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  1. While I (and I bet many others) appreciate this change, I personally feel it is not enough to make the tap/hold abilities fit in well, as I feel this whole tap/hold casting mechanic is too clunky for Warframe's incredibly rapid pace. I'd like to, again, propose a much faster and smoother casting system:
  2. No Warframe is perfect. Nidus and Nezha are close, but still - all Warframes can need polish/QoL/revisits/reworks to some degree.
  3. I must say, this Warframe took me by surprise by how fun he is to play! Kudos for that! However, he's not without issues: Elemental buff choice Considering you are supposed to change the buffing elements often, but how it's also quite tedious when wanting to use the same elemental buff, I tried to come up with a "best of both worlds" kind of idea: 1) Charging up an elemental remains the same; hold the element(s) of your choice, and this will last indefinitely until your next cast (no change there) 2) Upon casting an ability, the element now becomes a duration-based buff, say l
  4. All of this is quite nice (although I'd not be too keen on that Rage meter, it doesn't feel thematic, plus it re-adds clunk again). I'd like to add, to Teleport and its finisher-stun (well, finisher-stun in general): Make it an actual DEBUFF with a timer, so it can't get animation-cancelled by other CC. I also very much agreed that making it free-aim, similar to Conclave, would work very nicely. As then the kit would be summarized like this: * Shuriken -> AoE Nuke * Smoke Screen -> Stealth * Teleport -> Mobility + Single Target Nuke * Bladestorm (needs a new name?) -&g
  5. So this ... "fix" ... is as literal as it reads. Previous record: ~20400 Did a run now, new record: ~21700 something. Clan rating: ~6400 something (from a bad random run with the hidden room "feature") Great design! >_< If i want the Gold Trophy, i now have to ditch my teammates slightly earlier than a max run, or delay stuff on purpose (i.e. sabotage the run) to get less points. Who thought of this "design" ??
  6. They said this: Basicly, a big middlefinger to everyone.
  7. I don't really understand what this means. Does that mean that the highscore I got before the Leaderboards went live was in vain? And now we have to redo the score again or else we won't get trophies?
  8. @[DE]Rebecca Is the leaderboard only showing US participants, and not EU ones as well? I have a score of 20405 (according to the Navigation screen), which should place my Ghost clan's spot in place 500.
  9. Frost's 3 and 4 are perfectly solid abilities. But his 1, 2 and passive could need some buffs though, that's for sure.
  10. Would like to see this for Xaku's ultimate too.
  11. My Deimos spears just KILL the fish, rather than catch them >_>
  12. Bleh. They need to look at the skill, and his kit, and see what is really bad about it. The Bulwark is meant to defend things. Considering he can only summon 1 by default, and that is so tiny and non-circular = It's a bad defensive skill The Boulder is meant to CC things (I guess)? But it barely drags in enemies, and gets destroyed by the slightest blip on the map = It's a bad CC skill. Adding some sprinkle of retaliatory damage to is fine, I guess - but it's still gonna be a bad defensive and CC skill. I hate when they do lazy changes like this. Bleh.
  13. Imo, he needed more changes so his skills don't obsolete one another (in particular Shuriken vs Bladestorm). Like this:
  14. It works like this: Glaive throw = No benefit from heavy attack mods, but also doesn't consume combo points (I think it even INCREASES combo point) Glaive throw-explosion = Benefits from heavy attack mods, but also consumes combo points. I think it's fine as it is.
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