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  1. As seen in the picture below, equipping the Pyraxis skin and then going back to the regular Prime ANY OTHER skin causes parts of the Pyraxis skin (those shoulder-esque blades and flaps) to remain.
  2. So, just some relatively simple suggestions which could maybe make K-drives more useful: Ragdolling - Can now ONLY occur while landing during a non-completed trick. The mod Perfect Landing helps save your from these ragdoll falls. It could potentially be increased to a higher chance as well (100%, even?) Low obstacles - Riding into low obstacles (think loot containers and such) simply makes the board get on top, like if it went up a set of stairs. High obstacles - When riding into something that you wouldn't be able to get on top of (like a wall), you now instead "climb" the object by turning the board parallell to the surface, flip 180 degrees and then descend teh obstacle, and start going the opposite direction. If you were boosting, the boost is turned off (this would be the sole penalty) This makes it impossible (when not doing tricks) to ever collide and cause self-incapacition! Wall "running" - Can "wall-run" with K-drives, but you slide down rather quickly over time. If hitting a wall head on, the above suggested "high obstacle climb-and-turn" occurs. Mission useage - Can now be used in regular missions, perhaps? In open worlds, Archwings are simply the superior option for traversal. On regular missions however, you could potentially use K-drives as a legit speedy option (especially if you no longer crash and collide with anything) Abilities - Can use almost any Warframe power on K-drives! Some exceptions exist (Such as exalted melee). This would make them far more useable both in open worlds and regular missions. Primary weapons - It would be nice if we could use Primaries while on K-drives as well, but I dunno how that would work keybinding-wise (since F is already used to toggle between gun-useage or doing tricks) Fishing platform - Being able to fish while on a K-drive would be an immensly useful utility (at least on PoE and OV) Sidenote: Merulina would need heavier changes (like moddability, useability for races etc), but that's not really the main topic here, even if Merulina would be indirectly aided by the above suggestions as well. Would you agreed with these suggestions?
  3. You have expressed all the reasons WHY I gave Loki the buffs I suggested! :) This is why I suggested the following: Decoy Durability - Invincible, but shorter duration Utility - Blind on detonation/expiration. With invincibility and an effect on ending = Great synergy with Radial Disarm's indirect grouping enemies up at the Decoy Invisibility Recasting - On holdcast = End it early, allowing a recast. At least then there's a very brief window of vulnerability, but it also gives you better control overall. Switch Teleport Utility - Damage amp aura on target (lingering even if the target dies) = Gives you a reason to use it more often on tougher fights Utility 2 - Radiation-proc on main target if it's an alerted enemy = Adds more mischievious chaos. Augment - Tangles up multiple targets, making it a direct enemy-grouping ability AND sharing their damage taken furthers its damage amplification greatly Mobility - Holdcast it = Instant swap with Decoy without needing to look at it = Easy and quick mobility Radial Disarm Selfharm debuff addition = Useful even on melee enemies and bosses, and synergizes amazingly with Decoy and/or its own augment. Passive I left alone, as I couldn't think of anything to improve it (and I honestly kinda like it). Something additional to it which gives him a bonus for latching to a wall high up and watching the chaos he produces could be in order, as I find it otherwise thematic. Like, he gains overshields while wall latching per X enemy interacting with his skills or something?
  4. 100% agreed. Although, 10 sec cooldown on Seeker Volley is a bit quick. Maybe at least 15 sec would be better on that one.
  5. Tweaked my old suggestions a tiny bit (for example, made baseline Switch Teleport more useful with a damage-amp aura, etc)
  6. True on all that. BUT - Banshee is still the most extreme outlier in this case. If you get just 3 overlaps with a 11.5x multiplier, you're looking at ~1520x damage multiplier. How are those numbers not bonkers ANYWHERE? Even with all the multipliers on guns, one can only get around ~100x, maybe even 200x the base gun's power. But 1520x and similar numbers from a single power... that's just stupid.
  7. Ah, ok. Well, there's likely gonna be some AW+RJ open world where a lot of resources from AW+RJ will matter for basic missions and so on. I think it's one of those things we just have to wait and see. Hmm... I honestly haven't noticed a big difference between running lower or higher levels (i mostly run higher levels though, so that's probably why I don't see it). I feel the player competence and engagement is overall more important than their Plexus mods (aside from their Battle Avionics, maybe?), but I could be wrong. That's just my experience with it so far at least *shrugs* Well, I think it was only tedious and boring when NO ONE wanted to be an Engineer. Being a pilot or gunner+FA with no Engineer was then an absolute slog. If there was a good Engineer, yes, it was fun for the pilot/gunners too. And I kinda liked being the Engineer as well (I phrased myself wrong, I meant it was *generally* considered boring to manage the Forge, not for me personally. But I don't miss it either). Cool I can fully agreed to that! I want more Skirmish-like missions, but just with different tasks to do, basicly. Stuff where the FA is used midrun, but not necessarily against Crewships. The Volatile mission has the right spirit for that, but it's only at the very END of the mission, so it feels a bit meh. And the sidemissions on Corpus missions are also on the right track. Just... more of that, yes.
  8. To be fair, more and more the gamers of today seem to not like the "supporting" stuff though. Low attention span and all that. So, as sad as it is, having a dedicated Engineer is highly unlikely to come back. I do still think there's plenty of teamwork to be had. Having a good vs bad team is still a night and day experience, imo. Flux was DEFINITELY better than current energy system. But imo, Lavos is the most fun of them all. Seeker Volley is a tad quick to recharge (as it mostly trivializes the useage of your main guns), but other than that, I feel if not going back to Flux Energy, going with a cooldown system is likely the better option.
