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  1. GIMME! Also, I think this could be another strong addition (but with fewer orbs than visualized though):
  2. With just one small upgrade, it could be emphasized better though:
  3. While there is more to be dealt with, I think one way to make her 2nd ability better as a decoy, is to have the lightwave periodically leave wispy orb decoys in its wake, which linger for a while. To put it graphically, - is the travel of the lightwave O is a wispy orb decoy --------O--------O--------O--------O--------O--------O--------O These wispy orbs could either last briefly but be immortal, or last a bit longer but have limitted health. They could also act as shockwave emmination sources for her 3rd skill! That means more synergy, more defensive options, overall more viability to the skill, speedier "on the fly" use of her 3rd ability and also a bit more of that "summon stuff through portals" kind of vibe she's supposed to have!
  4. True. The aura would be better than now for some tougher targets, but weaker on most other ones. So, it's still somewhat specialized.
  5. I'll take a jab at it, trying to make things more generally useful, while also "trimming the fat" by merging a lot of overly specific auras. GENERAL CHANGES: All auras grant 9 points at max rank (thus 18 points when in the right polarity) SPECIFIC AURA CHANGES: Brief Respite -> 250% shield conversion (up from 150%). Now counts ANY energy used, including channelled abilities. Can grant overshields, but overshielding is less efficient (like only at 50% conversion, instead of 250%). Corrosive Projection + Shield Disruption + Infested Impedence merged into [PH]Disrupted Defences-> Reduces armor, shields and the effectiveness of Infested Ancient's auras. Reduced to 25% in numerical value, and it now stacks multiplicatively (So 4 auras = 0,75 * 0,75 * 0,75 * 0,75 = ~0,316, meaning 68,4% armor/shield/Ancient-aura-effect-reduction). This makes it an aura which now works against any faction. Dead Eye + Rifle Amp + Shotgun Amp + Pistol Amp are all merged into [PH]Ballistic Force -> 60% Ranged weapon damage boost. No longer pidgeonholes the ranged weapon you're boosting, making it more likely to be useful to the team. - NOTE: Feyarch/Knave Spectres in the Silver Grove no longer drops their revamp-merged Shotgun/Pistol Amp auras (the auras they drop are now just Empowered Blades and Growing Power, respectively). Rifle Scavenger + Shotgun Scavenger + Sniper Scavenger + Pistol Scavenger are all merged into Ammo Scavenger -> +150% ammo pickup (all types). EMP Aura revamped into Haze Field -> All enemies have 15% reduced accuracy. Can make melee enemies miss too. Stacks multiplicatively (So 4 auras = 0,85 * 0,85 * 0,85 * 0,85 = ~52% chance to hit, meaning a 48% accuracy reduction). Empowered Blades -> Not entirely sure what to do with this one, but got this placeholder idea; Instead grants 5% of your team's current shields as a percentage damage boost to all your melee damage, not just chargeattacks. Shieldcost removed (To explain: If your team currently all together have 1800 shields, you'll get a 90% damageboost to melee, stacking additively with (Primed) Pressure Point). Enemy Radar + Loot Detector potentially merged into [PH]Radar, simply gaining both auras at once. Could be a new aura too? Energy Siphon is ok? Growing Power is ok? Mecha Empower no longer an aura, but a Kubrow mod. (Also the set mod's "mark" effect needs to be applied more frequently. Like, a LOT more frequently). Why not an aura anymore? Because it ALSO requires a Kubrow to do anything at all, always making it a 100% useless aura if you use any other sidekick / no sidekick at all. Physique and Stand United merged into Physique, so this aura alone grants both health and armor, and the armor bonus at max rank is increased to 30% (up from 25,5%). - NOTE: Orphid Spectre in the Silver Grove no longer drops the revamp-merged Stand United aura (the aura she drops is now just Brief Respite). Power Donation is ok? Rejuvenation is ok? Speed Holster revamped into what Vigorous Swap does (basicly, making it the aura version of VS), meaning, granting both holsterspeed and 3 second ranged weapon damage bonus after swap. Numbers unsure, but maybe +150% damage (and +120% holster rate as before)? Sprint Boost is ok? Toxin Resistance merged with the other unreleased elemental resist mods, into [PH]Elemental Resistance -> 25% elemental damage resistance and 25% elemental status effect duration reduction. Stacks multiplicatively (So 4 auras = 0,75 * 0,75 * 0,75 * 0,75 = ~0,316, meaning 68,4% damage resist / status duration reduction). There could be a physical version of this aura too, I guess? So, that was my take on it. Any good, you think?
