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  1. Hello! Energycost was only suggested to potentially be increased (moreso to Assimilate), because the added mobility also improves survivability via evasion. But yeah, that's more of a knob to turn if need be, rather than an outright must-do. Ah, the exploding psychic bolts (poor wording from me) is NOT the ability, it's just a seperate attack. I should've called it something else, like psychokinetic missiles or something. So those explosive missiles are entirely seperate from the Psychic Bolts ability. I will lay off the combatitive attitude. If the person that aggravated me (or someone else) replies with continued hostility/nonsense, I'll just ignore the reply from now on. Cheers, thanks for dropping in :)
  2. Preach it bro! (Especially the snailpace anti-parkour thing)
  3. You have again put words in my mouth and totally ignored my reasoning: There is no hidden agenda, nothing about being offended etc etc etc I just think it's a very badly designed ability. Period. Now, stop making things up and discuss maturely will ya? So I will try to ask you a reasonable question. Please answer it in a straightforward manner, don't make things up about what other people think now: Do you think unaugmented Absorb is a good and well designed ability? If so, explain WHY.
  4. Fair enough (although, that's a bit extreme in the OTHER direction, hehe). I personally don't like it, but it sounds more acceptable at least.
  5. 1) Gloom CAN enable a degree of AFK-ness, but it's hardly the extent of its potential. It is primarily a CC and healing tool, and - important factor here - you can move around and do ANYTHING meanwhile. Absorb (unaugmented) is 100% an AFK-tool, since you can literally do nothing but wait while it's up. Even some of its similar AFK-contenders are more active: Undertow - It damages and CCs enemies, lets you very slowly move (or more quickly with Tidal Surge), and you can distantly grab enemies with tentacles via primary fire. Prowl - You're slow, but you can move around (roll, even), you can attack, you can cast abilities etc. Limbo - While you can certainly go AFK, you can also freely move around and use your abilities to strategically kill, defend and/or CC. Soundquake - At least directly continously hurts while CCing enemies, but it's almost as bad as Absorb and is in dire need of changing as well. Unaugmented Absorb though? Welcome to AFK-town. The best thing it "does" is pull a bit of aggro towards her. Woopdidoo? You wanna do something worthwhile during Absorb? Sorry, not an option! 2) "Going AFK" is hardly something that could be considered a legit playstyle, much to your dismay.
  6. Point 1 + 2) If it was cheaper to survive + it could actually deal damage, I'd ALMOST be ok with it, as then it has a bit of a purpose. But still, that's quite a passive playstyle, I dunno if DE would like to go that way? Personally, I don't think it's the wisest path to go (due to extreme AFK leeching potential), but it'd have a better potential than now... Point 1 (again) - ... however, Assimilate exists. If you can move (albeit very slowly) and be literally immortal with extremely little energy management, that'd be a bit OP, don't you think? Overall, I think I'd have to disagreed with your approach (in regards to point 1 and 2). Doubling down on its AFK-potential is imo a very bad idea. Although I bet @(PSN)Madurai-Prime would love it, as he is all about that leeching and AFK-ing after all. Point 3) Hmm, that's a good point I guess? It does promote not sitting in Absorb all the time / as frequently, so that's pretty good! Point 4) I guess this would be fair, considering Nezha has that effect already, and he's far more mobile to boot.
  7. Exactly. The fact that (unaugmented) Absorb remains as passive as it is baffles me in a way. I mean, if it did massive reflect damage (which it doesn't), I could see the point of jumping into a crowd and Absorb-bombing them. But it doesn't really allow for that, so ... it's just an AFK "come help me" button? It's kinda ridiculous.
  8. Sigh. Since you're not reading my actual points I'm trying to make, let's take this discussion from another angle instead - Yours. Going with your style of condescendingly putting words in other people's mouths: You clearly like to go AFK and leech with Absorb's tanky, but stationary style, I get it. So you clearly don't want your favourite lazymode-option changed, But as you maybe have noticed throughout the years, DE have been opposed to that AFK-playstyle which you hold so near and dear. In fact, the very update for Nyx which they are planning to do (adding the roll-feature to Assimilate), is a tiny nudge more in that direction. They just seem to be afraid of making too big of a change at once, because people like you who wants to do nothing but sit still and leech XP from the work of others will otherwise just flood the forums with incessant raging, hence these kind of babystep changes. I, however, am not as careful about coddling other players' fragile feelings though, and I think they should just get on with it and remove its overly immobile style.