  9. It's not fully disconnected anymore though. There's a bunch of gear you can only get from RJ + there was ALWAYS indoor stuff to do in RJ, which means that your Warframe gear always mattered there. So how is it still disconnected? If you say "well when I have all the gear from there, why would I go back to RJ?" - well, isn't that true for ANY mission that has limitted gear to hand out? Besides, I think DE will add a lot more content in the future which relies on RJ. So, give it time. Eh, I feel the Plexus is pretty good. Have had no issue with it. Forge was tedious and boring. There's still plenty of teamwork to be had: FA + pilot need to work together for quick Crewship takedowns, while the other 2 players go for sidemissions - which the pilot can also help with (blast the radiators on the outside thing on Grineer Skirmishers). They can also do repairs, repel boarders and shoot with turrets. I think the current need for coop is in a good spot. If you make it even more reliant on coop, the missions are gonna get extremely frustrating with bad players (it's already frustrating when you play with people who don't know what they should be doing, as it slows down the missions immensly). Warframe gear issue is very true. Imo, every Warframe should just work with cooldowns a la Lavos. He's the most fun and fluid to use for RJ, imo. There'll be more RJ missions in the future, I bet (I mean, they JUST added more!). However, I personally don't really like the Corpus implementation of "adding more missions" to RJ, which so far are just an RJ startup for an otherwise regular mission. The Grineer's Skirmish missions are still the best, imo, as you have lots of RJ-things AND indoor stuff to do.
  10. And the sad thing is? Option 1 would help make sooo many mechanics become more viable: Damage-reflection would become more potent Mind control and other minion effects would actually be able to hurt enemies Healing would be more useful (even smaller amounts) Flat damage powers would remain viable for way longer *sigh* Just a dream now, isn't it?
  11. When proposing my rework for Banshee (giving her better survivability, at the cost of Sonar no longer stacking multiplicatively, among other things), I again and again said that Sonar's immensely powerful damage multiplier is an extreme outlier, even by Warframe's already extreme standards. Getting several thousand times of a damage bonus seems a bit much, don't you think? Because, if we want a more balanced and less extreme game, things like Sonar's current stacking is one of the biggest offenders to it.
  12. I partially agreed. At least most Corrupted Mods (some are too niched, like Depleted Reload) should be incompatible with its basic counterpart - but yes, there would definitely need to be a rebalance so that they are actually worthwhile, like what was done for the critchance mods.
  13. Spoiler: The vast majority of Warframes, if not all of them, need tweaks/reworks. As do their augments and all damage types, and armor, and weapons etc etc. Sad news: Not something we're ever gonna get. Get used to it. This is Warframe - where potential is left to rot.
  14. While that is true, it looks more lika a Garuda-skin to me. Anyone else thought the same?
  15. I agreed. Sure, we need to be toned down in power to account for all of this (that's a different can of worms), but something I'd love to see personally is a system like this: Modding section 1 - Output Output mods -> Here we mod just like we know it today; 8 mod slots where you slap on damage/fire rate/crit/status/punchthrough/radius-boosters/multishot/elemental (and reach for melee) mods on weapons, For Warframes/Vehicles/Companions, it's stuff like health/shields/ability-boosting (including non-Exilus augments) mods. You have 30 / 60 mod points to use here (or up to 40 / 80, like on Kuva/Tenet/Necramechs) Modding section 2 - Tactical + Utility/Exilus Here we would mod slightly differently. You have 3 Tactical mod slots and 3 Utility mod slots, sharing 30 / 60 (or up to 40 / 80) mod points. These mod points are NOT the same as the mod points given for the Output mods! Using an Exilus adapter adds 1 more mod slot of each type. Tactical mods -> This is where you add more situational things, stuff that might help with sustained DPS or inconsistent damageboost, but not 100% reliable burst DPS. For ranged weapons, think: Reloadspeed, Magsize, Holstered reload, For melee: Combo efficiency, Energy Channel, Seismic Wave, Finisher-booster, Combo-start (like Corrupt Charge and Covert Lethality - there ought to be a "normal" mod of these too), Guardian Derision, Arguably, it could also contain situational damageboosting mods. Stuff like Status-duration, Combustion Beam, Concealed Explosives, Thunderbolt, Charged Chamber, Synth Charge, Motus Setup, Spring-Loaded Chamber (and its ilk) etc For Warframes/Vehicles/Companions: Natural Talent, Drift mods which boost strength/range/duration, situational damage reducers (think elemental resistance), subsystem booster (think Engine for Necramechs) etc. Utility (or Exilus) mods -> All the remaining Exilus mods which already exist on weapons/Warframes (recoil reduction, ammo max/mutation, zoom, silence, current Exilus-augments etc). For melee, it would include combo duration boosters, parry width, glaive bounce alterations, glaive projectile speed, Dispatch Overdrive, Parry and similar things. Hek, if Stamina ever were to come back to counter melee spam, this would house stamina QoL mods. It would also include mods like: Sticky Grenades, bouncing projectiles (like the mod for Tetra), accuracy mods (like Tainted Shell, Guided Ordnance, Directed Convergence etc). This way, modding becomes more... personal?
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