?) - as mentioned above, this means the "Nailgun" gets added here, basicly, more or less keeping it, but in a better place. Some utility - Slowdown in the area, perhaps? Bastille - Not much to say, looks good. Will likely continue to be his main use (along with the new Teslas, and potentially with Orbital Strike if it's worthwhile to use). Overall verdict for both frames: Disappointment. With some mild "well that's nice" (that being Tesla, Bastille and Fire Blast). And why isn't Pablo doing all reworks? T_T
  9. As usual, great post! I like everything you've suggested here, in particular the Target Fixation "charge and discharge" idea! That'd be a fantastic augment, which could ACTUALLY work. Question; The tethering effect for the suggested Airburst's augment, would it also pull in enemies a little more to the middle (i.e. a "tight leash"), or would it just hold them inside their affected area (i.e. a "loose leash")?
  10. Personally, I don't mind the actual slowdown. I do, however, HATE the mobility-option-restriction (i.e. not being allowed to bulletjump etc). If I could bulletjump without breaking Prowl, albeit still slowly, I'd potentially go from barely ever using Ivara, to become an Ivara main. Yes, i hate the restriction THAT much.
  11. Nah. The first actual mistake was to have Warframes with lootboosting powers to begin with...
  12. Guys, merging Vortex and Bastille isn't the end of the world. From the looks of it, I'd even deem it rather useful-looking. Funnily enough, I was speaking to a friend about giving him an Orbital blast kind of skill, but didn't know how to scale it damagewise. Seems like Scott read my mind though 😄 Hopefully it can be useful for damage, so it's his main nuke-option. But... a few more important things remains: Tesla - It's rather useless. What will happen to it? Minelayer - Is that replaced with those juggled balls? And what's their purpose? Survivability - One of Vauban's biggest downfalls is that he is incredibly squishy. Some skill that can help him take a few hits (a "Bunker" to compete with Snow Globe, for example, or some personal "Shield Matrix" akin to Turbulence/Mesmer Skin, anything) is something he really lacks.
  13. Quick, but good rework. Some small things I'd like to add: Rumblers No longer has a duration; They die when they lose all their health, or when the Rumblers ability is holdcast (same for augmented version) When Rumblers take damage, they drop a piece of rubble (2 pieces for augmented version). This has X second cooldown, which scales with duration (more duration = shorter cooldown). EDIT: Forgot to mention; This gives a good reason for Petrify to heal your Rumbler buddies, something that is currently rather pointless when they run on duration as well.
  14. Oof ... only one? Ok, then this: If a host migration fails, continue the mission SOLO, rather than auto-failing the mission.
  15. It's actually not that simple. If you've been following some of the new thoughts (honestly old thoughts in general, but new-ish in the scientific commuity) in regards to consciousness vs matter, a paradigm-shift is soon bound to happen. Very, very TL;DR version is - Consciousness seems to not be generated from matter, but rather consciousness generates matter, and matter (particularly our brain) is more like an "antenna" for our self-conscious experience to occur in ourselves. So while "I think and therefore I am" seems very clear to the individual itself, doesn't mean that it's the actual reality of things. It does indeed seem like complete mumbojumbo (and I haven't really accepted it myself, especially since more research needs to be done with it), but I try to be as openminded as possible with these things. Because, you know, we humans have been wrong so many times before, who's to say we can't be wrong once more? I've heard it pronounced correctly MANY times. But on the other hand, I live in Europe, hehe. As for the whole debatte about how something should or should not be pronounced; I think ignorance/incapability and respect needs to be considered, moreso on a product such as a game: To put it in a simple flow: Do you know how X thing is supposed to be pronounced? Yes - Then try to do pronounce it the best you can, out of respect. If you can't (hard time with pronounciation, a seemingly common problem), fine, that's just how things go. If you CAN do it right with minimal effort, but still don't, you're just being disrespectful. No - Then pronounce it the way you think it's pronounced (based on its spelling and whatnot). If you want to be more respecful though, research it. Yes, languages morph and all that, but that shouldn't be a wholesale excuse to be lazy with our languages, considering it can lead to various misunderstandings and such. And I think Rebecca KNOWS how it's supposed to sound. So the way she mispronounces multiple words in the game implies that either she (or someone else higher up) is being disrespectful by willingly changing it (or by being told to say it differently), or she is just not very good with pronounciation of more "exotic" words. To me, it seems more like the latter, to be honest (considering how many people I've met with similar issues). BUT, then I think there should be more effort into training her how to say things right, considering what a frontfigure she is for the game - to be professional and respectful about it all, you know? On a more "personal" level though, how Gauss is mispronounced doesn't fuss me particularly much, since it's at least how some English people tend to pronounce it, so it's not a pronounciation that is completely unheard of. Titania, same deal - it's a very "easy-to-americanize" kind of name (even for myself, who has a relatively easy time with pronounciations). Orokin though... she changes the stress of the word. And that, for some reason, bothers me more than the others. All in all, the errors in themselves aren't too bad for me on a "personal" level, but the inconsistencies they create as a whole, in regards to it all as a "product", do bother me a tad. It feels... sloppy and unprofessional.
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