  9. Why do you call it full invincibility? Your energy drains faster with more damage absorbed you know? It's like a highly potent Quick Thinking, really, in case you didn't know. Not leaving the bubble means you have a constant energydrain - which can lead to your death if not getting energyorbs and/or casting her other spells too much - and you're slower (while unaugmented) due to no sprint, jumps, rolls, bulletjumps etc. The augment as I suggested would then give her full mobility and weaponuseage, but reduces her durability and removes the possibility to use the explosive bolts (or alternatively, removes the ability to manually control Mind Control-targets, if that could be done). And - I repeat - I would also promote to increase the energydrain for absorbing damage if it turns out to be too defensively powerful. And AGAIN, I'm not doing this out of some kind of "I want invincibility and teleports and instakills and wah-wah". Read what I've written in the previous posts instead of putting words in my mouth... Let me put it in bullet-points so you see my train of thought: I'm doing a rework/revisit/tweaks to ALL Warframes Among the ideas of changes, interactivity is a factor I've tried to help with on currently very inactive / very slow-mobility abilities (like Hydroid's Undertow, Banshee's Soundquake, Nyx's Absorb, Ivara's Prowl etc) Since it's a game, I feel interactivity is a very important thing to highlight. If your game promotes AFK-styles, it could certainly need a rethinking - especially in a high speed game like Warframe. Nyx happens to be up next for a little revisit, thus I put the opportunity to speak about Nyx Absorb specifically in this thread, since it's more likely to get some traction with her being in the limelight and all. To very much highlight my point here: I have no personal agenda in regards to Nyx per se, I'm trying to be as unbiased as I can towards ALL Warframes when doing my suggestions. I want them ALL to be good and fun and interactive. If giving her mobility is too strong with the current defensive properties of Absorb, nerfing its durability (via increasing energycost for absorbing damage) would be in order. Now, is there something you're still not getting?
  10. Making her more potentially mobile doesn't remove the ability to camp though? I just think it's a little sad that many frames have more general usefulness, a big part due to being able to be tanky/evasive AND move around at the same time. And this has NOTHING to do with nuking - where on earth are you getting these ridiculous claims from? Are you thinking about the explosive bolt thing? Even if it had decent potency, there's little modding allowed for it, meaning weapons would surely generally outclass those bolts. In fact, that part of the idea can be entirely scrapped if it's what's worrying you about it? The point of that suggestion was mostly to make her more interactive while in the bubble, but I guess allowing for some improved mobility and casting her abilities could suffice. In fact, an older idea (instead of the explosive bolts) I had for her was that while in unaugmented Absorb, she could take manual control over her Mind Control target - but I hardly think that's an easy thing to code.
  11. Well, the intention was to make her less niched, and more generally useable (imo, I think that should be the goal for all Warframes). For me as an individual? Eh, I guess? But I'm not truly suggesting this out of some purely selfish reason, I am working on all Warframes in an arguably far-too-big document at the moment. The reason I brought it up seperately here is because of her upcoming changes, and I felt it was appropriate to talk about it seperately. As generally useful as Wukong or Mesa? Maybe not, but I don't feel that's a good excuse to leave her defensive skill to be so ridiculously stiff. After all, the game generally takes pride in being a fastpaced and mobile shooter looter - so having a bunch of powers with self-immobilizing effects (or powers heavily slowing you down) just doesn't seem like a good fit for the game in general. True. But I feel that it would still be a very bottom-of-the-barrel level of mobility. I think better overall mobility is the key for a more on-brand gameplay experience. And I also believe that this mindset should be kept in mind for other 'frames with standstill/slow-moving powers (notably ones like Hydroid's puddle, Banshee's quake and arguably Ivara's prowl).
  12. While not meta whatsoever, I find the 466 quite fun. Fullauto primary, Grenade launcher secondary, Superfast amp-regen. It's like an M16M203 for the Operator :P EDIT: A fun thing about the xx6 brace is that it allows you to shoot the x6x altfire nonstop, if you pace your fire rate a tiny bit (this goes for other Scaffolds too).
  13. Well, if Nyx is to be more generally useful and more "up to date" with modern Warframe, having her survivability power keeping her more mobile (and generally more interactive) would make the most sense. Even if it would mean nerfing its energy-efficiency a bunch.