  6. You wanna know something funny/sad? When Carrier was showcased for the Design Council, me and a handful of other players already back then said that making Vacuum a mod for only one sentinel is gonna be really aweful for variety, and we suggested to make the sentinel's theme something else (like a healer or whatever) and make Vacuum a general sentinel mod instead...
  7. @Ced23Ric Hey man! Nice to see you again! Welcome back 🙂
  8. If Nightwave is here to stay as is, I think making the challenges less tedious could help a bunch, to reduce burnout feelings (considering we oughta do these over and over and over again...). The biggest culprit here, imo, are the regular Weeklies, as some of them are far too lengthy for their own good. So, with that said, here are my suggestions: WEEKLIES: Animator - Socket 3 Ayatans - Since this is a really limitted resource to complete, if not outright removal, reduce it to ONE. And this is coming from someonethat has hundreds of unsocketed Ayatans, mind you... Cache Hunter - All caches in 3 Sabotage missions. I'd only make this find all caches in ONE Sabotage mission, as it can become really lengthy if the caches are well hidden Conservationist - 10 perfect captures. This is actually a decently tough challenge and also rather time-requiring, so I'd suggest to tone this down to 3 or 5. Earth/Venus Bounty Hunter - 8 Bounties. I think everyone think this one is far too time-requiring. Make it 10 Bounty SEGMENTS, and it'd be fine, as then you are free to play any difficulty of the Bounties without feeling like you're wasting time too (rather than just playing the fastest and easiest, over and over). Gilded - Gild 1 Modular item - Honestly, of all the "use limitted resources"-Nighwave challenges, this one just plain bad. There are only a limitted amount of Modular items, so having to do a new Modular item, just to SCRAP it afterwards (i.e. returning it in for Rep) is such a waste for those that already have done all Modular items they want. Suggestion: Rather than outright removing it, MERGE IT with the Forma challenge so it says; "Gild 1 Modular item or Forma 1 item." Invader - Complete 9 Invasions. Why is this needing 9 of them? All other missions are just 3 each. So, how about reducing it to 3 here as well? Polarized - As mentioned on Gilded; Merge Gilded and Polarized (so you either gild or forma an item), and reduce the Forma'ing to just 1 item. Sanctuary Researcher - 5 scans for Simaris. I'd suggest to reduce this to 3, so it continues to follow the theme of "3" better. Supporter - Complete 10 Syndicate missions. 10? That's really excessive for a mere weekly. Reduce this to 3 (think about those that only have 1 Syndicate... I juggle 4 of them and I still hate this weekly). Vault Looter - Unlock 4 Orokin Derelict Vaults. Considering this requires a bit of coordination effort with up to 4 people, of for a solo player to equip all 4 keys - I'd honestly reduce this requirement to just 1 Vault. ELITE WEEKLIES: Grove Guardian - Now, I don't have a big issue with this requirement per se. But, I do dislike it indirectly due to how tedious it is to find plants. A simple indirect help for this challenge could be to let Helios continue scan plants even when they are fully scanned for the Codex. That way, we still have to go out and collect plants, but the actual tedium of it is heavily reduced. Hold Your Breath + Survival With Friends - Make the time needed cumulative. That way, if someone messes up / trolls the mission before 60 minutes have passed, you at least get the time added up before it was "failed", and then you can simply just rerun the remaining time later. Aaand that's it. What do you think?
  9. I don't think making her a no-energy frame is good. It's better to keep her Baruuk-ish: Use your 1- 3 with energy (yes, I think Paralysis should be an energy heavy cast instead - since it could be a potent close range nuke) to supplement your 4 (which, instead of a unique resource, uses health - which in itself is kinda unique though). If you look at it like this: Hysteria is your main mainstay to keep going like a berserker with great offensive power. War Cry buffs you up further / hampers enemies (especially if you can recast it midduration). Ripline gets you quickly in to battle to start the mayhem quickly. Paralysis helps in AoE-needing situations (something she suffers with, imo), where the regular claws alone are not enough, or when you need to use a finisher on a paritcularly tough enemy. It works perfectly! (And another thought: If that energysphere of Paralysis lasted a couple of seconds and followed Valkyr around, it could be paired with Ripline's quick movement for a rather "meatblender" kind of attack!) I think a simple rework like that would be best, really. The only thing remaining to think about is her other 3 augments...
