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  1. If we could replace 2 abilities, I'd put both Blood Altar and Larva on Inaros (ditching his useless Devour and Sandstorm). And in the spirit of this thread: Blood Altar has amazing synergies on Inaros It gives him a good gapcloser, something he lacks It make the target invulnerable, which is perfect for having a much longer lasting Scarab Swarm target! It gives him a good healing ability (he already has healing, but Blood Altar is a better emergency heal than his other tools, imo) If combining it with Scarab Swarm, its continous heavy heal is perfect for heal
  2. I like your "Rite" ability replacing WoL. It gives her something new to utilize with some group CC, fits her theme and still provides sustained healing (while Blessing provides burst healing), and also fits in the Helminth category (especially with Gloom as an alternative, similar counterpart) EDIT: It would be nice if it had a holdcast version too, which provided the buff to herself and allies in a much bigger range (and now eminating from Trinity), but forgoing the blinding aspect of it. You know, for buffing QoL.
  3. I think most Warframes need changes, some more, some less. Zephyr is fine now though, imo, almost perfect even (just need some bonus effect on her Tailwind casts, like briefly lingering slowing winds in Tailwind's wake and the Divebomb's AoE). The most in critical need of reworking though, I'd probably vote for: 1) Hydroid - He is just not a well designed frame. Like at all. His 1 and 4 kinda competes for the same job (that is, mediocre and unreliable CC, lol), his 2 is extremely underwhelming and his 3 doesn't fit the game's pace. His general kit can remain the same, but he nee
  4. While I'm somewhat ambivalent of most of your suggestions, you get a like from me simply from two important points: The invincible main target of a Scarab Swarm (that is really excellent), and that Holdcast Devour idea, it sparks some cool ideas in my head. I'd simply tweak your Devour-idea like this: Devour - With the embrace of sand, move enemies quickly over to Inaros Tapcast - Casts a far-reaching, but narrow cone of this gripping sand (similar to Pull, but far more controlled, obviously). Costs 25 energy. Holdcast - Shorter reach, but casts in a 360 degree around Inaros. Costs
  5. GENERAL REASONING FOR MY REWORK PROPOSAL: In my opinion, Banshee is arguably one of the worst choices for modern Warframe (yes, Hydroid is also really bad - but I digress). A big part of her not being up to par, is her extreme squishiness. Every other Warframe has some form of survivability in their stats, skills and/or augments, be it via raw tanking power, healing, invisibility, defensive walls, evasive techniques or even abilities that provide brief invincibility (like Atlas' Landslide or Excal's Slash Dash). Hek, even HYDROID can hide in his puddle, and VAUBAN can get armor from
  6. A big problem that they don't seem to want to adress are the cycle abilities in and off themselves. They are so poorly implemented, imo. Do something like this (linked below), and the need for stuff like Wisp's Omni-cast would feel less needed. At least it would for me.
  7. Linking from discord worked so smoothly! Thanks a lot :)
  8. Huh, Latron P and Akstiletto STILL showing up as my main weapons after all this time huh? Interesting. Ash (P) and Orthos P still sees regular use, so that makes sense at least
  9. Yes please! Notably, Nekros ulti and Hydroid ulti imo have better base looks than prime ones.
  10. I generally like what you proposed for the elemental types, not entirely sold on the physical ones. But before delving into the physical ones: What I find most ironic is that slash damage - a form of attack motion which is known to be bad against IRL armor - is BEST against armor somehow? One would think Impact and moreso PUNCTURE to be the defacto anti-armor damagetypes (among the physical ones at least), with slash being the worst of them all. I guess this weirdness stems from the old damagetype that DE had in the past (Serrated Blade) which you could define as "slashing with a weapon w
  11. That's not your Tonkor specifically doing that. It's when you attack the Loki spectre's decoy, those decoys reflect damage back at the attacker if I recall correctly
  12. I think someone already said; No, it's kind of like a toggle. Once active, it stays active until jumping/rolling/casting Tailwind - or along those lines.
  13. Overall, this looks fantastic! Especially the changes to her 2nd and 4th! However, I still feel that her 1st needs... something extra, some utility. It has 3 features and an augment, yet most of it still feels slightly underwhelming. Lemme explain: Her new Hover - This one looks nice. Sure, it could be faster to move around in, but it offers something rather unique. The Tailwind dash - Basicly, a fancy and more boosted bullet jump. Due to its niche useability, it feels empty. The Divebomb - Basicly, a more damaging melee slam. It too feels quite empty. Sure, it has the n
  14. @[DE]Rebecca First of all - the general gist of this sounds AWESOME! But I do have some questions/concerns/suggestions: Elemental effects of Railjack are sometimes better/more interesting. For example, RJ's Plasma has a shield+armor reduction component - which is useful. Puncture (its new "equivalent") reduces enemy damage output, which is utter garbage (for RJ and general gameplay alike). Will the old RJ effects still be in place, or will they be overridden with the old effects? If so, Impact's stagger is likely to become 100% useless as a status effect (although Ballistic's Concus
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