  14. That is only true if using Assimilate. You can't use Operator unaugmented, which is what I was suggesting (among the many other stuff)
  15. Right now, without the augment, Absorb is a really dull ability. Even with the augment, it's really dull and slow (albeit more functional). So, here's a bunch of heavy tweaks to it: Friendly fire = Does not absorb friendly fire, by default. Attacks just pass through as if she wasn't there (just like when Assimilate is used). This is mainly to remove the ability for allies to energy-grief Nyx Interactivity = While in Absorb, Nyx can now do a lot more: Ability-casting = Can cast all her other abilities while in Absorb (preferably including Helminth ones) Mobility = Can move around with NO movementspeed reduction baseline, but cannot use any movement maneuvers (like sprint, bulletjump etc). Her movement looks like if Nyx still sits in the meditative state, floating to move. The jump and crouch button allow her to float upwards/downwards respectively, but only a short distance from the ground, as to allow her to move over smaller obstacles. Operator = The Operator can now be used while Absorb is active Explosive kinetic energyprojectiles = Pressing primary fire during Absorb (when not using the Assimilate augment) allows her to shoot a moderately fast-travelling explosive projectiles of kinetic energy straight towards where you aimed. The stats for these kinetic bolts are: Costs 5 energy per bolt shot. Bolt deals X damage + X% of her stored damage (using that stored amount in the process), in a rather big AoE, with a quite slow RoF (semiautomatic). Not decided on numbers, but it should be quite potent, so it has a genuine appeal. Strength affects the bolt's damage, Duration affects the RoF (more duration = faster RoF), Range affects the explosion's AoE. Aim-button allow Nyx to aim (standard zoom-levels), to aid with longer distance shots CLARIFICATION: This an entirely seperate attack from Psychic Bolts. Augment improvements: Assimilate - Forsakes her ability to use the kinetic bolts and increases the absorbtion energycost of the ability by 400/300/200/100%, but allows her to use her weapons and allows her to use all movement maneuvers (like sprint, bullet-jump etc)! Singularity - No longer increases energydrain over time, and the ring's range is affected by Range mods. With all these changes, I don't think people would call it such a boring skill anymore.
  16. A lot of options for her, really. I've tried and liked all of the following: Dispenser - For always-on-demand unlimited energy, allowing perpetual Razorwing and other spellcasting Pillage - Strip defenses and get overshields Thermal Sunder - Nice for AoE damage (something she lacks) along with snap-CC and armorstripping. All of these have been good on the Plaguestar event too, mostly the latter two (energy is not really a problem unless you go too crazy with spellcasting).
  17. Or you salvage it: Switch Teleport Different casting options: Tap cast = Same as now Hold cast = Teleport to your Decoy without needing to target the Decoy, as long as the Decoy is within casting range. This works even through walls, as long as it doesn't "backwards progress" you during particular scripted fights and such. New effects: On any target = Damage amp aura, increasing damage taken for nearby enemies by 20/30/40/50%. Aura has 5/7/9/12 sec duration and 8/10/12/15 meter radius. If it is cast on an enemy, and the enemy dies mid-duration, the aura still eminates from the corpse's location On ally = If Loki casts it on an ally, the ally gets a lengthy survivability buff (like damage reduction or evasion, something like that), and Loki gets heavily reduced aggro for the same duration. On enemy = If Loki casts it on an enemy, and enemies are alerted, the enemy gets a longlasting Duration-moddable high-aggro Radiation-proc on them (with a Chaos-esque hologram on them, so the enemy looks like Loki) On objects = Can swap with explosive barrels and similar objects. The barrel is treated like an enemy (i.e. it gets the lengthy Radiation-proc on it if enemies are alerted) Safeguard Switch Tangled Switch - Added effects: On allies = If used on an ally, it makes them briefly invulnerable, just like now On enemies or Decoy = If used on an enemy or Decoy, a tether will be placed on it for 5/7/9/12 second. This tether has multiple effects: At any time an enemy or your Decoy gets within 8/10/12/15 meters of the tether, it will be latched onto it and dragged closer to the centre This tether remains in place for its full duration, even after the switch-target might've died (including if it's placed on the Decoy and the Decoy is removed in any way) It can tether up to max 4/6/8/10 enemies at once It causes 15/25/35/50% (Strength-moddable, capped at 100%) of all damage taken to be shared among all the tethered enemies. Note that if it tethers to a Decoy, then the Decoy can share its damage taken to any other tethered enemies (even though the Decoy is invincible - this is part of my rework on Loki) Max 1 tether can be used at a time. Recasting the ability removes the old tether before placing a new one. Fun note: The tether is placed BEFORE the teleport-swap, so if you Switch an enemy who is amidst more enemies, they will all be teleported to the swapped location! Tadaaa!