  10. Rage Passive - Could work. I do, however, think that belongs in the Unairu Focus school (as a bonus on Void Spines). But it'd fit as her passive too. Ripline - You know what I think could be a cooler and simpler tweak to Ripline? ALWAYS make it go where she aims, wether that is towards the environment, or the enemy. If it's towards an enemy, make her knock down the target as she arrives. That way, Ripline is ALWAYS a mobility/gapcloser ability. That, with some better momentum and/or speed on her travel, would be nice. This, in a way, also makes Ripline into Hysterical Assault by default, if you think about it. Eternal War - I'm neither for or against this. But I would like for War Cry (augmented or not) to be recastable, so you can buff allies / debuff enemies who were outside of the area on cast. Paralysis - Removing her shields could work, maybe? Paralysis needs to do something more interesting in the first place. Opening up enemies for finishers is fine, keep that. But what if the damage was actually powerful, and related to melee (i.e. scaling of her exalted claws and melee combo etc)? Like, make the effect a moderately small spherical energy effect around her, with tons of "raging claw slashes" in the sphere, kind of like a manifestation of her clawing fury in the form of an energyball around her. Could be a good close range nuke and/or superrapid combo point builder, if nothing else. With that, it would even make more sense for it to be able to hurt Nullifier bubbles, I guess (since it's technically a melee attack)? Quickening up its casttime (make it a legfree cast at least?) would do nicely as well. Hysteria - Yes, its combos need huge improvements. Implementing the ripline cord, with adding AoE or forward-cone whipslashes if nothing else, could be a cool way to natually give her range to its attacks. I don't mean for Ripline (the ability) to be part of the combo, more like the cord just becomes part of her natural comboing rampage. Further, her holdattack (the kick that opens enemies to finishers), is it really necessary when Paralysis could fill the "open to finishers" role already? Why not give her chargeattack something unique? Like, a ripline slash forward which pulls in all enemies it catches? Just something different, at least. But I also feel that its energydrain and "damage storage" mechanics are completely off in terms of trying to give that berserkery feel. Imo, Hysteria should drain HEALTH over time (its initial cast could still cost energy though), rather than drain energy over time, but not immediately. It could be "health costfree" for some duration at first, then a small steady drain kicks in after that. WIth more damage taken, however, the healthdrain ramps up over time. But if you heal away (and overheal, even), easily done with her lifestealing claws, you reduce the health drain again! This gives her a much more berserkery vibe, imo. Also, with not costing energy, she'd be more prone to use her other abilities with less risk of interfering on her rampage - more like the contrary - especially if you let Paralysis get lifesteal on its attacks during Hysteria too! EDIT: To make range also useful on Hysteria, give her a small aura. But a beneficial one this time. If an enemy dies in this aura, she gets healed X% of her max health. This counteracts allies killstealing enemies near her (so she can still mitigate some of the healthdrain, even if they killsteal), while also generally supplmenting her need to steal health on a regular basis to keep Hysteria up. It'd pair particularly well with Paralysis, if its damage was potent too! Range would still be optional (as it does minimal stuff on each ability; Distance for Ripline, AoE for War Cry and Paralysis, aura for Hysteria), but it'd still be a better stat than it is at the moment. EDIT 2: And yes, all her augments except Eternal War needs changing, I agreed. Got no ideas for them yet though.