  18. While I agree with many others here in regards to clunk/speed, I wanna a touch something else in regards to melee attacks: Can the finishers (frontal and rear) PLEASE knock down the target afterwards? It looks so silly to see an enemy stand up immediately after being knocked down by those gruesome finishers. Note that this also applies to more than just Assault Saws - this goes for most of the melee weapons in the game, moreso with the rear/stealth finishers.
  19. Oh, all this would be awesome! I'd add this too: Aquablades: The blades now each constantly eject a cutting beam of water / crystalline ice / coral (whatever fitting graphics, basicly) which reaches towards Yareli, causing it to not just cut at the edge of the ability, but all throughout the currently non-damaging "dead zone" too. Note: These waterbeams do the exact same thing as the blades do, just functioning as a visual representation of removing the dead zone. Why? To make the ability less specific in positioning (considering how poorly it currently plays with Merulina), and to allow the next change... Modding for ability range now increases the distance of the blades. Since there would be no dead zone, this is now a pure upside. If needed, the effect of ability range modding on this ability could be reduced, to not make the damaging zone too big. Why? Because with the first change, opening up to mod for range on this ability is now a safe option. Whenever an enemy is struck by a blade/waterbeam, they also have X% of their current shields and armor permanently destroyed. Why? To give it some utility outside of non-scalable damage and CC, and increasing its value for Yareli and also as a Helminth option. Holdcasting the ability while it is active deactivates it early. Why? Because QoL on ability control is always handy.
  20. Luckily, this skin exists: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Elixis_Latron_Pistol_Skin Sadly, you need RNG luck for it when it's available
  21. Gonna try a bump for this, as I'm quite happy with this rework!
  22. Tough topic. While I have "favourites", no stance ticks all my boxes. The perfect stance for me would have: 0 Liftup effects from the combos or heavy attacks (heavy slam being an obvious exception) Neutral Combo - Good single target focus, with a slashproc and knockdown being the perfect effects contained in there, and slight forward movement. Forward Combo - Fully mobile combo. Block Combo - Quick CC attack(s) Forward Block Combo - Non-janky gapcloser, followed by mobile and/or far-reaching strikes. That said, I would say my overall favourites would be these: As for least favourite... I dunno, I kinda dislike most stances. Just some more, some less. Do note that most of them LOOK quite good, but don't play well (be it lack of mobility, too many Liftup effects, no slashprocs at all, or very narrow width on their attacks)
  23. I like all of your ideas in the post, but I wanna point out that the wall-riding part would make K-drives FAR MORE FUN! THAT'S what I would expect a hoverboard to work like. It's funny, I already made a recent thread about this, but it sadly got 0 traction (slight pun intended).
  24. Hmmm.... Only the mobility changes look nice, tbh. Her abilities need far more QoL and utility (they aren't getting utility-buffs, just stat-buffs - which is NOT their issue) Sea Snares - Still tries to target enemies through walls, but can't actually PASS through walls. That seriously need changing (either let them pass through walls, or remove them from attempting to latch on to enemies it sees through walls). Also, it feels very limitted in its effect; This kind of mini-CC with unnoticeable damage is extremely outdated. Merulina - While those movement changes are nice, it still needs way more. Like allowing vacuum and K-drive modding, for starters. And reduced head height for lessened door collisions. Aquablades - This is STILL just a subpar DPS-skill. Where's the utility? Where's the synergy? If each strike would restore some health or something, it'd synergize far better with Merulina's protection, at least. Not to mention, making it a bit more attractive as a Helminth-option. Also, it would be nice if the "dead zone" inside actually dealt damage too. If there was some kind of watery cutting beam semi-connecting the blades to the Warframe, that would make sense of it (EDIT: The Hypatia Ephemera, the radiation Sister one, looks similar when it does its "glow up" ). With that, making it affected by range would then be a purely positive thing too! Riptide - Still scatters enemies like crazy, making its brief "enemy collecting" effect basicly redundant. It would be nice if it kept enemies gathered somehow (like a in a big watery bubble) after its explosion. Only launch enemies like it does now if they die from the explosion. So... the meh continues?
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