  11. Nightwave is an overcomplicated "solution" to a simple problem. The problem was that the alerts were random and shortlasting, so people couldn't get them in time (like, they could appear and disappear while you were sleeping/working etc). So... one would expect the alerts to just last longer, right? Would take little to no effort at all to do. But no, let's make Nightwave instead. Yeesh >_>
  12. IF they are gonna nerf Itzal's Blink in any way, I hope they do it gently, and actually buff up the other underwhelming stuff, as well. Like: Itzal's Blink now has a 5 second cooldown (to tone down the mobility-superiority a bit). Itzal's Blink now leaves behind an afterimage, working as a decoy, on the spot you teleported away from, for 3 seconds (to give it another use other than mobility / Anti-AW-missile-dodging) Afterburners on all Archwings are now all quite a bit faster (meant as an "equilizer" change) Many damage-foused Archwing abilities now partially deal True damage (i.e. shield/armor-ignoring) (<- I suggested this YEARS ago, btw). K-Drive sprint speed is now SIGNIFICANTLY faster (to make them better as mobility tools) - prior to mods (The K-Drive mods just makes this even faster!) You can now use all non-grounding and non-Exalted Warframe abilities freely while on a K-Drive! Exalted abilities and grounding Warframe abilities are still useable, but using them will dismount you from the K-Drive (Grounding abilities are those abilities that now pull Warframes down to the ground to be cast, like Rhino Stomp, Soundquake etc). Actually, considering the recent "cast in air"-changes, I wouldn't be surprised if this happened to make K-Drives look more appealing. See? Wasn't hard to equalize this without butchering Itzal entirely...
  13. I'm kinda amused (and saddened?) by the thought that it seems like DE had an over-the-top "association game" when they designed Wisp. Lemme show you what I mean: "So... Wisp... what do you guys think when you hear that?" "Like, spirits and ghosts maybe?" *designs her walking animation in a ghostlike manner* "Like that! Yeah, that fits perfectly! We can even give her something related to invisibility, as I bet people are gonna associate spirits/ghosts with that as well (her passive gets designed)." "Yeah, that's nice. Hmmm... what else?" "Hey, you know, wisps are sometimes associated with swamps and such? Or nature and plants. You know, like in the Warcraft-universe?" "Right, so we can give her a plant-like skill! (her 1st ability gets designed)" "Neat! ... but now what?" "Oh! OH! I know! Plants feed from the sun, right? So, how about SOLAR POWERS?!" "YEAH! That sounds awesome! (her 3rd and 4th ability gets designed)" "Dude, that's totally rad! People love nukes! And that 4 looks sweet man!" "I know right?! Hmm... but now we need one more skill". "Oh yeah... hmmm. We have both ghost-like stuff and solar light stuff in her design now. Can we make something that somewhat ties both together so people don't think we just "wandered off" when we designer here, hehe" "That's easy! (her 2nd ability gets designed)" "Perfect! Our solar/spirit Warframe is now complete! .... No?
  14. Tectonics I like your spike-ideas for it, both as a basic idea, and its interaction with Petrify. Sounds fun! Personal old ideas, which could work splendidly with your spike-idea: The bulwark's health also boosts its damage. That way, using the initial invulnerability-timer can make it mighty powerful, in the right circumstances Atlas can punch a bulwark with Landslide if right next to it. This destroys the bulwark, sending shards forward in a cone (or spikes all over the place, as per the OP's idea). Damage of this "detonation" is based on its basedamage, health and Landslide damage. Gives Atlas a means of attacking from some safety. The boulder has a Gravity-like effect, pulling enemies in a moderate radius as it rolls around. Gives it a new niche as an enemy-collector (good for efficient Petrify+Landslides) Grants Rubble when it's destroyed. Just makes sense. Rumbler I don't think a complete do-over is necessary. Just some smart additions: Their attacks increase (and benefit from) Atlas' melee combo counter count. This way, they have a good use while alive, and a reason to be kept alive.. They no longer have a duration, they last until they are destroyed (or if Atlas recasts to detonate them). Makes the "Petrify heals them" a way to maintain them efficiently. Every time a Rumbler is hurt, it drops Rubble. This has a cooldown (affected by duration. More duration = Shorter cooldown). This even further makes the "Petrify heal them" a useful synergy. Augment: Numbers buffed to 200/250/300/350% hp & dmg of a single one, its attacks are all big AoE attacks and it no longer has a speed penalty Petrify ideas: Energycost reduced to 35 No longer prevents statusprocs (neiher should freezing/vitrifying for that matter) Can be cast while moving. Also heals the Tectonic bulwark(s). Landslide QoL: Can be used on enemies who are knocked down or ragdolled. All very simple stuff that keeps things intact (i.e no big revamps), but makes them more powerful, flexible and synergetic, don't you think?
  15. Each attack of his 4 also counts as making a finisher (I didn't expect it to work, but it did for me). So that's even quicker 🙂
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